REVIEW: Tell-Me Tarot

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems Inc.; Crds edition (December 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1572816317
ISBN-13: 978-1572816312

There is truth in advertising after all. The box proclaims “Ask a question. Choose a card. Receive an answer.” That is exactly what the Tell-Me Tarot does. This deck is not for the advanced reader unless Continue reading “REVIEW: Tell-Me Tarot”

Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot

jpcToday, please welcome Joanna Powell Colbert and her Gaian Tarot. This interview is comprised of answers from both the author/artist (A) as well as the deck (D). I give the questions and then the deck is used to answer the questions. So what you read is what Joanna pulled for each answer.

My own JPC testimony Continue reading “Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot”

Interview: Lisa Hunt & The Fairy Tale Tarot

When I was editor of the American Tarot Association Quarterly, I developed an interview for those who had created decks. The twist on the normal interview is that I request it be answered by pulling cards from the Tarot deck itself. So, in essence, the creation of the artist/author becomes their voice.

Some of these questions are actually geared towards the deck answering for itself–a neat bit of anthromorphism, eh? Those questions are marked with a D

For the first of these interviews on my blog, Lisa Hunt has offered herself up as a willing vic Continue reading “Interview: Lisa Hunt & The Fairy Tale Tarot”

Deck Review: Faerie Tarot

Faerie Tarot
Faerie Tarot

The lovely, whimsical Faerie Tarot was published June 2008 by US Games. Author and artist, Nathalie Hertz has outdone herself this time. I recently reviewed her Vampire Tarot which was an intriguing deck that I didn’t think would find huge popularity because of the theme. However this deck should find a very different reception.

Let me start with saying that I don’t like Continue reading “Deck Review: Faerie Tarot”

DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden

Come journey to the moon with me. I have a passion for dragonflies. Go ahead. Make the “wow, I never knew” remarks. Get them all out of your system. I’ll wait.

Done? Good! Now back to my dragonflies. I was searching for a tarot deck that had dragonflies. I got a Google hit on something called Tarot of a Moon Garden. And then I couldn’t find the darn thing! I searched all over. Finally, I found it and pounced on it. Then of course, I decided to review it!
My first view of this deck was of the Fool. And my first impression was “Awww, they could have done so much more with the color.” Continue reading “DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden”