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So the first thing to ask yourself is why consult the Tarot? What’s the purpose? You may think the purpose is to find out your future. I would offer a different opinion.

I propose that the purpose is to find your path. By determining which way you want to go, you are taking ownership of your own life. You are making an authentic decision rather than being blown willy-nilly (willhe/nillhe) by the winds of Fate. I believe in the power and necessity of personal responsibility.

Are you are tired of being on an emotional merry-go-round? Are you ready to do the work? Both are very good reasons to seek answers. When you just do the “tell me my future” type reading, you limit yourself to speculation. You limit yourself to choices already made for you. That’s not my style.

I want to work with you. To show you what you can do NOW to get to where you want to be. We have an idea of where we want to be, right? We just need to check the map every now and again. So how do you check the map with me? Great question! Answer below.

What Length Reading Do You Need?

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You and I will be chatting via Video or Phone . This will be done via Zoom (preferably), Skype, or FB Video. Phone is also available. I can record this on Zoom for you. You can record it from your end on Skype. My recommendation is to do it on Zoom. You may share your video as you like. I will not share it as it is yours.

Gift Certificates? Yes, I’m happy to do gift certificates. You can choose from below. In the notes section of PayPal, just tell me it’s a gift. I’ll get a gift certificate to you ASAP. This will be a PDF for you to send as you like.


These are to help you decide on what type of reading you want. I am happy to do the “question/answer” readings. I am also pleased to offer you the following options as guide for the appointment.

Magically Unsticking

Feeling stuck? This three-question layout targets why you are stuck, how to get unstuck and how to keep your momentum going. It’s great for those moments where you just feel like you have stepped into quicksand. This is a fixed spread meaning your question is “How can I get unstuck” is the question answered with three cards. Best for a half-hour reading. Book

What Direction Should I Take?

I will ask what the Universe wants you to know about directions. The answer helps show you what to avoid as well as what to move towards. This spread is designed to start where you are now. It is for when you find yourself facing two possible paths. This reading will show you the challenges and the blessings of each path. It is up to you to take that information to make your own decision. Don’t forget to tell me what your choices are so I know what to focus on. Best for a half-hour reading Book 

Life’s Purpose

One of my most popular readings, this looks at what you are doing and why you are here. It can help you narrow your own personal focus so that you feed the most important part of yourself. Many of us float around not doing what we are supposed to do. This will help you see where you need to be going.  Best for a half-hour reading. Book 60 minutes if you need to go in-depth. Book

Three Months’ Sneak Peak

Want to know about the next three months? Curious about what themes are at play in your life? Using Tarot, you can rev up your own game by working with the energies rather than against them. Wouldn’t you like to know if next month is going to be a challenging month at work? I lay out a three-card spread for each month. Best for a half-hour reading. Book 60 minutes if you want to do a full year look-ahead reading. Book

Revealing What We Do Not Want To See

Too often the biggest roadblock in our lives is the person we see in the mirror.
This five-card spread is designed to look at something we don’t want to address in our current situation. If you want to see not only what you are trying to look away from but also learn about a possible solution, then this is the spread for you. Best for half-hour reading Book

How Many Questions May I ask?

A 15-minute session is enough for one to two questions. I find that it is best if you have a clear focus before we begin. That helps you gather as much information as you can from this short session.

A 30-minute session is good for three to five questions. Please note that if you choose one of the reading types from above, that precludes additional questions. If there is time, we can do one or two questions on top of the targeted reading.

A 60-minute reading is good for five to ten questions. Because of the nature of a reading, it is best if you have your questions written down and prioritized. This allows us to focus on what is most important to you.


Schedule your Tarot conversation nowEmail me. I’m happy to answer your questions that I haven’t answered above.

My goal is to help you move forward. I will show you how to find your joy and hang on to it.