Messages, Brilliance & Squirrels

When I step back, all the figures except the one in “work” are focused elsewhere. The only one not is the Nine of Earth. I see Joanna as a teacher for many reasons. Here she looks directly at me. None of them are looking at the center card thought. Interesting.

I love to read. Books. Magazines. Backs of cereal boxes. Billboards. Blogs. I subscribe to some different (e.g. Not Necessarily Tarot(tm)) blogs. One of those is Pink of Perfection. I stumbled across the blog looking for a recipe or from another blog that I read. I can’t remember. A few days ago she shared this poem by Mary Oliver. My mind is still reeling from it. Continue reading “Messages, Brilliance & Squirrels”

Living, Dying & Dieting

The large mirror she gazes into forms the trompe l’oeil of the skull while her two reflections are the eye sockets. A row of bottles of this and that range at the base of the mirror forming the teeth. A cloth drapes from the vanity to create the chin. A chilling image of beauty facing real self in the mirror.

I love to visit other blogs of others who study the Tarot. I learn so much from what they share. Recently, I visited Chloe of Inner Whispers. She had the most amazing post up. The subject was about dieting. I urge you to read her post (her whole blog actually). I can’t reiterate what she said so well.

From that post, she developed some questions. She didn’t name this spread. So I’m calling it: Continue reading “Living, Dying & Dieting”

Other Blogs: ATA Reflections

Ok, as you have seen, I have been doing other spots than blogs for my Saturday spotlights. 🙂 I’m keeping the name “Other Blogs” until I think of a more clever (and more encompassing) name.

Tarot publications are few and far between. It’s difficult to stay on schedule and deliver what you have said you will deliver when you have to manage your writers, your production, your readers, etc.  Continue reading “Other Blogs: ATA Reflections”

OTHER BLOGS: Roswila’s Three

“Tarot cards are like people. We get to know them more or less well, but never completely. And like people, they change over time and with experience of them. This is not to say we can’t really know a card. Anymore than one would say one doesn’t really know one’s best friend or mate or lover. Simply that with these cards we form, as with people, many-faceted, living, changing relationships.”

Don’t you just love that? Wouldn’t you want to meet the person who said this and sit down for a cuppa something just to talk about the Tarot?

Well let me introduce you to Continue reading “OTHER BLOGS: Roswila’s Three”