Wings, Tigers & Bartending

What do wings, tigers and bartending have to do with the Temperance card. Join Arwen as she does a comparative study of this angel of balance using some very different decks including the Gaian, the Mary-El and the Tarot of a Moon Garden.

I have been thinking about doing some articles on comparing cards. This morning, I picked up a deck to draw a card for the first comparison. Using the Cat’s Eye Tarot, I pulled Temperance.

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This Temperance shows the balance as Continue reading “Wings, Tigers & Bartending”

DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden

Come journey to the moon with me. I have a passion for dragonflies. Go ahead. Make the “wow, I never knew” remarks. Get them all out of your system. I’ll wait.

Done? Good! Now back to my dragonflies. I was searching for a tarot deck that had dragonflies. I got a Google hit on something called Tarot of a Moon Garden. And then I couldn’t find the darn thing! I searched all over. Finally, I found it and pounced on it. Then of course, I decided to review it!
My first view of this deck was of the Fool. And my first impression was “Awww, they could have done so much more with the color.” Continue reading “DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden”