How Do You Fill In The Blanks?

CrowsMagick_0FoolThis unusual rendition of the Fool reminds me that blank spaces are not for the timid. An eagle flies with planets behind her and what might be steps or books beneath. This is from the Londa Marks Crow’s Magick Tarot.

How often do we try to fill in the blanks?

You are having a conversation and the other person pauses to gather their thoughts. You leap in to say what you think they are going to say.

This is one of my personal worst flaws. I do it a lot.

You are looking at a picture you have drawn. You start filling in the spaces until everything touches.

You are sitting in a room with nothing on. You turn on the radio, the television–sometimes both.

We can’t have spaces in our life. We can’t have silence. Blank area must be filled up with things.

What is it that drives us to fill it all up?

Consider this empty eagle flying off. Daring you to fill it or daring you to empty your own clutter and just be empty for a bit?

Your 180 second challenge today is to spend three minutes in silence. No sound. No music. No nothing. Just 180 seconds of silence.

Can you do it?

Fool, Crow’s Magick Tarot [aff]