DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden

Come journey to the moon with me. I have a passion for dragonflies. Go ahead. Make the “wow, I never knew” remarks. Get them all out of your system. I’ll wait.

Done? Good! Now back to my dragonflies. I was searching for a tarot deck that had dragonflies. I got a Google hit on something called Tarot of a Moon Garden. And then I couldn’t find the darn thing! I searched all over. Finally, I found it and pounced on it. Then of course, I decided to review it!
My first view of this deck was of the Fool. And my first impression was “Awww, they could have done so much more with the color.” I flipped slowly through the cards one by one and found that my first impression was wrong. Karen Marie Sweikhardt does an amazing job with her watercolor art. The figures at times seem a bit impersonal as though they don’t know what they are doing in the cards, but that impersonality lends itself to the overall ethereal feeling of this deck.

The Major Arcana follows the RWS system and there are many things to look at in most of them. My least favorite was Justice who is a slim woman in a sheath of a dress dangling a sword at her side. There is no imposing figure here, no sense of awe. She holds the scales between her thumb and forefinger as if it were something she wanted to get rid of.

However I look at her Moon card and I’m blown away! The dark face of of the full moon is embraced by the crescent moon which weeps. The crayfish rises up from stylized waves. The dog and the wolf are there as well, but you have to search for them to find them. Likewise the Lovers card has many of the traditional trimmings but here and there are hints of surreal landscapes. That the man and woman embrace with a tree between them lends itself to such depth of interpretation! What is it between them? Or is that the solidness of their love?

The garden theme is self-evident in the preponderance of flowers everywhere. However they don”t lend themselves to a feeling of lightness and joy. Rather, I am given the Nine of Swords when I ask the deck for a card to describe itself. Nine dragonfly swords over over a weepng figure (could be a woman might be a man). They nearly obscure the moon which is bright and full. The message of this deck for me is to not overlook what is hidden. That taking my time and searching this deck will pay off in the long run.

I give this an 8 out of 10 on my personal scale of 0-10. It is a deck I will use. The cards are bordered in white which some will not like, but I like the framing effect. This is a deck that I am delighted to add to my personal collection. If you want your own copy of Tarot of a Moon Garden, I hope you will let me know. Or if you already own it, tell me what your favorite card is.

Tarot of a Moon Garden (set)

by Karen Marie Sweikhardt
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: U.S. Games Systems; Book & card deck. edition (September 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1572810955
ISBN-13: 978-1572810952

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13 thoughts on “DECK REVIEW: Tarot Of A Moon Garden”

    1. The Lovers is my favourite card in this deck too. I have had the deck for a lot of years but have just come back to it after a lull. Some of the cards look quite bland but when you use them more than a few times you start to see other things within each scene.

  1. Lisa Lee, I haven’t read the book. NOt sure if I have it. LOL I’ll check my shelves!

    Shana-Marie, girl! I was just thinking about you! It’s a really really pretty deck and I think you might really enjoy it.

  2. It’s been a while since I purchased a new deck.. this may be the one I am looking for. Thanks for the review, dearest Arwen.
    PS – LOVE the site!

  3. What a beautiful deck! Tarot fascinates me! I had my very first reading a month ago and have been reading all I can on tarot. Thank you so much for the reading you gave me on Raven Radio with Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow. I enjoyed listening to your readings and stories. Please let me know of your other cyber appearances so I can tune in!

    Take Care,
    Alisha Paige

  4. GH!! Long time, no type! How on earth are you? If you do get this one, please let me know what you think of it. It’s really a lovely deck.

    Alisha, it was a delight to meet you as well. I truly enjoy doing Raven Radio. Mandy and Michelle are so much fun to laugh with. 🙂

    I try to post my appearances here.

  5. Greets back to you my friend.. I am going to pick it up tomorrow – our local shop has it. 😀

    One thing – your comment about the Justice card:
    “She holds the scales between her thumb and forefinger as if it were something she wanted to get rid of.”
    .. maybe she DOES want to get rid of it – maybe she doesn’t want the responsibility of weighty decisions, and feels she’s been thrust into the role.. just a thought

  6. Hi I was just wondering if you had since found any other tarot cards with dragonflies on, I have strong connections to the creature and I also have a very strong connection with the number three and multiples of it, so the nine of swords with it’s nine dragonflies took my breath away, but I just dont feel drawn to the rest of the deck 🙁 i really wish I felt connected to the deck but you can’t force these things, i cant find any other decks anywhere with the dragonfly on!
    All the best, Jeffalina

  7. Ooh brilliant, thank you very much i will go have a look now 🙂 I WILL find my perfect deck 🙂 peace and love xxx

  8. Hi Arwen,
    I am Tanja from Belgium. I am also interested in tarot cards. I like only the tarot decks that has no frightning pictures in it like the the inner child tarot from Isha Lerner. I also like the goddess tarot of Chris Waldherr because I see them as a sort of transformational therapy.
    I have find a deck on internet that has a magnet dragonfly with it. It is no tarot deck it is an oracle. It is in Dutch and it is called Bijenwas orakel . It is written by Cora Leder (she lives in the Netherlands). It seems really lovely to me. It ‘s a pity for you it isn’t in Englisch.
    I think I am going to buy it for myself.

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