Patterns, Lessons & Triggers

This card reminds me that it is going to happen. I’m going to be the one laughing. I’m going to be one laughed at. That’s right. I’ll be both the Fool and the one yelling, “NO STOP” or “Oh hell no.”

Yesterday, someone triggered my “OH HELLLLLL NO” response. They said that liars were always liars and cheaters were always cheaters.

I thought about that for a nanosecond, then responded with my thoughts. Here is what I said.

What I’ve learned is that people can change but I had to change first. The patterns in my own relationships were due to my choices. Not one of them said I had to be with them or else.

I chose them.

Once I identified my bad choices, I was able to take responsibility for my own actions.

Once I took responsibility for my own actions, I was able to make different choices.

Once I made better choices, I was able to have relationships that, even when ended, were left to the mellow notes of friendship rather than the bitter dregs of “they hurt me”.

For me, it’s been my choice all along. Once I realized that, it was a different world.

That was all I said. And I realized how far I’ve come. I have made different choices based on recognized patterns. Wow. I guess my Fool’s Journey has really carried me down the road a piece.

Where does your Fool’s Journey take you? When you look back, what patterns do you see. When you look ahead, can you see the threads weaving together in a new, vibrant pattern or are you walking the same ones? Do you need to make different choices? Or have you already learned the lesson it took me a while to really grok?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Fool, American Obscura, self-published (available)

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