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  • Jeri Smith-Ready: “I’m so grateful for that class–you can’t imagine how indispensable the Hero’s Journey spread has been for me. It’s given me some amazing breakthroughs, and it was instrumental in writing my last outline for a proposal. It’s almost eerie when I look back and think, wow, if I hadn’t pulled that card, the novel might have taken an entirely different turn.”
  • Lori C: “Well, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical…You hit it very close and gave me a couple of other things to rethink. I’m trying to decide which reading to have you do next! Thank you so much!”
  • E: “Thanks for a truly amazing reading. So ‘on target’ it’s incredible. I’ve been reading Tarot, non-professionally (for friends or myself) for over 20 years, and this is the first time I’ve had a professional reading.”
  • ST: “The reading really spoke to me! I’m putting this right next to the computer as a reminder for whenever I feel like pulling back!”
  • CM: “I was skeptical, curious at best. But the very first card you pulled was so dead on and as you started to explain myself to me, my experiences and what has made me who I am and led to the situations I now find myself in, well, all I could do was cry.
  • DJ:”I don’t know how you did it, but you hit things that I have been trying to ignore. Now I know I can’t!”
  • KY: “You have given me the wisdom that I was seeking.”
  • PPC: “Everything you say is correct.”
  • CH: “Just uncanny – especially the parts about how I’ve been feeling in my job lately and how I want to be able to see the results of my work.”
  • HKW: “Truly helped me to gain some perspective.”
  • KP: “I am dying to ask one question, though: how did you know the hair colors? That took me by surprise.”
  • AB: “I was not expecting this level of accuracy and detail..You are really gifted and I feel blessed to have found you.”
  • AN: “What a wonderful reading!”
  • Lacey Savage: “It felt as though you’d been speaking directly to my muse, because she really didn’t hold back.”
  • RSC: The whole “theme” is emerging and I think I can “save” it with minor revision and some focused time.
  • Ginny on a personal reading: “I can’t believe how close you came to my life.”
  • Ginny on a professional reading “I was in awe at how close you came to describing their personalities without knowing them.”
  • JM Sabel Soifer on a professional reading: “I might have saved myself about six revisions if I hadn’t put the reading aside.”
  • JM Sabel Soifer on a personal reading: “Cards said I would meet two agents the next day. One would be open to me…the one I wanted to approach was really nice to me.”
  • Michelle: “What you saw in the cards helped illuminate a murky situation and guide me toward a much happier and peaceful place.”

On Workshops/Classes:

  • JSR: “I really got a lot out of this class, and I can’t wait to get started on that rewrite.”
  • PL: “Great class that gave me lots of insight into my book.”
  • KS: “Good insights from you. Good practice for me.”
  • LS: “Definitely. I got exactly what I expected out of the workshop
  • Jody: “I took your August Tarot writers workshop. You taught us a Hero’s Journey layout that serves very well for adventure stories.”
  • Sydney Ayers as Arianna Skye: “I took Arwen’s tarot workshop for writers. I am amazed at everything I’ve learned. Now, any time I’m stuck or have a stubborn character, I pull out the cards and easily pull myself out of a jam. It’s a great workshop and I’ll recommend it to anyone who struggles with characterization.”
  • Meg Leigh: “I took part in the Tarot for the Writer course and it enabled me to get a breakthrough on the novel I was working on. That book is now published and doing very well in sales.”

On Parties:

  • JJ: “Again, thank you for doing the party; you did a great job and there is still a lot of buzz.”
  • KW: “We are all still talking about it!”

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