Paint Fights, Antiquing & Screaming in Panic

Happy accident. Coincidence. Meant to happen.

When you stumble across someone or something, do you think it is an accident? A coincidence? The Universe shoving you into the right place at the right time?

Today I was looking for an image. I’m working on the next “The Fool Meets” piece for this blog. I’m frugal with my time so I google most of my images rather than scan them. Today, I was looking for the Star. I found the image and clicked on it. But the gorgeous webpage beneath jumped on my attention, wrestled it to the ground and forced me to look at it.

PINK! WHITE! And, my favorite of all, large colorful photos. I had found Pink of Perfection which bills itself as a thrifty girl’s guide to the good life. What’s not to love about that?

Fiesta ware with strawberries
My attempt at colorful

Sarah McColl shares recipes and insightful posts along with really eye-catching photos. I am a sucker for color potpourri. I love images that splash color around like Monet and Waterhouse in a paint fight. I encourage you to stop by Sarah’s blog. A recent post on softness made me re-evaluate some things in my own life.

Softness gets a bad rap, especially in the workplace. It’s so often seen as weak, feminine, permissive. Our culture seems to have a limitless interest in hard edges and brute force. But what would it feel like to bring softness to our interactions today: our work, our relationships with others, and maybe most importantly, our relationship with ourselves.

Recently I mentioned Lucy’s fabulous blog Attic24 which also shared colorful photos. I think, from looking at their two blogs, that these two women would find a lot in common. However, I would not want to go antiquing/rummaging with either of them. I fear they’d get all the good steals! 🙂

Star Fradella Adventure TarotIt occurred to me that these blogs mirror my own preference in Tarot decks. I once told someone that the Thoth Tarot Deck was too dark for me. I had to defend my remark that it wasn’t the cards, it was the color–or lack thereof. Look at decks I do like. Here are my last three primary public reading decks.

2010- present Gaian Tarot

2006-2010 The World Spirit Tarot
2003-2006 Fradella Adventure Tarot
And before that it was the Tarot Of The Old Path Deck

So what do you like in a blog? What about in a Tarot deck? I’m curious.

By the way, I have the following saying on my work Instant Messenger. I’m trying to make my co-workers laugh.

<blockquote>“Today I will remember that screaming in panic can be seen as rude by others in the meeting.” <cite>Stephanie Arwen Lynch</cite></blockquote>

It’s working.

Thanks for following and liking me!

2 thoughts on “Paint Fights, Antiquing & Screaming in Panic”

  1. Love your Instant Messenger saying!! As for what I like in blogs – colourful images are definitely high on my list, rather than enormously long sections of text, no matter how interesting. All decks already fulfill the “stimulate my vision” requirement. I do like some black-and-white decks – especially the Phantomwise 🙂 However, overall I prefer colourful and even cartoonish decks – think Asterix and Obelix rather than Superman ;D (I like the Fradella, but never really use it that much). Current faves are Tarot of the Sidhe, the Wildwood, and the Gaian.

    So, I’ve been enjoying your Wordless Wednesday posts, and also always love your tarot recipes ;b

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