The Right Kind Of Rest?

Four of Swords Tarot of a Moon GardenToday’s card is from a deck I saw online and HAD to have. Why? Well this card is one of the reasons. I mean…dragonfly swords? What’s not to love about USGames Tarot of a Moon Garden?

While I am mad for dragonflies (have one tattooed on my arm!), they are not what pull me into this card today. No. The first thing was the knight’s helm. Empty. But where was the knight? I saw the unicorn with the interesting interpretation of what seems to be the Eye of Ra.

I saw a piece of armor on the other side of the unicorn. Then I realized that it was two leg pieces. What’s more? Those weren’t empty.

I tracked back to the unicorn and then I saw him, or her. Leaning against the unicorn, is a knight who has just had enough of the battle.

Taking solace in his companion, our knight rests. His sword is ready if he needs it, but for now, he rests.

I am reminded that I don’t rest enough. I don’t take down time as often as I should. I work 8 hours (9 if you include lunch), then come home to do readings, work on the blog, write, take care of the animals, the house.

Now I don’t think my life is all that unusual, darlings. We all live a busy life. But sometimes I live it as if I’m a paratrooper on a plan with a jump master screaming, “GO GO GO” in my ear.

I have to wonder if that is necessary. Today I have a full schedule. Part of that is chatting with someone about cleaning my place for me. Having that off my plate would be nice. And she is an organizer to boot. So I’ll be talking about that as well.

We all need the right kind of rest. What is your “right kind?”

That’s your journal prompt for today.

“What is the right kind of rest for me? What makes me feel refreshed?”

Four of Swords, Tarot of a Moon Garden, USGames [aff]

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DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden

Come journey to the moon with me. I have a passion for dragonflies. Go ahead. Make the “wow, I never knew” remarks. Get them all out of your system. I’ll wait.

Done? Good! Now back to my dragonflies. I was searching for a tarot deck that had dragonflies. I got a Google hit on something called Tarot of a Moon Garden. And then I couldn’t find the darn thing! I searched all over. Finally, I found it and pounced on it. Then of course, I decided to review it!
My first view of this deck was of the Fool. And my first impression was “Awww, they could have done so much more with the color.” Continue reading “DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden”

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