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It’s important to me that I give back. I am so blessed by the Universe. I have found that the more I give, the more I get. But in order to do this, I have to trust what I offer. Because of that, here are some free resources. And you will find a list of people that I love. And when I say love, that means trust.

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Folks I Love and Trust!

Some of these folks are open for readings and some are not. All are freaking amazing! 13? It’s like a coven of AWESOME!

  1. Benebell Wen
  2. Carrie Paris
  3. Chris-Ann Donnelly
  4. Ethony Dawn
  5. Jamie Sawyer
  6. Jaymi Elford
  7. Jenna Matlin
  8. Kristine Gorman
  9. Michelle Welch
  10. Melissa Cynova
  11. Theresa Reed
  12. Toni Puhle
  13. V Von Schweet


Julie's Joy Dahlia
Julie’s Joy Dahlia