30 Days & 30 Ways To Seek Joy

30 Days & 30 Ways To Seek Joy

Seek joy in 30 ways over 30 days with Arwen, the Professional Joy Seeker. I’m Arwen, the Professional Joy Seeker. I’ve been on this journey since 2008. Now I want you to come along with me. What does it cost? $5.00. That’s all.

So what will you get? A big bag of chocolates and a fluffy bear! HOORAY!

NOT REALLY! C’mon! How am I supposed to email you chocolates and a bear? That’s just a recipe for disaster! 

You will receive emails from me with thoughts on how to seek joy. I will give you tasks to do each day that do not involve leaping tall buildings or moving faster than a speeding bullet. You will receive prompts for writing. Each day will have a mix of tasks for you to choose from. You can seek joy. But joy has to be meaningful to the seeker. 

This is an email course that you can do at your own pace. Just click the button below to enJOY your 30 days and 30 ways to seek joy.

Take a 30-day trip into joy. Want to find joy? Keep your bliss? Become your own professional joy seeker!
Price: $5.00
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