REVIEW: Tarot Spreads & Layouts

If I had one quibble, I would say that even an experienced reader can come away from this book with new insights into how to glean more from their spreads and readings.

Tarot Spreads and Layouts A User’s Manual For Beginning and Intermediate Readers
Jeanne Fiorini
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3629-4

Fiorini is an author I like. Her articles online are full of information. She writes in a clear, approachable manner. When I heard that she had a book out with Schiffer, I was delighted. For purposes of transparency, Continue reading “REVIEW: Tarot Spreads & Layouts”

REVIEW: Inspiring Butterflies

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Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self-Discovery
ISBN: 978-0764339691

Here’s to another gorgeous deck presented in Schiffer’s magnetic box. Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of their attention to packaging? Truly a great touch. And since I’ve Continue reading “REVIEW: Inspiring Butterflies”

Cats, Solomon & Erotica

As Ree Drummond, of The Pioneer Woman Cooks fame, says, “My brain is a highly imperfect place. ” And in my case, often also highly improper!

C’mon! You know the title makes you want to check out the post. 😀 I mean really? Cats and King Solomon and Erotica? What could I possibly be thinking?

As Ree Drummond, of The Pioneer Woman Cooks fame, says, “My brain is a highly imperfect place. ” And in my case, often also highly improper! Continue reading “Cats, Solomon & Erotica”

REVIEW: Tarot for Magical Times

So states Rachel Pollack in her new book, Tarot for Magical Times. With insights from Johannes Fiebig & Ernst Ott, she explores a way to utilize the Tarot as a lens to view larger, societally-significant issues. Starting with the 9/11 fall of the World Trade Center, Pollack and Fiebig offer their insights on how this may have started showing up as early as August of that year.

Tarot for Magical Times
Rachel Pollack, Johannes Fiebig
U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2011
ISBN 978-1-57281-720-3

“In this new approach I am suggesting, the Major Arcana represent the large outline of the fall Continue reading “REVIEW: Tarot for Magical Times”

REVIEW: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I am not always drawn to oracles but Hepburn and Alexander have created a truly interesting deck. I know I will be using it in my professional capacity with my clients. It promises to be a fun oracle with a unique way of delivering information

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards 
Rae Hepburn (author), Shawna Alexander (artist)
U.S. Games 2011

I am the president of the American Tarot Association. I was given a review copy of this deck. There, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about this fascinating oracle.

Hepburn takes a centuries-old divination system Continue reading “REVIEW: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards”

REVIEW: Time On Your Hands

Of course those that know me are roaring with laughter …why? Read the post to find out.

Time On Your Hands: A Study in Palmistry
Maiay Gray-Cobb
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3904-2

This slim volume is packed with information. The author obviously has devoted quite a lot of research. I like the way the book dives right into the subject matter.

At first I was dismayed Continue reading “REVIEW: Time On Your Hands”

The Tarot Nose: The Star

On my skin it’s very light and breezy. Not what I normally choose to wear but I really liked it. Still have a peppery/spicy tone to it…I guess this is what makes it sharp in the tonal quality. I keep sniffing myself trying to remember where I smelled this before, then it hit me.

The Star Gaian Tarot

Above her the Pleaides rise, those dancing Seven Sisters who symbolize our heart’s home. Behind her is the celestial stream between Heaven and Earth, known as the Milky Way, where pilgrims travel from one realm to the next. Beside her the Kingfisher reminds us of the halcyon days of peace and plenty. With our inner ear, we hear a voice proclaim: “I am the Soul of Nature, which gives Life to the Universe. From me all things proceed, and to me all things shall return.” More than anything, the Star Goddess represents grace, a divine connection that is unearned and freely granted.

Excerpted from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot page on the Star. You can read more here.

So I’m blessed to  know the parfumer from Esscentual Alchemy. She and I are members of the Gaian Circle. I’ve reviewed all of her Gaian Tarot perfumes so far. This is another of those reviews. I was so excited Continue reading “The Tarot Nose: The Star”