Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot

jpcToday, please welcome Joanna Powell Colbert and her Gaian Tarot. This interview is comprised of answers from both the author/artist (A) as well as the deck (D). I give the questions and then the deck is used to answer the questions. So what you read is what Joanna pulled for each answer.

My own JPC testimony is that I love her art. It is real. It pulls me into the card offering me such beauty to explore. My personal favorite is the 3 of Cups which features three otters. To me, they symbolize my own motto of “Seek joy, y’all” because of the playfulness that Joanna captured.

I do encourage you to ask questions in the comments. And do not miss the incredible offer at the end of this interview! My only complaint is that I could not show you every card. Do go to Joanna’s site and explore this deck. She generously shares the images with you.

What card describes you as a writer or artist? If you are both, please choose a card for each one. (A)

twoofwaterArtist: 2 of Water. This card shows a heart to heart connection, the love spilling out. My art expresses what and who I love.

Writer: Elder of Fire. My best writing is passionate and comes from down deep when I get into that magical, creative “zone.”

If I were to ask your deck to describe you, what card would it use? (A)



6 of Water. Deck says: “She is connected to the sisterhood, her community and tribe. This card shows her emotional bonds with people and with Place.”


What card describes you as a deck? (D)aceofearth

Ace of Earth. Deck says: “Well I am the Gaian Tarot, after all, named for the Greek Earth Mother Gaia. And I’m just now beginning to make my appearance in the world.”

What card describes your favorite piece of creating this deck?(A)




9 of Water. I got to show off the people and places that I love, that have deep meaning for me. This particular card is an image of me in Merlin’s Cave in Tintagel, Cornwall as I sang to the Ocean Mother.


What card describes what your favorite questions to answer are?(D)eightofearth

8 of Earth. Deck says: “I love to teach and to learn!”

What card describes your best use as a tarot deck?(D)

threeofair3 of Air – Deck says: “The querent should use the image on the card as a springboard for deep, thoughtful self-exploration.”



bindweedWhat card describes your greatest weakness? (A)

Bindweed. My greatest weakness is when I allow myself to become enmeshed in my worst habits, like overeating or worry; when I forget that I have a choice in how to respond to every situation and that I don’t have to go unconscious and get overwhelmed.



What card describes your greatest strength? (A)four-fire

4 of Fire. This card depicts my connection with Spirit when I’m all alone. This is the source of my strength. When all else falls away — friends, family, health, money — I still know how to connect to Spirit.


g-waterWhat card is your most favorite? Why? (A)

Guardian of Water. I have a particular affinity for the Ocean Mother, in all the ways she manifests around the world. I love this piece because I think it perfectly captures the compassion of Tara and Kwan Yin, pouring out the waters of mercy upon a troubled world.



What card is your least favorite? Why? (A)fiveofwater

5 of Water. I’m not happy with the execution of the idea (purely from a technical point of view). In fact, I plan to do this card over.


Which card do you think needs to be studied the most? (A)hps

The High Priestess, because of the overlaying depths of meaning. The references to the RWS version. The willow veil of Hecate. The split Maiden/Crone face. The pomegranate of Persephone. The Dreaming Goddess of Malta. The Salmon of Wisdom leaping up from the depths. The white cross with the red center that is formed by her sleeves and dress. This card is the guiding spirit of the whole deck.

What card describes your personal creativity? (A)




3 of Fire. That’s exactly how I feel, on fire and dazzlingly happy, when a creative project is flowing well.


Who or what inspired you to create a deck and why? (A)

Elder of Earth. The oldest, wisest part of myself.

tenofwaterWhat upcoming projects can you tell us about? (A)

10 of Water. One cycle ends and another one begins. I have a book about Mermaids that I want to write and illustrate. Before that though I have plans for a Gaian Tarot membership site and a Gaian Tarot readers’ certification course.

Now that you have heard from both the creatrix and the deck, how can you not have this deck? I admit to a HUGE slant on this one, y’all. I have drooled after the Gaian Tarot since I first saw Gaia–and don’t ask me where that was. I have no idea. But I am grateful that I found Joanna and her art. Her blog is a favorite place of mine as well.

The Gaian Tarot deck and book will be released as a collector’s edition in Spring 2010, then published by Llewellyn Worldwide in September 2011 in a mass market version. Joanna is currently accepting pre-orders for the Limited Edition at: with a very special offer that is good through November 3rd. I can tell you that I have my own set already reserved. Do you?

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  1. Wow! What an excellent intervew! I definitely learned something new here today! I have not seen the correlation in the High Priestess before with the with cross and the red in the middle! Awesome! Cant wait to read what Joanna herself has to say about it in her accompaning book!

    And a Gaian Tarot Certification – Wow! Cant wait!

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