Creativity Consultations

Creative Solutions For Creative People

This is for you if:

You want people to read your stories

You are committed to the craft of writing

Your characters need motivating

Why work with me for your writing career? I am published in fiction as Marilu Mann . I have more than five decks written as Arwen Lynch.  I’ve used the Tarot for authoring successful fiction novels. You can use the Tarot to map out characters’ hero’s journeys, flesh out their background, and more.

I can help you plot a novel editors and agents will want.

Here are a few suggestions for your creativity consultation with me. We can use these as framework or do a more organic method. If you were looking for my personal growth consultations to find your own joy, go here.

Hero’s Journey

  • Explore the natural progression of your story. You will receive a complete story arc targetting themes as well as pointing out twists you might not have seen yet.

Hero’s Journey for Two

  • As above but for two characters

Remember I do personal growth consultations as well that help you find your joy and keep it.

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