Risking Life+Limb

What’s a mouse to do when a snake is looking right at them?

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The Wooden Tarot Fool
The Wooden Tarot

#affirmation Some will hate today’s card, I’m sure. Me? I love it. It captures the message beautifully. What’s that message? Oh the one of taking risks, leaping without looking and assuming all is possible despite the odds.

Yep, it’s the Fool. And what an interesting fool it is! Here is a field mouse ready to take off on his or her next great adventure. The traditional stick features a flower as a bag. The cliff? Well that’s a snake. A boa from the looks of it. I love that the snake has moss and growth on it to represent the leap from security into the unknown.

Will the mouse make it? Will the snake win this time? Only the jump will answer that question.

Terrific interpretation of the Fool card. Swartz nailed this one. There’s danger and optimism clearly detailed here. I think this has to go on my top ten list of favorite Fool cards.

Today’s affirmation:

I am a fool. I am my own best friend. I encourage myself to take risks and make leaps of faith. I trust in the path I have chosen. I know that I will survive whatever is in front of me. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

The Wooden Tarot, http://www.skullgarden.net/art/the-wooden-tarot/


NOTE: I have added a (c)A.L. Swartz to the images to protect the artist’s rights.

Radavie, Shadows + Magic

An older man–don’t remember his name–explained a bit of what he was going to do. In my head my skepticism was very high. Dive into an animal’s soul? Retrieve fractured bits? Heal the animal if possible?

Fool, Paulina Tarot
Paulina Tarot

Today’s card is a reminder to never lose hope in magic. That we should always be open to new and different things. The world is a complicated place. I don’t think we can know all there is to know, do you? And that’s part of the FUN of being alive.

In my years on this earth this time, I’ve learned that sometimes we lose pieces of ourselves. There are many ways to regain those pieces. One of those ways is a Shamanic process I know of as “shadow retrieval.”

I was once a part of a small circle where this was done–this shadow retrieval. It wasn’t done on a human. It was done for a cat. I had known the family for a few years. This cat was a foundling. She never, and I mean never, came out if there were strangers in her house. Even people like myself and my partner were not trusted. The only people she trusted were her two humans.

An older man–don’t remember his name–explained a bit of what he was going to do. In my head my skepticism was very high. Dive into an animal’s soul? Retrieve fractured bits? Heal the animal if possible?


Well, y’all, let me tell you. I suspended my disbelief and joined the circle. We drummed very softly as this man (he was just a little man and about 60 maybe?) went into a trance. It was 30 maybe 45 minutes later when he let us know we could stop.

As he told us what he’d seen of her early times, that cat came out. Hand to the Gods, that never-seen feline wander out. She rubbed up against her humans first, then each of us in the circle.

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Tonight, I am chatting with a facilitator of Shamanic Healing. Her name is Radavie. You can explore her Facebook page (and I hope you like that page as well.) You can also learn more about her at her website.

The show is You Never Know with Arwen and is tonight at 10pm Eastern time. Set your reminders now. You don’t want to miss this!

Fool, Paulina Tarot, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Ups, Downs + In-Betweens

Because what is life if it is not a series of ups, downs and in-betweens?

Navigators of the Mystic Sea, Fool, U.S. Games Systems, INC
Navigators of the Mystic Sea

Today’s card is from a deck I am not familiar with. I have this image from another project. But the idea it represents really works for the Fool.

He slides down on one ribbon but there are so many other choices he could choose. The word here is Emanation. There are several definitions of this word. I think that the one that is best here is this one:

: the origination of the world by a series of hierarchically descending radiations from the Godhead through intermediate stages to matter.:

And out of that definition the one word that speaks to me the most is “series”.

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And what is life if we don’t live it?

One of the things I’m working on right now is my word for the year. Last year was GALVANIZE. I think it was a perfect choice. So now I’m on the hunt for this year’s word. Last year I came to the word by letting go of all my preconceived notions of what would be the “right” word. Once I tossed that out, I found GALVANIZE and it resonated.

I know that I want it to be a verb. I know that I want it to resonate. Those are the only two requirements.

It’s part of I keep hawking (grins at Dolphyngyrl). I’ve done the releasing. Now I’m moving into the setting up for next year.

Do you choose a word for the year? Do you have any requirements for that word? I’d love to hear about your process.

Remember that I’m doing three card readings for anyone who purchases (any version–personal, business or combo). Yes, you can give your reading away as a gift if you like. This offer is good through 1/30/2014. Yes, there’s a contest again this year. So that’s part of my push.

But really? The real push is because I honestly believe in this process. It worked for me.

Back to you. What’s your word if you have one?

Fool, Navigators of the Mystic Sea, U.S. Games

Fools + Public Readings

Reading in public is an amazing thing. I love doing parties where many readers do not. But I can totally…

Mary-El_FoolToday’s card is the Fool from the amazing Mary-El Tarot from Schiffer and Marie L. White. It’s one of those decks that mesmerize me. I use it more for personal work than public because of how I respond to it.

Reading in public is an amazing thing. I love doing parties where many readers do not. But I can totally get into the 3 card mini readings. Last night I got to a house party while earlier this week i did a large corporate event.

Both were fulfilling. The house party really energized me because I got to read for some high school students. These kids knocked me out.

I am off for the weekend so there will be no posts Saturday and Monday. I will post the tarotscopes for Sunday though. 😀

Speaking of Tarotscopes, have you listened to November’s podcast? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

NaNoWriMo AND Tarotscopes? What?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Fool, Mary-El Tarot, Schiffer Books

How Do You Fill In The Blanks?

CrowsMagick_0FoolThis unusual rendition of the Fool reminds me that blank spaces are not for the timid. An eagle flies with planets behind her and what might be steps or books beneath. This is from the Londa Marks Crow’s Magick Tarot.

How often do we try to fill in the blanks?

You are having a conversation and the other person pauses to gather their thoughts. You leap in to say what you think they are going to say.

This is one of my personal worst flaws. I do it a lot.

You are looking at a picture you have drawn. You start filling in the spaces until everything touches.

You are sitting in a room with nothing on. You turn on the radio, the television–sometimes both.

We can’t have spaces in our life. We can’t have silence. Blank area must be filled up with things.

What is it that drives us to fill it all up?

Consider this empty eagle flying off. Daring you to fill it or daring you to empty your own clutter and just be empty for a bit?

Your 180 second challenge today is to spend three minutes in silence. No sound. No music. No nothing. Just 180 seconds of silence.

Can you do it?

Fool, Crow’s Magick Tarot [aff]

Are You Too Safe?

PsychicTarot_0FoolToday’s card reminds me of doors and windows. One isn’t closed that another one isn’t opened–whether by God, Goddess,Mohammed, Buddha, Great Spirit, Grandmother, Universe…

She is scared. Look at her face. She doesn’t want to look down–who would? It’s as if she’s stepping out into the unknown. She has her walking staff. She has her pouch. She has her courage.

The door is closed behind her. That safety represented by the thick wall? It’s behind her as well. She’s chosen to go out. She’s chosen to leave safety behind for now.

She, like yesterday’s card, is believing in herself, in her vision, in her right to be who she wants to be. She is ready to embrace her dream.


Sure if you want to trap your mind. If you want to be in lockstep with the rest of the world. If you want to let your creative self wither away behind that door.

I say it’s more foolish–hella foolish even–to not close that door and step out.

For your 180 seconds today, I challenge you to do something that follows some dream–some crazy dream. Pick up the phone and make an appointment to learn belly dancing. Write a letter to your boss telling them why you have to leave and strike out on your own. Set pen to paper and write the first page of your novel.

You don’t have to commit right now. Just start. Then you can move back to your safety zone. It’s okay. No one is judging you. No one ever has to know you are testing your foolish heart.

180 seconds. Three minutes of courage. Do you have it in you?

I’ll be writing a letter to three people asking them to speak these words to their audience. “Seek joy, y’all.” That’s all. That’s one of my foolish dreams that I wrote down for my work with . It’s not too late to join me.

I’ll let you know if I get a response from those three people.

I have high hopes since one of my other dreams I wrote down has already happened. 😀

Fool, Psychic Tarot, Hay House

Seek joy, y’all.

Patterns, Lessons & Triggers

This card reminds me that it is going to happen. I’m going to be the one laughing. I’m going to be one laughed at. That’s right. I’ll be both the Fool and the one yelling, “NO STOP” or “Oh hell no.”

Yesterday, someone triggered my “OH HELLLLLL NO” response. They said that liars were always liars and cheaters were always cheaters.

I thought about that for a nanosecond, then responded with my thoughts. Here is what I said.

What I’ve learned is that people can change but I had to change first. The patterns in my own relationships were due to my choices. Not one of them said I had to be with them or else.

I chose them.

Once I identified my bad choices, I was able to take responsibility for my own actions.

Once I took responsibility for my own actions, I was able to make different choices.

Once I made better choices, I was able to have relationships that, even when ended, were left to the mellow notes of friendship rather than the bitter dregs of “they hurt me”.

For me, it’s been my choice all along. Once I realized that, it was a different world.

That was all I said. And I realized how far I’ve come. I have made different choices based on recognized patterns. Wow. I guess my Fool’s Journey has really carried me down the road a piece.

Where does your Fool’s Journey take you? When you look back, what patterns do you see. When you look ahead, can you see the threads weaving together in a new, vibrant pattern or are you walking the same ones? Do you need to make different choices? Or have you already learned the lesson it took me a while to really grok?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Fool, American Obscura, self-published (available)

Paths, Choices & Guides

Today’s card is one of the most recognizable in the Tarot. Even those who aren’t versed in Tarot can tell you the name of this one usually. In Pamela Steele’s fabulous Steele Wizard Tarot, her Fool faces a decision. Take the known road or the unknown. Should she or he follow the dragonfly (I think that’s a dragonfly) off into the distance not knowing if the path actually will go over the mountains?

How often do we come to these tiny (and not so tiny) crossroads. Think back on your life and choices made. What if you had stayed in that “not healthy for anyone” relationship? What if you hadn’t got fired? What if you had finished your business major instead of cutting class to become an itinerant musician? What if you let go of all of the what if’s and just wandered?

What if I told you that every mistake wasn’t?
What if I told you that every hard choice wasn’t?

What if I told you that where you are, right now, is the exact spot you are supposed to be in this very moment?

It doesn’t mean you are trapped. There will always be at least two roads to travel.

The one you know.
The one you don’t.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick, you see. That’s the Fool’s secret. This journey that we are all on leads us to the lessons and loves and lives that we need. Trust in the journey.

Whether you walk with God or the Gods or any version in-between, trust your Higher Spirit. You are being guided. You are being loved. You are on the right path.

And? You know what? If you don’t like this place where you are right now?

You have a choice. Want some help making that choice? See me for a reading via Skype, phone or email.

Seek joy, y’all.

The Fool, Steele Wizard Tarot, Original edition and 2nd edition available

Bags, Death & Fire

I’m just starting week four of a five week online class on how to learn the Tarot. I’ve got the most amazing minds in this group. One of them asked what was in the Fool’s Bag. It created an intriguing discussion on our class loop about whether it was empty or full.

One person proposed that it was all 78 cards and the Fool’s journey was to learn how to use them.

So I asked this question: What is in my Fool’s bag?.

The premise behind the question is that this would be things I need to address, acknowledge or work with right now.

I pulled three cards. Continue reading “Bags, Death & Fire”

Musings On The Fool’s Journey: The Fool Meets The Hanged Man

rws_foolThe sun had dropped in the sky a bit before our Fool shook himself from his reverie. The motion set off a merry jingle of bells which caused his little white dog to pounce at his shoes while barking. He laughed then began to dance a bit so his dog had to run to try to catch the tassels on his shoes.

“Hurry, little friend. Justice told me there would be a man in a tree next. I wonder if he will have a tree house.” The Fool mused as he struck off on the left-hand path. The dog ran quickly after him grabbing at his heel and growling. Continue reading “Musings On The Fool’s Journey: The Fool Meets The Hanged Man”