Are You Too Safe?

PsychicTarot_0FoolToday’s card reminds me of doors and windows. One isn’t closed that another one isn’t opened–whether by God, Goddess,Mohammed, Buddha, Great Spirit, Grandmother, Universe…

She is scared. Look at her face. She doesn’t want to look down–who would? It’s as if she’s stepping out into the unknown. She has her walking staff. She has her pouch. She has her courage.

The door is closed behind her. That safety represented by the thick wall? It’s behind her as well. She’s chosen to go out. She’s chosen to leave safety behind for now.

She, like yesterday’s card, is believing in herself, in her vision, in her right to be who she wants to be. She is ready to embrace her dream.


Sure if you want to trap your mind. If you want to be in lockstep with the rest of the world. If you want to let your creative self wither away behind that door.

I say it’s more foolish–hella foolish even–to not close that door and step out.

For your 180 seconds today, I challenge you to do something that follows some dream–some crazy dream. Pick up the phone and make an appointment to learn belly dancing. Write a letter to your boss telling them why you have to leave and strike out on your own. Set pen to paper and write the first page of your novel.

You don’t have to commit right now. Just start. Then you can move back to your safety zone. It’s okay. No one is judging you. No one ever has to know you are testing your foolish heart.

180 seconds. Three minutes of courage. Do you have it in you?

I’ll be writing a letter to three people asking them to speak these words to their audience. “Seek joy, y’all.” That’s all. That’s one of my foolish dreams that I wrote down for my work with . It’s not too late to join me.

I’ll let you know if I get a response from those three people.

I have high hopes since one of my other dreams I wrote down has already happened. 😀

Fool, Psychic Tarot, Hay House

Seek joy, y’all.

Rebels, Chicks & Mystics

Today’s card is a book that I’m giving away. Crazy, right? I know! But this is a book by someone I’ve been following on Twitter. She writes a fun blog that focuses on positive things. Y’all know how much I like positive things, right!

So there’s a ton of good about this book. Here’s a bit from the official media stuff. Then I’ve got a favor to ask you so keep reading.

A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit With Positive Rebellion is a self-help book for brave, nonconformist women (or for those who aspire to be), written from the heart and soul of a spiritual rocker chick. Lifelong rebel Lisa Marie Selow leads you to uncover your true self, reveal your life purpose, and carve out your spiritual path. Her intention is to liberate women from allowing their inner good girl to run the show in their lives, freeing them up to rebel in a positive way. The main theme of Lisa’s book is what she calls positive rebellion. Rebels sometimes are seen as self-destructive, addicted, lonely, angry, quiet, mysterious, pessimistic, and without a purpose. Lisa’s approach, however, is quite different. With positive rebellion, you’re choosing to do things that are loving, supportive, or helpful for yourself or others (or both). Instead of rebelling against the idea of authority, you honor your own inner authority. You start to know your own personal truth that lives in your heart. Lisa is a practical modern mystic who walks her talk, only recommending growth work that she herself has done, encouraging you to start your journey from the premise that you already are perfect.

Now for my favor. I want you to click this link then like this book even if you don’t buy it. I think you should buy it. I know I’m going to put it under a few holiday trees this year. But you can help this brand new author (and I predict we will see more from her) by clicking like.

p.s. I’m giving a book away to one person in the comments (including those who comment on my Facebook post today). Bonus entry if you share this on your Facebook, Twitter it, Pinterest it. Leave your share link as an extra comment.

So, go forth and clickity and buy. Yes, this is the link. Are you clicking? C’mon, you know you wanna click! 😀

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Official Contest Joy Stuff: One entry per person. Bonus entries will be verifiable links to known Social Networks (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, etc). Book will be shipped from Amazon so any place Amazon ships works for me. Contest ends 12/1/2012 midnight PST. Winner announced 12/3/2012.