Learn Tarot With Arwen Lynch-Poe

Arwen Lynch-Poe portrait shows a white woman with short curly black hair with grey. She is wearing a black top with an overshirt of purple with green and light purple flowers.
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  • Want to hear from your elevated ancestors, holy helpers, and spirit guides?

  • Hoping to finish your novel?

  • And need some directional help in following your bliss?<.h2>

  • So, want to rekindle and keep your joy?

You can learn Tarot! It can help you in so many ways.

Because you can identify with any of these questions, you need to get the tools and support you can use now. You have struggled to find ways to cope so many ways. Sometimes it feels like a band-aid that may peel off at any moment. But I am a professional psychic medium with proven results. And you can learn tarot. You can learn to hear your messages from beyond.

Learn Tarot with Arwen Lynch-Poe. Her portrait shows a white woman with short curly black hair with grey. She is wearing a black top with an overshirt of purple with green and light purple flowers.

I’m Arwen Lynch, the Professional Joy Seeker, psychic, and published author. You may know me from one of my decks or from one of my books. However you got here, I’m glad you made it. I am here to teach you how to read the Tarot intuitively. And I can also help you complete your novel.

Learn Tarot To Help Yourself Because You Deserve IT!

Imagine learning about tools you already have. Exciting, right? I will help. Are you ready to move forward and live your life to the fullest?I know what it means to feel lost and directionless.

  • Identify Personal Roadblocks
  • Find Out The Universe’s Hidden Messages
  • Create Empowering Affirmations
  • And Explore Your Inner Landscape
  • Seek Joy and keep it

Because I love to help others navigate life. You and I will create a plan that will help you stay on course to live the life you want. And you can learn how Tarot can keep you there.

So my clients learn how to find their bliss and hold on to it. One way is to learn Tarot.

  • “In a much more nurturing environment “– Karen
  • “Really opened up communication between me and my SO.”–Shelley
  • “Perceptive, reinforced my direction”–Ruth
  • Actionable? practical? Life-altering? soulful? brilliant??? guidance is a word I use to describe your sessions.  Collaborative.  Visionary.  Advanced. FREAKING AMAZING! — Robin

My clients are thrilled to have found a tool that truly helps them explore what is important to them. And remember these things, please. Firstly, you are so much more than your struggles. Secondly, my intuitive coaching sessions help you dig into your own shadows. THIRD, you will learn how to bring the important ones to light. Because finding shadows is only part of the work! Ready to get serious about redirecting your life?  And together we can explore how to strengthen and motivate you so you can be the person you know yourself to be.

I can’t wait for you to learn Tarot!

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My calm, compassionate, and confidential coaching sessions are designed with you in mind. So I try to design a spread for you. Because not every question fits every layout.

Let’s create a life-altering, actionable plan for you. Because we will collaborate to get a practical, meaningful path plotted for you. Because I know you can do this. So let’s get started now.

So do you want to work with me for a creative consultation with you? Because there’s a membership for that that includes my paperback Mapping the Hero’s Journey: 33 Days To Finish Your Book.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today on getting your bliss back.

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Seek joy, y’all.