Cocktails, Characters & Quirks

I love creating stories. One thing I loathe in my own writing, though, is characters who lack depth. They are cardboard cut-outs with no imperfections. These characters bore me to tears. What about you? If you were going to introduce them to your friends, what would you say?

“This is my heroine, Joie. She heals animals. She loves her godmother. She’s pretty.”

Yeah. I won’t want to hang out with her. She comes across as perfect, right? Nobody is perfect. At least not in my group of friends. I want my characters to be real not cardboard cutouts.

Now what about:

“This is my heroine Joie. She heals animals. She thinks she’s too short. She has a jealous streak a mile wide but she is a loyal friend.”

So she sounds far more real to me. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. We have flaws as well as strengths. I think she is someone I could be friends with now. Moreso than the cardboard perfect Joie from before.

Okay, but how do you get those quirks? How do you develop a character who is 3-D…believable? One way that I do it is with a simple three card Tarot spread. Try this out for your next character and let me know the results.

Cocktail Spread

The premise is that you are going to a party with your character as your guest. You are going to have to do a short introduction when you get there. Draw three cards for the following positions.

Personal Life

Using the award-winning Ghosts And Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt (U.S. Games Systems, INC 2012) I drew the following cards for a different character:

  • My character’s job requires them to be a mentally focused warrior. He can’t let his guard drop ever. (King of Swords)
  • My character’s personal life has too many ties to his past so he really doesn’t like to talk about it. (5 of Cups)
  • His quirk is that he parties so he can be one of the guys but he really wants one of the guys. (4 of Cups)

So, from this, I realized my character is a gay soldier who has rejoined the military to get away from a bad relationship. 😀 It’s my story so I get to let my brain wander wherever it likes. King of Swords is a warrior. When I saw the 5 of Cups next, I immediately wondered about his past relationships. Why would he be a warrior with a broken heart. But the 4 of Cups showed me he had a bunch of regrets but ignored them by indulging in the drink too much.

Or, if I were going a more paranormal track, I might say that he was an eternal warrior(job) who was haunted by all the loves he’d lost(personal life). He avoids water because that is how the ghosts of his past connect to him(quirk). And there’s nothing worse than being nagged by a dead ex!

This is a good spread for the main characters and the villain.

So what are your cards? What is your take away? I’d love to hear what you think. You can use any deck. A deck of playing cards (look the meanings up online) can work as can any oracle deck.

This exercise is from a workshop I used to teach online. I’ve turned that . Now you can take advantage of all the lessons, handouts and writing prompts whenever you like. No more waiting for me to set up a workshop. It’s my secret weapon for NaNoWriMo.

Some great books are:

  1. Vogler, Christopher, The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers
  2. Campbell, Joseph, The Hero with a Thousand Faces
  3. Pearson, Carol, Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World

A more extensive bibliography comes with the .

If you like, I’ve got a video here. It is on YouTube but was on Periscope first. It’s not great quality video wise…it was my first one. 😀 I do a few exercises including this one. 😀

If you are doing NaNoWriMo, I’m there as TarotByArwen. I do it every year.

Please note that links included may be affiliate links which means I get a small monetary payment if you buy via them.

Originally posted in 2012. I've updated the post and republished.

Sorry, You’ve Got It All Wrong!

Why your vision of your perfect day is patently false.

This is the Ace of Winds from the Shapeshifter Tarot by Lisa Hunt. I love the feeling of air moving here. She’s ready to launch into her wise Arctic Owl self and soar. Are you? Shapeshifter Tarot, Llewellyn, 2002

Part of my practice is to draw a card each day. Recently one of the cards reminded me that you are all wrong. That none of you know what a perfect day is. That none of you have any concept of a truly ideal day. How do I know? Well let me tell you what a perfect day is. Then you’ll know.

A perfect day is slightly overcast. There’s a brisk wind coming in that carries just a bit of cool with it so the ambient temperature is around 68. There might even be the scent of rain on that wind. The sky is just a bit gray. The sun is definitely not bright and shining. The wind is the key for the perfect day. It must lift skirts, fluff hair and generally flutter things.

WHAT? Not your perfect day?

Okay. Close your eyes. Tell me what your perfect day looks like. Place yourself right into that scene.

Betcha it’s different from mine in most cases.
Betcha your perfect day is perfect for you.

Now try this. Picture your perfect person. Not yourself. Not your lover. Just your perfect person. What do they say? What do they do? How do they act? What makes them a perfect person to you? Is it what they wear? Is it the color of their hair? Their skin? What about their weight? Did you think about how much they weigh when you were deciding what perfection in a person meant to you? Did you worry about their eye color or their footwear?

Betcha the key things were more internal than external.
Betcha the important stuff was what they say and what they do rather than what they wear or who they know.

So why worry about what others think about the external you, darling? Why worry at all? It’s what’s inside that is important to you. Why should anyone else be different? They are worried about the same things. We all are concerned that we won’t be accepted for this thing or for that thing.

Me? What is my worry?

Being seen as weird.

I worry that I will be seen as weird and not a real business woman because I use Tarot. Because my coaching business uses Tarot to help others seek joy. Because I teach Tarot for a living.

Silly, right? I agree. So I remind myself to co-opt the Austin, TX and Portland, OR. Keep Arwen Weird. And let my freak flag fly! That’s perfect for me. It helps me stay mindful for those of you who practice mindfulness.

So my perfect day, my perfect person and my perfect motto aren’t yours. It’s all good, darling. That means we have room to wiggle and to grow. Room to find our own perfect spot.

Not sure how to find your wise inner self? I can help. Let’s have a conversation using the Tarot as our tools to set your feet on the joy seeking path today.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Oh by the way? Lisa Hunt and I worked on a Lenormand deck called Fairy Tale Lenormand. Just released 9/1/16. If you want to learn how to read Tarot my way, check out my upcoming class .


When Ravens Fly Alone

I long to be a modified hermit where I see only people who bring me joy and read only things that bring me joy. But because of the world I live in, I must be a person who understands that sometimes I have to dig deep for the joy.

Animalis Os Fortuna Hermit
Animalis Os Fortuna

#affirmation Today I carry my own light. Today I set my eyes on my own prize. Today I move forward knowing I am the only one who knows my way. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Here is the Hermit from the Animalis Os Fortuna. Strangely this is not one of my favorite cards from this deck. I am not sure why but I think it is because it doesn’t clearly show the theme of the deck.

Still, it’s a nice representation of the energy of the Hermit card. Focusing on something only it can see, the Raven flies off. It is on a solitary journey but it carries the light in the hopes others will see and follow.

Sometimes it feels that way to me. Especially when I read of horrific things in the news…most especially then. I want to set my filters so I see nothing in the news.

And I know that’s not a great attitude for how will I know what to avoid if I don’t hear the news, right? It’s that dichotomy that is speaking to me today.

I long to be a modified hermit where I see only people who bring me joy and read only things that bring me joy. But because of the world I live in, I must be a person who understands that sometimes I have to dig deep for the joy.

[Tweet “What do you do when you are digging deep for the joy?”] When your focus is pulled away from your joy journey? What are some of your tricks?

Hermit, Animalis Os Fortuna, Zaheroux

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.


Gardens, Winter & Hope

Yeah. Always looking for the bad can’t be good

Tarot Of Trees 7 Pentacles
Tarot Of Trees

So today’s thought comes from wondering about my garden. I have a tiny patio garden going with tomatoes, peppers and basil. I was going to say herbs, but really, it’s just a heirloom basil out there.

Each plant is growing to the best of its ability. I was thinking how many projects I have going. Each of them is growing to the best of their ability as well.

I have a memorization project going on and, I’m proud to say, I’ve got them down almost pat. Repetition and a cool memorization technique learned from the fabulous Donnaleigh de La Rose helped there.

I also thought about how sometimes gardens and projects must be protected from the chill of winter or the lack of water or the harsh summer sun. Or the words that mimic those energies.

How often have you had something you were very excited about? You dreamed, plotted and planned. You develop what you think is an amazing idea then tell it to someone.

And that someone sees nothing but failure. Nothing but loss. Nothing but the myriad ways it could all go wrong.

“Someone’s already written that book.”
“Someone’s already taught that subject.”
“People will laugh at you.”

So many wintery words, drought-inducing thoughts and heated remarks can decimate your garden of dreams. And many of the people don’t even realize what they’ve done or what they are doing

I don’t blame them (generally speaking.) I blame our society. We’ve been taught to look for potholes and traps and enemies. We go through live expecting someone is out to get us. There’s even a funny catch phrase that goes, “Just because you think someone’s out to get you doesn’t mean they aren’t.”

[Twitter “Yeah. Always looking for the bad can’t be good.”]

So today I stay excited about my work. Today I am my own cheerleader, my own publicist and my own fan. Today I work to give birth to my passion, to my dreams, to my hopes. Today I believe in me. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Seven of Pentacles, Tarot of Trees, Dana Driscoll

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Gorgons, Love & Affirmations

Today’s thought? Too much sturm and drang, baby. Too. Much. Everyone seems to be pissy–even me. I have caught myself being super judgmental and exceptionally mean these past few weeks.

So I pulled a card at random…

The Gorgon's Tarot, the Lovers
The Gorgon’s Tarot

Today’s thought? Too much sturm and drang, baby. Too. Much. Everyone seems to be pissy–even me. I have caught myself being super judgmental and exceptionally mean these past few weeks.

So I pulled a card at random from The Gorgon’s Tarot by Dolores Fitch (Schiffer Publishing).

Whoop.There it is.

[Tweet “Speak love or speak not at all. That’s the phrase that came to me when I saw this card.”]

This is a round Tarot (kudos to Schiffer for producing a round Tarot since they are very hard to print from what I hear.) It is in black and white with some rare accents of red here and there.

The box is one of the things Schiffer does the best. Sturdy with a magnetic closure, this box is about the size of a hardback book. The cards and LWB nestle nicely inside.

I’m fascinated by the artwork because it reminds me a bit of the art of Zentangle which I indulge in.

This deck doesn’t shy away from unusual artistic interpretations while still holding on to tradition. Here we see the man and woman looking up at the spirit. Well, she’s looking but his eyes are cast toward her.

So only one of them is really getting the message. Sounds like more than one relationship, doesn’t it?

Communication is important. Right now, for me, communication with love as the message is more important. I’m going to do my best to sit on myself for one more week. I tend to get really cranky during Mercury Retrogrades (even when I don’t know they are coming!)

Affirmation for today:

I speak love. I repeat love. I stay open to love. I turn my ears away from meanness. I offer comfort when there is sadness. I offer peace when there is anger. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Lovers, The Gorgon’s Tarot, Schiffer Publishing

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Tumbling, Consistency and Waves

Daily spiritual practices are something I am trying to get back to in a more consistent way. Consistency and I are not always the best of pals.

Explorer of Water, Gaian Tarot Limited EditionToday’s card comes from a question I answered that Joanna Powell Colbert asked in her Gaian Soul Circle Community which is a private online community. If you haven’t joined to check it out, I hope you will.

But Joanna asked us to share about our daily spiritual practices. I wanted to share my answer here with you as well.


Daily spiritual practices are something I am trying to get back to in a more consistent way. [Tweet “Consistency and I are not always the best of pals.”]

I was doing daily affirmations and flowed away from those. I flowed back today.

Flow is an interesting choice of words since my daily card was the Explorer of Water. I just realized that to ride the wave in, he has to ride the wave out.

To get where I love to be, I must ride the wave in as often as I ride it out. I let the water carry me forward to new and out to those scary places that I must experience. Then I come home to the shore. It’s a cycle and it fits my very Piscean nature.

Joanna shares this on her page. “His ally is Dolphin, who offers the gifts of balance, harmony and the wisdom of deep breathing.”

Is it any surprise that I’ve been working with an app that helps you focus on how to breathe? No, I didn’t think so.

I am reminded of a poem that I wrote in 1999.


Tumbling at the ocean’s edge,
I am a starfish pulling myself in
A sea turtle pushing myself out.
Five pointed star,
Or sea-shelled creature
Will you still love them both?

Head out, Head in,
Or regeneration.
Which would you hate?
Which would you love?
Will you be a quiet pool
that I seek refuge in?

Tidepool sunlight on wet sand,
and no depths for me to hide in.
Will you cover me with the
salty water of your love,
insisting that I stay in the light?

If the tide calls back for me
and I am carried away once more
will you be there when I return,
a quiet pool for me?

Arwen Nightstar
6/02/1999, Copyrighted.


Explorer of Water, Gaian Tarot Limited Edition, Joanna Powell Colbert

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

#seekjoy I tag in the hopes that you will tag your own joy seeking posts so we can find them more easily. Love! Arwen

CONTEST: Genna Reilly + A SEAL’s Salvation

I am living my life my way, and I don’t care what my parents, the town, or even Brody Lane himself think about that!

ASS3-sidebar-coverToday I am delighted to be doing a reading for Genna Reilly which includes a contest. She’s agreed to let me share this with you. Maybe you can help her out? She’s got troubles that are more family than man, but the man in question is causing her a bit of grief as well.
[Tweet “Check it out! You can win a half hour reading + a signed copy of A Seal’s Salvation by Tawny Weber.”]
Of course, this is one of my character readings. Today I’m reading for USAToday bestseller Tawny Weber. She’s writing some spicy, spicy books these days, y’all! Let’s see what’s up with her heroine, Genna Reilly.

Arwen 1. How do you see the people around you? The Hanged Man is the card of sacrifice. You see people around you as sacrificing themselves. I get a sense that you may see relationships as means to ends rather than as something long-lasting.

This may make you view the world from a very cynical set of glasses but I think you may have once had rose-colored glasses, Genna.

The Hanged Kitty is a card that says you’ve had to drastically revamp how you see people around you. You’ve had to change your perspective rather suddenly perhaps?
Genna’s Response: So a girl finally gets up the nerve to go after the guy she’s crazy about and just because she’s under18, he ends up shipped off to the Navy.

Okay, fine, I accept that my actions caused Brody trouble. But it wasn’t my fault my brother chose that same night to steal cars and get thrown in jail, or my mother to go into crisis and end up hospitalized. I’ve spent the last ten years trying to make up for that to my parents, to be the perfect daughter, but even perfect isn’t enough. I’m tired of always giving up to please others.

Now that Brody’s back in town? Now I want to do whatever I can to please him… and myself.

Arwen 2. How are you seen by the people around you? Oh dear. The Seven of Swords is a card that puts you in a position of a being a rebel and a rabble-rouser. Or so people think. I think it’s more a reaction to their expectations though.

Basically, it’s a case of “Okay if you think I’m such a bad girl, then I’ll be a bad girl.” You may be seen as a troublemaker when you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or is this someone you are around that is making other people worry about you so much?

Genna’s Response: Oh, this is all about my father, the sheriff’s biased opinion of poor Brody. Just because he was a bad boy in his teens doesn’t mean he’s a bad influence. The guy is a bonafide hero, for crying out loud! A Navy SEAL, recognized by the President, even. How can he be a bad influence? Well, other than making me feel things I’ve only dreamed about, giving me the nerve to quit my job and encouraging me to finally chase my dreams.

That’s not bad, is it?

Arwen 3. What is your most important goal? Well for such a supposed rebel, the Queen of Cups is a pretty traditional card. This is the card of the woman who just wants to be loved and to love.

This Queen requires compassion in her life as well as strength. This says that you really want to learn how to be a strong, confident woman who can take care of as well as be taken care of.

The Queen of Cups is also very emotionally intuitive. You read feelings pretty darn well. Queen of Cups

Genna’s Response: Okay, this is so me. I just want my prince charming to sweep in and make our lives perfect together. I didn’t even realize that I was waiting for Brody until he came back to town. But now that he’s here, I’ll show him that he’s a true hero, and I’m strong enough to be his heroine.

Arwen 4. Where do you get your strength from? The Nine of Pentacles is the card of the person who knows how to be successful. This isn’t just about money. Genna, who is your hero (or is that heroine) who has carved out an amazing life? You (idolize isn’t the best word but it’s the only one I have) idolize them to the point of making them almost infallible.

But your strength is drawn from knowing if they can do it, you can too. You hold them up as your example of what happens when you just get everything right.

Genna’s Response: My strength comes from Brody Lane. Seeing him triumph like he has, knowing what he’s gone through and that is still so strong? That was a heck of a kick in the pants for me to start living my life, to quit worrying so much about others and to follow my dreams. Brody is my hero. He’s my inspiration, and my white knight.

Arwen 5. Why do you want to be remembered? The person who learned how to make things happen. The Eight of Pentacles is card that almost always points to someone who learns how to do something themselves.

You may be surrounded by strong confident people, but that doesn’t mean you like waiting for them to do for you. This is the card of the apprentice who makes journeyman and doesn’t stop until they are the master of that particular skill.

When you get your teeth on the bit, there really is no stopping you.

Genna’s Response:
Yes!!!! I am done letting others lead my life, and finished paying for mistakes I didn’t make. I am living my life my way, and I don’t care what my parents, the town, or even Brody Lane himself think about that!

Check out more about A Seal’s Salvation then leave a comment answering this question.

What have you done that you were warned not to do? Did you succeed or learn a lesson?

All answers will be included in the drawing for an autographed print copy of the book that Tawny is generously donated. And, I’ll toss in a half hour SKYPE or phone Tarot consultation too. You can buy your own copy right from the excerpt page above or, if you just want it right now, head to Amazon for instant gratification.

P. to the S. You can get additional entries into the contest by sharing this post on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest. Just post the link in a separate comment.

P.P. to the S. I’ll be chatting with Maggie Lukowski and Jean Maurie Pulhman today at 1pm EST about Tarot and writing. Come tune in!

Tarotscopes for 2/2-2/8/2014

This week’s Tarotscopes are done with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot. It’s a new favorite of mine that focuses on those Goddesses who don’t always have the best billing.

This week’s Tarotscopes are done with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot. It’s a new favorite of mine that focuses on those Goddesses who don’t always have the best billing.

My goals this week are to do play around with some of the new patterns that I’ve been seeing. I am going to carve out time for my own creative self.

Cai and I have been writing. We are making headway on book five in our shifter series. Book four is in the first rounds of edits already. Book two of the Demonae series is also going to be beginning edits soon while book three is in the rough draft stage.

What are you goals this week? What is keeping you busy?

Oh! I just tried a new-to-me tea. This stuff is da bomb, y’all. MMMM!  I had it with my breakfast this morning. It’s very flavorful. It’s got this crazy sassy spicy taste that really works for me!

Are you a coffee drinker? Tea drinker? Leave me a comment with a brand or flavor you think I should try.

Tarotscopes for 2/2-2/8/2014

Dark Goddess Tarot
Dark Goddess Tarot
  • AQUARIUS NINE OF EARTH Bloom where you are planted, love. Look at where you are. Compare that to where you were. Celebrate the amazing growth!
  • PISCES EIGHT OF AIR Watch quietly. Learn from these demonstrations. Need to stay mentally alert to make the most of this week. Naps recharge.
  • ARIES CORRUPTION (TOWER) Watch your health this week. Unexpected bumps may bring you down. Take the necessary time to heal. Don’t overtax your body.
  • TAURUS TWO OF WATER Time to love. Time to feel. Look to the future rather than the past. Repeating mistakes is silly given all the new choices.
  • GEMINI SEVEN OF EARTH Strip away what you don’t need. Going deep into your own growth cycles is best. Focus on what’s in your garden not theirs.
  • CANCER SIREN OF AIR Sharp mind leads to a sharp tongue. That may be what’s needed when compassion doesn’t show the way. Time to fly.
  • LEO FIVE OF WATER Your sorrows won’t leave until you let them go. Holding on to pain weighs you down. Festering grief must be released. Please.
  • VIRGO THREE OF WATER Pay attention to others. Isolation won’t bring you joy. Friends will. Reach out to connect with those you love. Open up.
  • LIBRA SUN Good things coming your way. Others notice your hard work. Spotlight time! Expect to explore higher levels of self. You are a star.
  • SCORPIO FOUR OF WATER Time for a lay down, sweetheart. No harm in an extra hour of me-time here and there. Spoil your inner child this week.
  • SAGITTARIUS WITCH OF WATER All emotions lead from you and to you. Your mindset creates your reality. Make sure you are focused on what you want.
  • CAPRICORN FIVE OF EARTH Focus on what you can heal. Release stress by letting go of what’s not yours to fix. Money may be tight. Love anyway.

Tarotscopes for 1/26-2/1/14

Tarotscopes for 1/26-2/1/14

Welcome to the last week of January 2014. I have prepared your weekly tarotscopes. I love doing this. Sometimes folks ask me why I do this for free. There are two reasons.

The first is that it brings me joy to give something to you. The second is that I hope you will get a taste of my style of reading.

If you want to say thank you, simply sharing this post is thanks enough. I appreciate you.

Celestial Tarot

AQUARIUS WHEEL OF FORTUNE Keep your eyes open. Possibilities coming your way. You must grab them. Don’t expect them to knock on your door.
PISCES EIGHT OF PENTACLES It’s an excellent week for you to practice what you preach. It’s a poor teacher who can’t learn from the student. Pay attention.
ARIES TEN OF WANDS So many things to do. Careful you don’t try to do them all at once. Prioritizing will make your week much easier. No new projects.
TAURUS ACE OF WANDS Great week to start new creative projects. You are on fire. You need to write things down. Brain working overtime. It’s a good thing!
GEMINI FOUR OF CUPS Don’t get so wound up in what you lack. You could miss what’s being offered. You create your own drama. Make sure it’s one you want to star it.
CANCER MOON Seeing things from both sides is recommended. Don’t let your own illusions blind you to what’s really there. Depression hurts.
LEO NINE OF WANDS Protect your passion. Set up boundaries to keep yourself whole. Don’t waste time with those who won’t play by your rules.
VIRGO FIVE OF PENTACLES Budget hard this week. Home repairs may be necessary. Don’t spend where you don’t have to. Money needs to be attended to.
LIBRA SIX OF CUPS Strength comes from friends. Lean on them. Remember the joy of childhood. Be a little playful as you go about your week.
SCORPIO CHARIOT Time to drive your own life. Pick up the reins. Guide your desires where YOU want to go. Don’t let anyone backseat live.
SAGITTARIUS TEMPERANCE When you are in balance, everything goes your way. Focus on moderation. It’s the key to a healthy life. Be well.
CAPRICORN JUDGMENT Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions. Remember to use each moment to rise to the next level. You will succeed!

Celestial Tarot, U.S. Games Inc, 2007

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So to those of you NOT rolling your eyes, if you get a digitial version of this workbook () by January 30, 2014, email me. I’ll set you up with your free reading.

Snakebites & Love

What about you? What do you see in this card? Why do you think the snake bites one and not the other?

Deviant Moon Borderless Lovers
Deviant Moon Borderless

Today’s card is a reminder that there is balance in love. This deck intrigues me a lot. I don’t read with it very often but just got a copy of it for review. It’s the borderless version of the Deviant Moon Tarot from U.S. Games. So much is happening here.

The two lovers are entwined. The Moon shines a dedicated beam down to them. A snake chomps on the male figure’s left leg. Is that to envenomate or is it to warn or maybe it is to transform?

Her head is back in what looks like ecstasy to me. His eyes are wide open where as hers are shut. She is trusting that he will hold her and not drop her.

In some ways this card is super disturbing to me. It reminds me of all the times I’ve trusted someone not to drop me. Of all the times I’ve gone into a relationship blind.

But why does the snake bite him and not her?

In my current relationship, I feel that I do have my eyes open. We have known one another for three years. We’ve had love, fights, sickness, joy…and so much more. So we decided to get married since neither of us could see it going any where else. Not so romantic as it might have been if we were in our twenties…grin. But far less drama!

So I’ll take this balanced lovers card as a reminder that trust and seeing things for what they are are the important messages for today.

What about you? What do you see in this card? Why do you think the snake bites one and not the other?

Lovers, Borderless Deviant Moon Tarot, U.S. Games, 2014

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.