Hiss, Criticism & Buttons

#affirmation Today I understand that what I feel is good. What I believe is right. What I need is joy.

Cat's Eye Five of Swords
Cat’s Eye Tarot

#affirmation Today I understand that what I feel is good. What I believe is right. What I need is joy.

I am struggling today. I’ve received some rather repetitive criticism with no offers of help. This isn’t something unusual. I’m quite guilty of it myself. I can see what’s wrong and how to fix it, but more often than not, it’s so much easier to point out where the porch is sagging rather than just grabbing a post to shove under the sag.

And it is a huge button for me, I admit. Tell me what I’m doing wrong, where there are flaws? Fine. But then don’t step back as if you have no ability to help effect change.

Running a group as a collective often fails because only a handful will actually do the work. Then those in the collective get unhappy because their voices aren’t being heard.

If you are in a group, speak up. Speak up to support. Speak up to volunteer. Speak up to point out where things could be better AND volunteer to be one of the ones fixing things.

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Sigh. Sorry, y’all. This situation really has me quite riled up.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Tarotscopes: February 16-22, 2014

Here are your Tarotscopes for the week of February 16-22, 2014. Enjoy! Feel free to share them if you like.

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Here are your Tarotscopes for the week of February 16-22, 2014. Enjoy! Feel free to share them if you like.

Cat's Eye Tarot
Cat’s Eye Tarot
  • AQUARIUS THE STAR You are being given a chance to shine. Focus on the big prize. Reach for your highest goal. You deserve this. You own this. Seek it, baby!
  • PISCES TWO OF SWORDS Decision time. Choices need to be made decisively. Dilly-dallying will hurt you in the long run. Don’t angst. Just choose.
  • ARIES NINE OF CUPS Oh yeah baby! Expect good things and good things come. Put your heart out there. Make that big wish. See what magic happens.
  • TAURUS KNIGHT OF SWORDS Well, if they back you into a corner, you may have to hiss a bit. But remember you are in charge of your happiness. Not them.
  • GEMINI EIGHT OF WANDS Time for swift action is here. You may have to make soul-saving decisions fast. Don’t delay. Get chores done early.
  • CANCER CHARIOT Determination and focus will get you where you want to be. Don’t get sidetracked. Make a to-do list now. Start right away.
  • LEO HANGED KITTY Not moving? Life stalled? Stop reviewing life from the same vantage point. To get unstuck, CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!
  • VIRGO TEMPERANCE Moderation in all things–even moderation. 😀 Balance work/play. Yeah, it’s hard. Do it anyway for best results.
  • LIBRA ACE OF SWORDS That idea you get this week could be THE ONE. Strike while the iron is hot (or the bird is near). Inspiration happens.
  • SCORPIO DEVIL Sometimes you feel trapped because you believe you won’t be safe anywhere else. Challenge your own complacency. Free your soul.
  • SAGITTARIUS FOUR OF CUPS There is enough love for everyone. Don’t let jealousy defeat you. Worrying over what’s yours/theirs will tear you apart.
  • CAPRICORN SEVEN OF WANDS What needs defending? What can defend itself? Hard questions for your protective nature but they have to learn this lesson.

Cat’s Eye Tarot, created by Debra Givin © 2011 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Used with the permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.. All rights reserved.

Revisiting: Gravy and Love Letters

Do you ever write yourself love letters? I’m serious. Just consider it for a moment. Who better to tell you how marvelous you are than the person who spends the most time with you. YOU!

Cats_CupsPageDay six of my wedding trip…tomorrow we head home.

I’m sharing some favorite posts from my Tarot & Food entries.

Revisiting: Gravy and Love Letters

Do you ever write yourself love letters? I’m serious. Just consider it for a moment. Who better to tell you how marvelous you are than the person who spends the most time with you. YOU! more…

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Dreams, Prosperity + Getting Out Of The Way

One of my big things I preach when doing a reading is the concept of prosperity. I harp on the fact that prosperity is so much more than mere money in the bank.

Sun, Cat's Eye Tarot
Cat’s Eye Tarot

Okay, this is really crazy. You know how they say, “Just speak your desire out loud” or “Write your goal down”?

This morning I wrote down about twenty things on my list of 100 things to do in 2014. Tonight I found out that I will be marking one of them off my list next week. Yeah. How about them apples?

It’s an unexpected gift. It’s an incredibly generous gift.

I firmly believe in the power of stating what you want. And then letting go of it. Sometimes, we get in the way of our dreams. We try to control them. We try to channel them into what we think is the right thing.

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I’ll be doing more work with my workbook. I haven’t even written down the big goals.

One of my big things I preach when doing a reading is the concept of prosperity. I harp on the fact that prosperity is so much more than mere money in the bank. It’s above and beyond that.

Prosperity is the people in our lives. It’s the home we live in. It’s the laughter and joy we generate. It’s not just green, folding cash. It’s what makes us feel wealthy.

I pulled a card focused on “what do I need to know about my prosperity.”

The answer? The Sun. A beautiful orange tabby cat leans against a post. He’s home. He’s safe. He’s enjoying a simple pot of daisies and a gorgeous view.

My answer to “what do I need to know about my prosperity” is to enjoy what I have. Realize that I am living a very prosperous life.

It only gets better from here.

Sun, Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games Systems Inc

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

January 2014 Tarotscopes

I bless what didn’t work for the lessons I learned. I bless what did work for the blessings that came. I ….

Cat's Eye, Empress
Cat’s Eye

Welcome to 2014, y’all. It’s going to be an amazing year! Are you ready? You may make resolutions…you may not. For me, I use the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook+Planner to set and achieve goals.

Goals achieved in 2013?

  1. Newsletter grew over 400%
  2. eCourse released
  3. Fairy Tales Tarot Spreads ebook illustrated by Lisa Hunt released
  4. Relationship strengthened (actually getting married this January) (unexpected goal)
  5. Income increased 150%/
  6. New car (unexpected goal)
  7. Asked to guest blog for Leonie Dawson’s website in January (unexpected goal)
  8. Asked to be a conversation leader at
    Toni Gilbert’s Northwest Astrology and Tarot Salon
    (unexpected goal)
  9. Signed up for retreat with Joanna Powell Colbert

Just a stellar year all the way around. And here are your 2014 January Tarotscopes!

My affirmation for the last day of 2013 was this

Today I’m focused on 2013. I bless what didn’t work for the lessons I learned. I bless what did work for the blessings that came. I acknowledge those who left my world. I give thanks to those that stayed. I’m a happy woman. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

So what is your focus for 2014?

Empress, Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Tarotscopes for December 1-7, 2013

Tarotscopes for December 1-7, 2013…what does this first week of December hold for you?

Cats_PentaclesAceThis week’s deck is the Cat’s Eye Tarot. It’s far more than a “YAY KITTIES” deck. This deck goes deep with images that may be furry but they certainly aren’t fluffy.

Join me tomorrow, 12/2, at 10pm EST for it’s only Rock n’ Roll with David Rosenhaus on You Never Know. Miss last week’s show with PA Minell and the Maori Oracle? Catch it in the archives.

    • AQUARIUS TWO OF PENTACLES Make work fun. Make play work. They don’t have to be separate. Imbue your every day with an upbeat attitude. WIN!
    • PISCES TEN OF PENTACLES Sometimes it’s all about the work you do. Rewards come from past efforts. Enjoy family. Enjoy community. Enjoy life.
    • ARIES TWO OF WANDS Choices make you stretch. In a good way but don’t over think this. See what you want. Decide which to go for this week. Do it.
    • TAURUS THE HANGED KITTY Perspective makes you wise. Look at things from someone else’s POV to find resolutions to tangles. Comfortable thinking doesn’t serve you.
    • GEMINI FIVE OF CUPS Personal loss may be for the best. Cleanse your emotional palate by letting go of guilt anchors. Bless them and release them.
    • CANCER KNIGHT OF WANDS Going higher is best. Think your way up. Good week for flight plans vs. gutter roaming. Catch my drift? THINK UP, darlings.
    • LEO PAGE OF PENTACLES It’s okay, baby. Growth is scary. New jobs beckon but you’ve got to move past your “can’t do it” fears. You can. Just do it.
    • VIRGO KING OF PENTACLES Family comes first. Worries about bills weigh you down. Head up. You’ve got this. You rule your budget AND your heart.
    • LIBRA SIX OF SWORDS Feeling trapped? Turn around. Door’s open if you will free your mind. Stop looking for potholes. Just enjoy the damned drive, will ya? 😀
    • SCORPIO FIVE OF WANDS Fun competition can turn sour fast. Make sure you keep the playful attitude. Don’t slide into “do or die” checkers, okay?
    • SAGITTARIUS SIX OF CUPS Gentle. With yourself. With others. Nostalgia about the way things were leads you to seeing how things can be. Lead with love.
    • CAPRICORN ACE OF PENTACLES Time to start. Plan for your next growth. Stick a pin in it. Start. Your baby steps now lead you to major gains. Get going.

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How To Have A King of Cups Day

CatsEye_14CupsToday’s card reminds me to indulge myself every now and again. This comfortably plump (okay, fat and happy) King of Cups from the Cat’s Eye Tarot has nothing but love for you. He exists to be petted. He wants nothing more than to lie in your lap purring all day.

But that’s not really the best thing for very day, is it? Of course not, but you and I know that. But what we may forget is that every now and again it is not just okay, it’s mandatory.

Here’s how to have a King of Cups day (with or without large purring cat).

Don’t set the alarm. Wake up when you wake up and be happy you don’t have to fly out of bed.

Loll about. Here’s where a large purring cat or snuggling dog might come in handy. Don’t get up immediately. Just lay there for a bit. Use that time to do some active day dreaming.

When you are ready, go have something you really love for breakfast. Pancakes? Tuna melt? Shrimp etoufee? Eggs Benedict? This is your day of indulgence so eat what you like.

Now you have a few choices.

One. Go for a walk just to wander. Not for exercise. Not to get any where. Just to go see what’s out there.

Two. Curl up with a good book in a comfy chair. Here’s another spot where a fat cat might come in handy.

Three. Curl up on the couch to watch a new movie or an old favorite.

This day is for you so do what you like.

I find that it rejuvenates me. You?

Now I’m ready to tackle some spiritual stuff using my Sacred Space Clearing Kit. Love this!

Here is my own fat cat and his favorite dog pal. They sleep together all the time.

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Love Letter To Who?

Cats_CupsPageSo today’s card is one that reminds me of things even a child could do. The Page of Cups is that emotional young person who is all about hearts and flowers and youthful emotional expression. A traditional meaning is that someone is going to send you a love letter.

Do you ever write yourself love letters? I’m serious. Just consider it for a moment. Who better to tell you how marvelous you are than the person who spends the most time with you. YOU!

For today’s 180 second challenge, can you commit to dashing off a quick love letter? Maybe just a memo? A post-it note? How about just three words?

I love you.

Some of us will jump right in.
Some of us will drag our heels.
Some of us will refuse because it seems silly.
Some of us will refuse because it hurts to be the only one writing a love letter to ourselves.

And it’s okay. Just face your fears. No one else has to see this love letter. No one else has to know. This is some simple self-care you can do today.

C’mon, darlings! What’s 180 seconds out of your day? Just try it. That’s all I’m asking.

I cooked myself a love letter the other day. Yes, I can see you smiling. I can hear you giggling. But I did.

I had what you might term a trying day at work. My team was recalcitrant. They pushed back at every possible moment it seemed. Customers were particularly difficult with one even exerting the effort to yell at me for three minutes. So I needed some self-love. I needed some me time.

Food is one of my comforts. I was trying to decide if I was going to go to my favorite sushi show when it hit me.

Hamburger gravy over rice.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had that but it has to have been five to seven years easily. So I went to the grocery store and picked up what I needed. It was so yummy that I wanted to add it to my Tarot recipes collection.

Page of Cups Hamburger Gravy Love Letter

  • 1 lb hamburger
  • 1/2 lg onion (white sweet is my choice), chopped
  • 2 TB garlic (I use the jarred stuff so I can get some oil too)
  • 2-3 TB olive oil
  • 1 TB pepper
  • 1 TB Salt (I use sea salt)
  • 3 TB Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 Family-Sized can cream of mushroom soup (or 3 regular)
  • Cooked rice to serve it over (I am a brown rice fan)

In a large cast iron skillet, heat up 2-3 TB of olive oil. Sauté` the onions until gold (I let mine go a bit brown on the edges.) As you stir this, think about all the love and joy and happiness in your world.

Be happy.

Add the hamburger and brown thoroughly. Sometime in the middle of cooking the beef, add the garlic. Please note that I adore garlic and you may want to back off a titch. Do spoon in some of that yummy oil if you used the jarred variety. As the meat cooks and you stir it, open your soul to the unknown blessings already on their way.

Be joyful.

Add the salt and pepper and stir in well. Now add soup and Worcestershire sauce. Let it come to a simmer. This is a very thick dish so you can add a bit of milk here if you prefer it soupier. As it simmers, speak words of love to you.

Remember that you are a fabulous human being.

Oh! Don’t forget to cook the rice. 😀 I generally start it just after I start browning the hamburger so everything is done about the same time.

I know here is where I should say that I serve this with a green salad or some deliciously nutritious vegetable.

I didn’t. I ate two bowls of this and nothing else. HA! Oh, I do add soy sauce to the dish after serving. That’s me. You may just want to experiment with how much salt you like.

I hope you remember to write (or cook) yourself a love letter. You deserve love. You are loveable. I love you. Want some help finding your joy? Contact me. I can help.

Page of Cups, Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games
Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on!

What Will You Do For 180 Seconds?

The sun burned my eyes on my walk back in. I couldn’t see a thing and nearly walked into a neighbor taking his morning stroll.

Cats_Eye_19SunToday’s card reminds me to soak it up. This orange tabby understands the value of making time to enjoy the day. The bright daisies next to him (did you know 85% of all orange tabby cats are male?) remind him to find beauty everywhere.

The sun is shining on him. See his shadow on the white post? He’s my reminder to seek joy today. To look for small things like daisies. On my morning walk with the dogs today, I was treated to the high pitched chirp of the female cardinal. I saw her in her feathered suit of brown and red then caught the brilliant flash of her mate as he zipped into a tree near her. A blue jay shouted out from somewhere that he was in the market for luuuurve while a mockingbird bachelor took up residence high on a telephone pole.

Did you know that the bachelor mockingbird will sing nearly non-stop while looking for his partner? Also, he flings himself way up into the air to show off his silver and white and black handsome self. Of course, if you’ve ever been the bedroom window the bachelor chooses to sing outside of, then this may not bring you all the joy it could. LOL.


The sun burned my eyes on my walk back in. I couldn’t see a thing and nearly walked into a neighbor taking his morning stroll. He called a good morning to me knowing I couldn’t see due to the sun in my eyes. Just a neighborly thing to do when the sun is at your back.

Spring is coming. It’s still late winter of course but here in Texas that looks very different from my years in Michigan or in Colorado.

What will bring you joy today? What does late winter look like where you are? Rather than rail at the weather that is, find some joy in it. Allow your heart to open up to joy.

Can you commit to three minutes, just 180 seconds, of seeking joy today?

Some of my loved ones are having such hard times right now. Know that I have you in my heart and love you very much.

And that goes for all of you reading this. I love you. It really is that simple for me in this moment.

Sun, Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games 2011 (used with permission)

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot is a personal favorite of mine that I use in public readings. I recommend this deck.

Balance, Falling & Trust

It’s how we learn. It’s how we grow. It’s how we correct our own course in life. We make mistakes. We hurt others. We hurt ourselves.

Today’s card reminds me of two things. The first is how hard it can be to find my balance. The second is how beautiful it is when I recognize both sides of myself.

This is the Temperance card from the Cat’s Eye Tarot (U.S. Games 2011). As an animal lover, this deck truly appeals to me. As a professional Tarot consultant, this deck reads amazingly well.

These two kitties understand love and trust. Curled up on a seemingly precarious perch overlooking a rocky coast and deep water, they sleep. No fear shudders them awake. No worries about the other one moving keeps either awake. They are in harmony with one another.

In our lives we are often blessed with this gift with another person. My best friend is someone I am in this kind of harmony with. Even when we squabble, I know in my bones that she’s always going to be there for me and me for her.

There’s another person in my life that I need this unity with. It’s myself. There are times when I doubt my worth, fear my success, know I will fall off that thin rail I foolishly stand on.

Trusting yourself can be such a hard thing. None of us pass the age of 20 without having some mistake in our past that leads us to worry that if we can make that bad decision, surely there will be more.

Um, y’all? I’ve got a secret to tell you.



It’s how we learn. It’s how we grow. It’s how we correct our own course in life. We make mistakes. We hurt others. We hurt ourselves.

The thing we forget to do?


Not the others (although that is very freeing). No, we forget to forgive ourselves. I have a person in my life who hurt me very badly. I forgave her and renewed our friendship. Then she did the exact same thing again to me. I ended that friendship. And it hurt a great deal.

Part of it was because she did such an awful thing to me. But a larger part was that I had done such an awful thing to me. I had trusted this woman to do what she said and mean what she said. She didn’t. She’d been driven to it by others in the community asking why I never came to her home. She’d been basically guilted into it.


I had to forgive myself for being played a fool not once, but twice.

What do you hold on to that throws you out of balance with yourself, darlings? What threatens to teeter you off the rail into the water below?

Love yourself. Trust yourself. Understand that each mistake, each hurt, all of it has been a learning process. You were learning how to correct your own course.

Forgive. Love. Trust.

Find balance today. I love you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games, 2011