Tarotscopes for 3/3-3/9/2013

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    • AQUARIUS Queen of Cups Nurture self. Love self. Do the same for others. Let them do it for you. Create a family of lovers. Extend yourself this week.
    • PISCES Page of Wands Practice what you believe. Don’t slack. You gain ground when you focus on the journey. You are your word so make it count.
    • ARIES Two of Pentacles Make careful choices. What you do this wk will affect your coming year greatly. Money for then starts now. Guard resources.
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    • TAURUS Nine of Pentacles Hard work rewarded. Watch for growth. Nurture it. Money comes from unexpected source. Enjoy the fruits of your labor more.
    • GEMINI Ace of Wands Your higher self invokes when you get still w/ yourself. Monkey mind won’t help. Energy needs to be harnessed/focused.
    • CANCER Six of Wands Success comes to the patient perseverer. You can win but you must maintain attitude of gratitude in all. Hard work.

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  • LEO Ace of Swords It’s amazing what comes to you when you daydream. Allow mind to wander. Doodle. Make up songs. Seed energy of creativity.
  • VIRGO Nine Of Cups Where can your dreams take you? Anywhere. Dreams may change over time, but check your “now”. How beautiful is that?
  • LIBRA Three of Swords Doing the right thing can be hard. Follow your heart anyway. Listen to Inner Guidance System. IGS knows the way. Follow it.

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  • SCORPIO Four of Pentacles Sharing is caring. Don’t focus on things more than on people. Open up to connections with others. Stuff isn’t that important.
  • SAGITTARIUS Strength Healing comes when you embrace all of you. Monkey mind. Raging beast. Calm sage. you are beautiful. Put it all together.
  • Capricorn Judgment To rise above, you must choose the right path, the right companions. Be clear in what you want. Give that to get that.

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Medicine Woman Tarot, US Games, 1987 used with permission. No further reproduction rights granted

One thought on “Tarotscopes for 3/3-3/9/2013”

  1. Hey Arwen,

    Leo here. I woke up this morning with a fragment of a dream so I pulled at it until it came back to me. Definitely room for more dreams here! Thanks for the mini reading. Don’t mind if I win the big one. All up for prosperity!

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