INTERVIEW: M.M. Meleen & the Rosetta Tarot

Recently, at my Austin Tarot Meetup, I heard about a new Tarot deck called the Rosetta Tarot. When I read the opening page, this line really leapt out at me:

“Tarot can be considered a hieroglyphic, symbolic, and pictorial language so flexible as to be able to contain the known universe and all combinations of manifestations both earthly and spiritual, tangible and intangible.”

I decided I wanted to look further into this intriguing deck. Continue reading “INTERVIEW: M.M. Meleen & the Rosetta Tarot”

Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot

jpcToday, please welcome Joanna Powell Colbert and her Gaian Tarot. This interview is comprised of answers from both the author/artist (A) as well as the deck (D). I give the questions and then the deck is used to answer the questions. So what you read is what Joanna pulled for each answer.

My own JPC testimony Continue reading “Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot”

Interview: Lisa Hunt & The Fairy Tale Tarot

When I was editor of the American Tarot Association Quarterly, I developed an interview for those who had created decks. The twist on the normal interview is that I request it be answered by pulling cards from the Tarot deck itself. So, in essence, the creation of the artist/author becomes their voice.

Some of these questions are actually geared towards the deck answering for itself–a neat bit of anthromorphism, eh? Those questions are marked with a D

For the first of these interviews on my blog, Lisa Hunt has offered herself up as a willing vic Continue reading “Interview: Lisa Hunt & The Fairy Tale Tarot”

Interview: Teresa Michelsen

Teresaface2I am pleased to share an interview with the very talented Teresa Michelsen. Teresa is the owner/operator of a Tarot list I am on called Comparative Tarot. She inherited the list from Valerie Sims. It’s a great list if you like to really get into different aspects of the cards. Think of it as a large guided (albeit gently) study group.

Arwen: What was your first encounter with Tarot like?

Teresa: My Mom’s boyfriend, who lived with us, did tarot readings. When I was about 13, he did one for me that really impressed me and was very insightful. As it turned out, he was kind of like a reversed Continue reading “Interview: Teresa Michelsen”

Interview: James Ricklef

A Major 01 Mage c JWRJames Ricklef has been involved in Tarot for a very long time even if he modestly proclaims not to be one of our communities’ stars. I hope you will enjoy this fascinating chat with James.

You will find some of the images from his new Tarot of the Masters as well.

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Interview With Mary K. Greer

Mary K Greer
Mary K Greer

Recently I asked one of the leading ladies of Tarot if she would mind doing an interview with me. I had this idea of doing a contest in conjunction with her interview. To my surprise, she said yes. I panicked. I knew what the contest was going to be (read to the end for more on that), but oh dear!

Um,now what, Arwen? You asked one of your heroines if you could ask her some questions. They better be good!

HA! Who am I fooling? This is someone I’ve wanted to talk to since I first read her book Tarot for Your Self : A Workbook for Personal Transformation Second Edition. So I decided I’d just ask her Continue reading “Interview With Mary K. Greer”