Tarotscopes July 12-18, 2015

Cosmic Deck of Initiation Law of Cause and Effect
Cosmic Deck of Initiation

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Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. My goal is to help you find your joy and hang on to it. You can transform your existence by bringing joy back in on a regular basis. I’m here to be your joy guide.

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Tired of being sad? Done with all the negativity in this world? Let’s work together to bring you back to the joy path. No time like the present to get started on your own joy seeker’s life. I’m ready to help. Got fifteen minutes?

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CARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What if everything you did came back to you? How would you [/inlinetweet]change what you do, say, think? This week is a really good week to consider the energy you put out into the world. It is reflecting back to you. Are you working to change for the good or are you working in a different energy channel? There are so many to choose from. The Universe urges us to choose well this week. What we put out, comes back. Seek joy, y’all. LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT From the Cosmic Deck of Initiation by Barbara DeLong (U.S. Games)

AQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]How much are you taking on this week? Can you [/inlinetweet]write yourself a note that just says “Delegating is a good thing”? Refocus your efforts on streamlining your life. Decluttering isn’t just for closets, darlings. Work to make your life easier. The leader who never rests is a poor leader. Allow yourself to step back so someone else can step up. It will make things so much calmer in your world. TEN OF AIR

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Who teaches whom? Open your heart up to all the [/inlinetweet]infinite possibilities of how you learn and how you teach. Set the best example for your self. Don’t worry about how others see you. It’s far more important to worry about how you see yourself. Your job isn’t to judge, critique, instruct anyone other than yourself. Live your best life. Navel gazing is highly recommended this week. TEACHER
Gaian Tarot Explorer of EarthARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]How can you best connect with your community? Feeling a little [/inlinetweet]bit outside of everything? This is a good week to explore your community connections. Even picking up the phone is a good thing. You may find yourself taking a short trip to see loved ones. This will be a good thing in the long run. Make sure you are focused on the ties that bind with love. EXPLORER OF EARTH Bonus: Check out the book by the model for the Explorer of Earth

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Who needs a helping hand? Remember that the secret to charity [/inlinetweet]is to receive as easily as you give. You lessen the gift when you feel guilty. Receive and send with the same amount of love. It will grow exponentially when you back your ego out of it. The giver is blessing themselves when they give to you. You do the same when you give. Allow the flow to grow. SIX OF EARTH

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What are your successes so far? Take time to write them [/inlinetweet]down. Revisit your goals. Celebrate the ones you’ve met. Reset your sights on those you still find important. The spiritual being who understands that yesterday’s goals may not be tomorrow’s desires–wins. You will go further remaining flexible while still focusing on your changing horizon. No one does it better than you, Gemini. NINE OF EARTH

child-waterCANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What emotional needs are you ignoring? This isn’t about [/inlinetweet]someone else, compassionate Crab. This is about you and your needs. You fulfilling your own needs. You depending on your own heart to take care of you. You you you. It really is all about you this week. Take yourself out for dinner. Have a tea party with you. Make your needs the focal point of the week to have your best week. CHILD OF WATER

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #horoscope”]What needs to be examined? Time to pull out that old [/inlinetweet]science kit. Get a microscopic look into your own thoughts. Channel them into analytical lines of thought. This is your week to make all the lists you want. I know, right? YAY! Be childlike as you examine things. Break them down into bite-size chunks. Investigate every rabbit hole to your heart’s content. It’s an “in your head” week for you. CHILD OF AIR

guardian-airVIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be? [/inlinetweet]Great week to meditate on where you want to be in 2,5,10 years. Set down some achievable steps. What the heck. Write down some that seem as easy as walking on the moon without air. With your brain power, Virgo, you might just be the one to solve all the problems of the world. Dream big. See what your future guru self has to say. GUARDIAN OF AIR

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Who sets your boundaries for you? If the answer [/inlinetweet]is anyone other than yourself, STOP. If you set up boundaries based on input from anyone other than your precious soul self, why? Who better than you to make decisions about your life? Who better than you to create the life you want to have. It’s okay to get input from loved ones, but don’t make decisions that make your stomach twist up into knots. Do the right thing for you. GUARDIAN OF EARTH

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What’s tying you down? Why do you let [/inlinetweet]old fears and old voices dictate your beautiful existence? Time to rise up. Cast off those chains of guilt, doubt, fear. Step away from being told how to love, who to love, what to love. Make your break for spiritual freedom by letting go of outdated desires. You love the world hard. Don’t stay trapped by the demon of regret. Live, darlings. BINDWEED

SAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What do you want to learn this week? Curiosity[/inlinetweet] is your super power, Archers. Find a new craft. Rekindle an old one. Dive into projects that encourage your creative child to play. Finger paint to your heart’s content. This is a week to splash color all over your world. Make something fun. Let that child out and stop holding yourself back from doing fun things. PLAY. CHILD OF FIRE

8-strengthCAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #horoscope”]What makes you feel strong? Don’t worry about [/inlinetweet]what is SUPPOSED to make you feel strong. Explore what actually makes you feel strong. Is it your ability to dive into deep wells to help others out? Is it your innate knowledge of who can help whom? Maybe it’s your compassionate inner warrior who fights battles for those who can’t. This is your week to be strong, Cappies. STRENGTH

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on! I want to hear from you if you are ready to kick the negativity habit in the tender bits. Let’s get started today to create a plan for you that takes you from feeling alone to feeling alive.

Card of the Week is from the Cosmic Deck of Initiation by Barbara DeLong (U.S. Games)
Weekly Tarotscopes feature the Gaian Tarot by Joanna P. Colbert (self-published)

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Seek joy, y’all. Thanks for sharing these, too.

July 5-11, 2015 Tarotscopes

Art Through The Starstream 39 Redwood Deva
Art Through The Starstream

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. My goal is to help you find your joy and hang on to it. You can transform your existence by bringing joy back in on a regular basis. I’m here to be your joy guide.

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Here’s a book that’s really been helping me be more mindful. I recommend it if you are looking for something that will give you bite-sized, practical steps on how to build a habit of mindfulness into your daily life.

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CARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]The Redwood Deva brings us this week’s overarching message of learning [/inlinetweet]to see the obvious. This is our invitation to “enter the silence and listen”. Such an odd concept, yes? Move into silence and listen, but to what? We tend to lead such noisy, busy lives that we miss the messages available when we sit in the quiet. So this week, carve out some time to sit in silence. I know, it may be hard to find that stillness, but even in a non-stop, gogogo world, we can find it if we look hard enough. Find the silence. Listen to the quiet. REDWOOD DEVA

AQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]If you knew you could, what would you do? Your question comes to us from [/inlinetweet]the heart surfer, the Explorer of Water. Cowabunga, dude. When you follow your heart fearlessly, amazing things will surface. This can also be about time on the water so it’s a good thing if you can get out to enjoy your local bodies of water. Remember to throw your heart over the fence, then let the rest of you follow it. Good things coming your way. EXPLORER OF WATER

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Where are you going? Are you able to just take off to explore your own [/inlinetweet]inner landscape? The Seven of Air challenges your thinking in a good way. You are being asked to look at the world through a clear marble. See how else you can achieve the goals you have. You may have over-planned your journey. If you don’t leave room for error and for change, you may miss the entire reason for the trip. Ease up on that critical self-thinking, sweetheart. SEVEN OF AIR

Gaian Tarot Guardian of Water
Gaian Tarot

ARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is ready to harvest? What projects do you need to give more time? Once you [/inlinetweet] can answer those two questions, you can eliminate some of the dithering going on. It’s good to be compassionate, but overwatering is just as bad as underwatering. You must determine where in your life you are being too cautious in the name of caring. It may be time for tough love. Only when you yank the weeds, can the other plants grow. Don’t kill everything in your garden because you are afraid to boot some weeds to the curb. GUARDIAN OF EARTH

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Are you ready to win? Ready to celebrate that victory? Good news, this week may [/inlinetweet]be the time. When you put your self into your work, you will win. Stop worry about what others are doing or not doing. You can’t control them. They are not in your hula hoop. So stop being so crazy about them. You waste your time and energy on worthless people and causes. Focus on what you know, what you do, what you control. Get back in your own hula hoop, bulls. This week will bring you the victory you hope for if you can just let go of the need to control others. SIX OF FIRE

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]If you could buy one thing for yourself, what would it be? This is a good week to be [/inlinetweet]a little self-indulgent, Gemini. Don’t get caught up in the “if I do this for you, what will you do for me” cycle, though. That ties strings from you to them and back again that are not healthy. This isn’t quid pro quo time. It’s quid pro YOU time. It doesn’t have to be a Lexus, but maybe that book you’ve been wanting? I’m just saying that you might want to give into that desire so you don’t binge out. You know…a little goes a long way. SIX OF EARTH

CANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What friends are you missing right now? How about being the one who reaches out to [/inlinetweet]reconnect. Some ties can stretch across oceans but you still need to hold your hand out to them. Just make those connections know how much they mean to you. Nostalgic talks over coffee or the phone are going to be your bread and butter this week. Good times with good friends are a done deal as long as you reach out to let them know how much they still mean to you. SIX OF WATER

Gaian Tarot Bindweed
Gaian Tarot

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #horoscope”]Who’s the party animal now? Time for you to show off your socializing skills. Make those [/inlinetweet]naysayers shut up by showing them how to throw a real shindig. The three otters in this card show you going to parties, throwing parties, heck, just being the party wherever you are. There are those in your world who think you might do better being quiet, being small, but that’s not your forte`, is it? You are the leader of the pack this week so get out there and shake your tail feathers. Show them what it means to be a Leo. THREE OF WATER

VIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is holding you back? Or more accurately, who? This week’s card tells me the culprit is [/inlinetweet]you. You are allowing things to tie you in place. You have a need, an itch, a desire to do something, but all the little birds in your life who are telling you do this, do that are making it hard for you to hear your own wisdom. Review the card of the week to learn your lesson about silence. And stop making your life about acquiring things. Remember to connct with the people in your life or they may feel you don’t want to connect with them. BINDWEED

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Are you skimming your own emotional surface? How scary is it to just [/inlinetweet]dive in? To submerge yourself in the emotional connections that bind you to others? You are being challenged, Libra. Challenged to dive into to meet your compassionate self. To hug your inner wise one. This is a week where you will do best when you forge deeper connections with those already in your life. Time to tell them a few secrets. They may have a few of their own. If you can show them how to live compassionately, you will be giving them the best gift of all. GUARDIAN OF WATER

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is your heart’s desire? If you could just open your arms, sing your dream, what would [/inlinetweet]that look like? Take a minute. Get quiet with yourself. Ask your Higher Power what dream can come true. Then make it happen. Do whatever it takes to create that reality for yourself. Heart’s desire is a big, big thing so make sure you are open to the inevitability of getting what you want this week. You lead a charmed life for the next seven days. Make the most of it, Scorpions. Don’t waste this energy NINE OF WATER

SAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What must you accomplish this week? I’ll bet your to-do list is longer than [/inlinetweet]a well-fed anaconda. Just remember that you are an excellent multitasker and a terrific delegator. Your delegation skills will help you more than you think when you bring others of a like mind in on one of your bigger schemes. You just have to show them where the fire is and hand them the hammers. Together you will forge something that will last. This is about you leading others towards a single purpose. Use that fire. SEVEN OF FIRE

CAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #horoscope”]How will you find your sacred space? Are you prepared to throw down [/inlinetweet]the boundaries this week? You need to focus on home and hearth because there may be someone knocking at your doors who doesn’t understand no. Plant your self. Let them understand where your lines are. Don’t allow them to cross those lines without full knowledge of what you need and want. Your space is sacred. Don’t let just any damn fool in, please. And celebrate your family this week. They are where you are safest. FOUR OF FIRE

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on! I want to hear from you if you are ready to kick the negativity habit in the tender bits. Let’s get started today to create a plan for you that takes you from feeling alone to feeling alive. Check out what others have to say about working with me.

Regardless of the topic, everything that she covered was a confirmation of the direction that I was already being led, even in areas that I have never discussed with anyone, including Arwen. For those who may think it’s easy to make up an answer to a question asked, please know that I did not verbally ask my questions to Arwen. I held them in my mind, and each time the insight was on point.

CARD OF THE WEEK: Art Through The Starstream, Cheryl Yambrach Rose, USGames 2014
TAROTSCOPES: Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Tarotscopes June 7-13, 2015

Gaian Tarot
Gaian Tarot

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. My goal is to help you find your joy and hang on to it. You can transform your existence by bringing joy back in on a regular basis. I’m here to be your joy guide.

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Tired of being sad? Done with all the negativity in this world? Let’s work together to bring you back to the joy path. No time like the present to get started on your own joy seeker’s life. I’m ready to help. What’s holding you back?

This week I had an amazing day where I read for a group of people who were mature. They explored issues like following their dreams, reaching out to grab life and live it. Then that same night I read for a group of high school graduates. They explored issues like following their dreams, reaching out to grab life and live it. Don’t lose your joy, y’all. Grab life and live it. No time like the present.

Found two great cookbooks this week as well as revisited an old favorite. Sheet Pan Dinners covers an interesting way to cook using less pots and pans. Then, if you are like me, this cookbook on how to use everything you get from your CSA or Farmers Market will help you waste less. Or you can find out what home cooking looks like if you are from cotton country. Got a great cookbook recommendation? Hit me up in the comments.

Have you checked out my podcast? It’s a more robust version that covers your full month. Get your month started right with an in-depth joy journey.

CARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Time to speak up. Time to let your voice be heard. Are you [/inlinetweet]ready to let them really see you when you speak? This week’s card is Parrot from Lisa Hunt’s brilliant Winged Enchantment oracle deck. Parrot likes to be seen and heard so our message this week is to communicate. And don’t hide your spectacular self, either. This is no time to try to face into the background. Be loud. Be proud. PARROT

Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck by Lisa Hunt, 25 Parrot
Winged Enchantment

AQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What can’t you do? That’s the thing you must answer this week. More importantly [/inlinetweet]ask yourself why you think you can’t do something. The World shows up this week to remind you that you are capable of big, big things. This isn’t a week to go small. Go big, big, BIG, my darling Aquarians. Change something in your world then watch the ripple affect as it changes everyone else’s world too. GAIA THE WORLD

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Friendship anchors you. Count your blessings in the hearts of your friends. Expect [/inlinetweet]old friends to reach out. Connections will deepen and strengthen even when sadness pulls you towards old memories. Remember the living and the dead with love. Dive into the love knowing your presence is healing them as much as they are healing you. Make new friends but keep the old–that song is yours this week. SIX OF WATER

ARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Compassion for self is healing. Understanding what makes you strong is good, but understanding [/inlinetweet]why is urgently important this week. Take time to do some self-examination focused on why you make the choices you make. Then decide if that is the best choice and reason. Your personal strength will be your rock this week. Let it be a support rather than an anchor, okay? Don’t be so strong you lose. STRENGTH

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Gather with those of a like mind. This week asks that you focus on group projects so that [/inlinetweet]all can grow from the encounter. Bring what you have to the table. Let them bring what they have. Combining all of your wisdoms makes a smarter, faster, more efficient group. Don’t try to do it all yourself please. The energy will be best when you engage others to create as one beautiful mind. THREE OF EARTH

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Nature’s child, that’s you. Explore your physical needs more. Are you feeding your [/inlinetweet]body everything it needs? Healthy food goes further with a healthy attitude. And vice versa on that, chickadees. Fill your mind with prayerful attitude. Reach out to your inner self for wisdom you already carry. Be open to the messages that come this week. A child mind carries you further than a “been there, done that” attitude. CHILD OF EARTH

CANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Expect growth. Understand that you cannot force things to bloom if you want the full [/inlinetweet]beauty of the flower. If you are looking for work, this is a very favorable time but you must get started. You have to put the feelers out or they won’t see you. Don’t be passed over simply because you aren’t standing out. Money flows in as well even though it may not RUSH in. ACE OF EARTH

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #horoscope”]Protective instincts ratchet up when those you love are threatened. Please remember [/inlinetweet]that roaring gives your position away. Better to lie low in the grass waiting for them to come to you. Then you may pounce. Emperor energy this week gives you an inner calm that you can use to your advantage at work as well. Focus on the details of any projects. To-do lists are best. EMPEROR

VIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Love is in the air, baby. Just hold on to this one fact. What goes around, comes around. When you [/inlinetweet]understand that we all cycle, you will have a better grasp on what needs to happen. The salmon swims upstream then back down again knowing that the cycle of life continues. Dive into the stream rather than watch it go by. I think your week will be better when you emotionally engage the world. TEN OF WATER

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Project manager, take a bow. You are the one they will turn to for [/inlinetweet]assistance. Your strength this week will be showing others how to get from point A to point Z every time. Be compassionate with yourself as much as with others. Realize that your reputation as a healer is getting around. Don’t be surprised if a few more lost souls show up for some much needed guidance from you. And healer? Heal thyself, please. ELDER OF EARTH

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Has anyone ever suggested to you that maybe, just maybe you do to much [/inlinetweet]analyzing? That maybe you need to stop looking for the next best thing to see you are more blessed than you realized? Yes, the world is a hot mess some days. Don’t make that your reality. Accept that your journey is taking you exactly where you need to go at this moment. Accept that what you are really looking for is staring back at you from your mirror. SEVEN OF AIR

SAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Harvesting what is ready is key this week. Make time to check on those growth projects so [/inlinetweet]you can take stock of where you are…what you have. A journey may be closer than you think which could require you to dip into some of that growth. Always leave some seed in reserve. Don’t depelete yourself–no emergency is worth that. And please be gentle with those who tax you physically. They don’t understand. GUARDIAN OF EARTH

CAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #horoscope”]What brings you the most joy? Where can you dive in deeper to experience more [/inlinetweet]of your own personal happy? This week is a good week to indulge yourself. Dancing at the club? Walking in the woods? Whatever it is that charges up your joy battery, make it happen. Get serious about having fun. Hold on to the feeling of joy so you can recreate it when you have to be your workaholic self. Joy isn’t fleeting. Our ability to remember it is. So take pictures. Write yourself a note. Charge up. THREE OF WATER

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on! I want to hear from you if you are ready to kick the negativity habit in the tender bits. Let’s get started today to create a

plan for you that takes you from feeling alone to feeling alive.

Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Tarotscopes May 31-June 6, 2015

The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck 24 Owl
The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. What’s your week got in store for you? I recommend reading your Sun, Moon and Rising signs together each week. Don’t know what yours are? Head to Astro.com where you can run your chart for free.

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Ready to recalibrate your joy journey? Let’s work together to bring you back to the joy path. No time like the present to get started on your own joy seeker’s life. What’s holding you back?

Rachel Pollack is a well-known name in the Tarot world. Recently she was diagnosed with lymphoma. The prognosis is good but her ability to work has been severely curtailed. Can you give her a hand? Spread the word too.

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CARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Seek peace in solitude. Open up the the quiet of your own soul. This week [/inlinetweet]the Owl is your guide. Listen more than you speak to gain wisdom you need. Guard your privacy zealously as well. Not all need to be welcome in your nest this week. Share yourself with those treasured few. OWL from The Winged Enchantment Oracle by Lisa Hunt and Lesley Morrison. (I highly recommend this deck for both the gorgeous artwork and the evocative descriptions.)

AQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What do you need to open up to? What ideas are ready to be [/inlinetweet]sent out into the world. Don’t over-analyze this. Just go with what first comes to mind. This week brings you opportunities for growth in areas that require your mind to be engaged. Emotions won’t play as big a role this week as analytical thought. (ACE OF AIR)

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What needs your passion? What things in your life lie waiting for you to [/inlinetweet]get started again? Work to make things happen in your life. Understand that you are going to have to be a MAD multi-tasker to get it all done. Delegation isn’t a bad idea either. You are not the boss of the world. Stop trying to be the caretaker of the world. (SEVEN OF FIRE)

Gaian Tarot Five of Earth
Gaian Tarot

ARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What shelters you? And, more importantly, who shelters you? This [/inlinetweet]will be a very important question this week. Might want to write it down. Do some journaling about it. Then revisit at the end of the week. Home may not be what or where or even who you think it is. Shelter. That’s your topic this week, Aries. Check those boundaries. (FIVE OF EARTH)

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is out of balance, darling Bulls? Where are you giving more than you are [/inlinetweet]getting? Time to remind those in your life of what you need. Your precious calm is going to be threatened by those who want to take more than they give. Stop letting them. Even family members must be reminded of your lines. Draw them again–this time in cement. (TEMPERANCE)

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Where are you heading? Might be a good time to also check on who’s driving that [/inlinetweet]hand-basket. If you are careening towards crazy, ask yourself this, “Who am I letting drive?” Often the path to crazy is taken when we take a backseat in our own lives. Get in the front seat. Take the wheel. Time to correct your course, my dears. (CANOE aka CHARIOT)

Gaian Tarot Elder of Earth
Gaian Tarot

CANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]How are those projects coming? Time to check those lists to see if [/inlinetweet]you are on track. Reassess what is most important. Nurture those things that bring you the most joy. You may want to explore letting some of those many projects rest or let someone else take charge. Do what brings you joy. Do what brings you joy. Do I need to say it again? (ELDER OF EARTH)

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #horoscope”]Who do you look to for advice? It’s a good week to pick up the phone to just [/inlinetweet]do a check-in. That adviser who helps you analyze things is the best one. The emotional adviser may not see the whole picture. Go to that person who may be sharp-tongued but loves you regardless. There’s the answer you are looking for. (GUARDIAN OF AIR)

VIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What questions still lie unanswered? Dig out your old journals to compare [/inlinetweet]them to your current ones. See what questions you were asking then. You may be going over old ground right now. This week calls for some solo exploration so don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying no to group events. This is more about you than anyone else. (HERMIT)

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What are you tied to? What is holding you back? Here you have to explore [/inlinetweet]old things that keep you from growing. Time to shed your world of those who tie you to an unhappy time. There is nothing that says you must keep people in your life when all they do is tempt you to give in to your darker self. Let go. (BINDWEED aka THE DEVIL)

Gaian Tarot Two of Fire
Gaian Tarot

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Where is that spark, precious? Who are you setting your sights on for [/inlinetweet]passion and play? Don’t let them go through life without knowing how you feel. Who knows…they may return that heat. Things could get fiery if you play your cards right. RAWRRRR! (TWO OF FIRE)

SAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What rabbit hole are you trying to fall in? This week may bring more [/inlinetweet]second-guessing, anxiety and bad dreams than you like if you don’t remember this one thing. You are loved. You are safe. You are special. Don’t allow your own self-doubt to trip you up. No need to chase your tail over what’s gone. Focus on what you have. (NINE OF AIR)

CAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #horoscope”]Who is your tribe? Maybe your tribe isn’t all in your neighborhood. Still [/inlinetweet]you need to reach out to them. Connect. Make plans to celebrate why you are a tribe. Don’t let time go by without seeing those you love. This is a good week to connect to those who get you on a cellular level. Find your tribe, darling. (SIX OF AIR)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these. I’d love to hear from you if you find these useful. Just leave me a comment if you will. And thanks so much for sharing these via Facebook, G+, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I love stumbling across what you’ve shared. Seek joy, y’all. Just seek joy.

If you love my message of Seek joy, y’all, get yourself a reminder from my store. Have a great week!

Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Card of the Week from The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck, Lisa Hunt & Lesley Morrison

Vampires, Generosity + Writing

Learning about receiving from the act of giving.

Gaian Tarot Six of Earth
Gaian Tarot

#affirmation I’d like to chat with you today about generosity. It’s a concept that many of us are very comfortable with—from one side. It’s hard to be on the other side though. And that’s what this card, the Six of Coins is about.

There are many ways that this card is portrayed. One of my personal favorites is this one from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot (OOP/hard to find). You can, I think, still get limited edition copies from Joanna at http://www.gaiantarot.com.

[Tweet “What lessons do we learn in receiving? How has your life been changed?”]

We are all in the know on how to be kind to others. How to be generous of self, spirit, time and even money. It is a definite feel-good to help another out. Think about how much joy you get from saving an animal or helping a friend or stranger.

Now put yourself in the position of that friend or even that stranger. Imagine what it must have taken to ask or just to stand there silently on a corner waiting for someone to roll a window down and hand you a quarter.

Could you smile and say thank you?

In my life as a writer, I’ve been showered with so much generosity. So many authors who have taught free or discounted courses. Who have volunteered their time at conferences to lead workshops. Who have answered questions on writers email lists without ever expecting to be paid or compensated in any way.

One of those is Colleen Gleason. I first read her book “And The Rest Falls Away” when it came out. I didn’t know her then. I simply saw a gorgeous cover with an evocative title. When I read it was a vampire novel set in Regency England? Oh yeah, had to have it.

And it was that good.

RestFallsAway99Grab your own copy at just .99 for your Kindle.

The book turns a lot of “romance musts” on their ears so be prepared.

Colleen also has a Facebook discussion group for Gardella fans.

I wanted to say thank you to Colleen who, as a New York Times Bestselling author, doesn’t have to say boo to those of us not in that hallowed membership. She’s always been truly gracious, not to mention fricking funny. I guess you can say I’m a fan–grrrl. 😀

Just know that the book is only on sale a few days this week so don’t delay. You know your Kindle wants it.

Today’s affirmation:

I accept what is given to me. I honor both the giver and the gift. I remember that sharing what I have is an honor. I am blessed beyond measure. I give thanks for the pleasure of being alive. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Six of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Ojo de Diosa YoniOjo de Diosa Yoni: A journey into the dark

Ojo de Diosa Yoni: A journey into the dark

#affirmation When I heard we were going to do a craft that I’d learned (and taught) at Girl Scout camp, I was apprehensive. How could Popsicle sticks and yarn translate into a mystical experience? Would we sing Girl Scout songs like we did back in the day?

[Tweet “It reminds me that She Who Watches, She Who Sees, She Who Cares Enough is always with me.”]

Let me start at the beginning. Months ago I learned that Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of my primary reading deck the Gaian Tarot, was going to be in Texas. I knew I couldn’t make the two day workshop as my hours at work had changed to Fri-Mon. But there was a one day in Houston that I thought I might make.

As I do, I dithered. I delayed. I hesitated. And missed out on signing up. I didn’t bother emailing Joanna because I knew it would be sold out.

Then I got an email asking if I wanted an open seat. A woman had to cancel but asked them to give her seat away as a scholarship. They offered it to me. I was able to take the day off. I said YES.

So I drove to Houston on three hours of sleep. When I arrived, I felt instantly at home. The Green Wisdom Sanctuary in west Houston is lovely. The women there were lovely. We had an amazing day.

When we got to the sacred craft part, I thought I would ball yarn instead. Yes, I was still resistant. But then a lovely woman named Jane E. Ward (who is an amazing artist) helped me get started.

Once started, the old patterns just flowed back into my hands. I had this idea of creating something to honor the fire messages I had gotten all day.

What I created turned out to be She Who Is Yoni. I couldn’t divert myself from that name. In this piece is a necklace I used to wear a lot. I think my friend Aileen made it but I can’t remember. It is seed pearls (or river pearls if I am remembering correctly) and amber. The spiral piece is an amber amulet I have had for years.

Ojo de diosa Yoni
Ojo de diosa Yoni

If you have a chance to take a workshop with Joanna, you should. She does yearly retreats as well. One of her commitments to her own personal journey as a teacher is to include sacred art.

I will be hanging this in my home where I can see it daily. It reminds me that She Who Watches, She Who Sees, She Who Cares Enough is always with me.

Today’s affirmation:

I am a child of the Universe. I am a child of They Who Watch. I am blessed by powers above, below and from all the directions. I stand in the center of my own creation. I weave my world to suit my needs. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ojo de Diosa Yoni, Stephanie Arwen Lynch, October 11, 2014

Ojo de Diosa Yoni, Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe, 10/11/2014

Tarotscopes for October 12-18, 2014

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Gaian Tarot Magician
Gaian Tarot

Card of the Week: MAGICIAN Movement works. Using tools, creating tools, making magic is on tap this week. Throw yourself into the energy.

AQUARIUS THE GARDNER Abundance. Creation. Life. Gratitude brings more gifts.Show others how to indulge in their own powerful selves. Be strong.

PISCES CHILD OF FIRE What draws your eye? What makes you curious? Investigate this week like a child. Poke, pry, ask questions. Play a lot.

ARIES GUARDIAN OF WATER Emotional stories need to be told as well as heard. Diving deep will bring up treasures but you have to face a few monsters.

TAURUS THE BUILDER Details matter so focus on them. Reread everything before signing. Use a highlighter to understand. Family needs come first.

GEMINI NINE OF EARTH Be kind to others. Show them where you were. Appreciate where you are now. Learn to define prosperity differently.

CANCER FIVE OF FIRE Focused conversations this week. Make sure you let your frustration as well as your happiness be known. Direct energetic talks are best.

LEO GUARDIAN OF FIRE Fire needs to be fed. Passions need play time. May be a busy busy week but you can get it done. Burn a little energy!

VIRGO SEVEN OF WATER Dreams seem out of reach? Focus on one to make that happen. You aren’t given up on the others. Just focusing on the one.

LIBRA BINDWEED So many things tying you down. How many could be cut? How many are you feeding? Don’t give up. Resolve to cut those ties.

SCORPIO STRENGTH Embrace your power. Understanding the connection between ownership and being owned can enlighten. Dig deep for your inner resolve.

SAGITTARIUS GUARDIAN OF AIR What are the messages you need to deliver? Focus on hearing what needs to be said. Say it directly. Fast cuts hurt less.

CAPRICORN ELDER OF FIRE Your questions are answered when you understand death means life and life means death. Balance passion with meditation.

Have you listened to this month’s TarotCopes podcast? Check out what’s coming for you in October.

Magician, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

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Dancing From The Center Of Our Passion

We would all be dancing from the center of our own passion.

[Tweet “We would all be dancing from the center of our own passion. #seekjoy”]

Gaian Tarot Explorer of Fire
Gaian Tarot

#affirmation Today I’m answering a question posed by Amethyst Mahoney in her Spiritual Badass blog challenge.

“If you were in charge of things, what would the World look like?”

Joy. That’s what the world would look like if I were in charge. JOY.

There would be rewards for those who made it their life’s work to bring happiness to others. I have so many things in my head that it is hard to get them all out.

Things like…could we end world hunger if everyone who had enough to eat went without one day a week? That they sent the money they would have spend on food for that one day to some place where there isn’t enough food.

Things like…could we end wars if everyone agreed to the basic fact that we can all worship who we like? What would happen if the Protestants and the Catholics agreed to that? The Jews and the Muslims? The Christians and everybody else? Can you imagine a world where we don’t say, “Oh she’s not a member of our church” as if it were a slur?

I can.

I work daily to remind people, to teach people, to exhort people to seek joy.

This Explorer of Fire is the perfect example of what the world would look like. We would all be dancing from the center of our own passion. We would move through life knowing that what we said and did affected others. We would understand our place in the Universal web.

And we would live as though we mattered.

Today’s affirmation:

I matter. I am important. What I do is sacred. What I think is precious. I choose to live an intentional, authentic life. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

By the way, have you listened to this month’s TarotCopes podcast? There’s a contest that end 8/15.

Explorer of Fire, Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn Publishing


Tarotscopes for July 20-26, 2014

Starting my week off with advice from the stars. What does your @tarotscope say?

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Gaian Tarot Eight of Fire
Gaian Tarot

Card Of The Week: TEN OF WATER Remember the cycles, y’all. Up, down, in, out–it all repeats. Learning to ride the waves brings success.

This week’s deck is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. My must have! No, seriously! I have five copies.

AQUARIUS THREE OF FIRE Let them see your passion. Make them understand what drives you. Your fuel, your life. Don’t drink from their wells.
PISCES EIGHT OF FIRE Trip this week can help you reenergize. Put your excitement in the driver’s seat if you want to get buy-in for this project.
ARIES STAR Set some stretch goals. Lazy dreams don’t get you anywhere. Nudge that comfort zone aside, honey. Let your wings unfurl fully.
TAURUS GAIA THE WORLD Open your arms. Receive the gifts. Be generous in return. Friends stand ready to help. Please let them. #seekjoy
GEMINI ACE OF WATER Expand your love. Go deeper than before. Growth comes in the scary depths. Open up to the love offered. Use your heart.
CANCER ELDER OF WATER Stop worrying about the journey so much. Enjoy the stops, the dips, the bumps even. It will make for a better story.
LEO TWO OF AIR Got too much input? Shut down the outside world. Focus on your own inner guide. Take your own pulse of what’s important to you.
VIRGO EXPLORER OF EARTH Work goes better if you move forward. Stop digging in thos stubborn heels. Get involved with others to succeed.
LIBRA NINE OF FIRE Yes, you actually can do it all. Good week to meditate. It works better when you do it regularly. Bring passion in.
SCORPIO MOON Listen to your self. Take some time to slow it down. Re-examine self-illusions. Try to get clear on what’s self-deception.
SAGITTARIUS CANOE You must drive your own life. Stop letting others be anchors. Let them be distant shores–either coming or going. This is about you.
CAPRICORN TWO OF FIRE Time to dance. Time to move. Shake off those doubts. Reach out to light up someone else’s world. Partnership focus.

Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn Publishing

Wild: An Ostara 2014 Tarot Blog Hop

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Our topic this time is creativity and what springs forth. Well, that’s my loose interpretation of our Blog Wrangler’s theme. Joanne Sprott charged all of the Tarot Blog hoppers to discuss creativity.

There is so much I could do on that subject. I’ve been drawing my tangles again. I am such a fan of the Zentangle method. It quiets my mind. I love being able to weave words into my tangles. I’m calling them Quotangles. 😀 Here is a recent one.

Zentangle by Arwen Lynch Poe, 2014That was done based on a poem I wrote while on retreat with the Goddess with the Gaian Soul, Joanna Powell Colbert. The time I spent with other women in quiet meditation, Tarot play and raucous belly laughter went a long way to regenerate my soul-me.

One of the things we did was play James Wells’ Tarot Circle game. We had four questions posed to us by Joanna. James has an amazing method. He’s also got a new book out! Tarot Circle Encounters: Fostering Community, Wisdom, and Wholeness Through Image, Conversation, and Natural Cycles is available as of 3/15/14. You should check it out.

But back to my creative endeavors. We also did Sacred Art. Using a plethora of materials that included, but not limited to, shells, beach glass, yarn, paper, repurposed jewelry, sticks, glitter, crystals and moss, I created two secret box projects. This is the mind baby of Lyn Belisle of EarthShards with some modifications by Joanna.

Y’all, I dove in. I didn’t want to stop. I had to because I didn’t know how I would get them all home. I have such plans though! I’ve already ordered more faces.

WildofWingThis piece is called She Who Is Wild Of Heart

Here’s a spread to help you find some more wildness in your own life.

Wild, Wild, Wild Moments Spread

1. How can I spread my wings more to be wild of wing?

2. What is one way I can open my heart more to be wild of heart?

3. How might I see more to be wild of eye?

4. What is the key meaning of being wild in this moment?

I hope that you will share your readings with me. I’ve left this one more open so that you can play with it. Don’t judge what you think I should mean. Instead let yourself be wild as you dive into your cards.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you have fun hopping along. I’m actually the last if you started at the beginning but somewhere in-between if you started else where. 😀

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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