Bags, Death & Fire

I’m just starting week four of a five week online class on how to learn the Tarot. I’ve got the most amazing minds in this group. One of them asked what was in the Fool’s Bag. It created an intriguing discussion on our class loop about whether it was empty or full.

One person proposed that it was all 78 cards and the Fool’s journey was to learn how to use them.

So I asked this question: What is in my Fool’s bag?.

The premise behind the question is that this would be things I need to address, acknowledge or work with right now.

I pulled three cards.

10 of Fire
Awakening (Judgment in the Gaian Tarot)

The Hermit sits with his back against a tree. He is writing in a book. When I look at the book, I see that it is not full. He’s got plenty of pages left. Even though he’s older (white beard) there’s plenty left for him to review, observe and learn. He’s chosen this time and this place to pause to reflect on what he knows and maybe on what he doesn’t. Perhaps he’s making a list of things he still wants to do.

That fits me. I’ve done so much. I’ve lived in nine different states, seen foreign places and yet I still have things I want to do. This is my call to make a list of what I know and what I don’t know. Things I still want to explore and seek out.

The 10 of Fire shows a raging forest fire. Smoke billows up covering most of the left side of this card. This is a destructive, beautiful energy here. I think this is about the destruction I’ve been doing in my own life through therapy. Ripping down walls. Burning old tapes. I’m destroying the old, abandoned Arwen. In her place, I’m constructing the Arwen I want to be. The professional joy seeker. The successful author. The awesome Tarot consultant. The person I’ve been struggling to let out for so many years. This culmination of Fire energy is about me taking control of my life and eradicating those in it who are continually repeating the same things.

Then Awakening! A person stands naked facing away from me. Sand Hill cranes (I think) fly over this person. They are looking up at this massive, mosaic face in the sky. You have to really look for this face. Around this person is a circle of people. In fact, if you look to the right on this page, you will see my Gaian Tarot charter member graphic. That is the circle of people. A lotus rests at the bottom of the card between two groups of candles. Light and enlightenment.

For me, this is about transcendence. Moving to my next level of being. Preparing to reconnect with my Deity. In a way, this card scares me because it feels like a brighter version of Death. Not sure why that is but there you are.

So this is what is in my Fool’s Bag right now. What’s in yours?

5 thoughts on “Bags, Death & Fire”

  1. Arwen,

    I did see the link, but this statement made me think that it was another deck: Awakening (Judgment in the Gaian Tarot).

    I’ll check out the link. The last thing I need is another tarot deck, but hey Christmas will be here soon, lol.

    1. Most of my posts right now are revolving around the Gaian Tarot. Joanna Powell Colbert has created a mesmerizing deck. It will be available in mass market form next year but she still has some of her Limited Edition copies.

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