Haunted Open House

Join me at Nancy Gideon’s Haunted Open House online. She’s giving things away.

Chrysalis_3EmpressFirst, I wanted to let y’all know about an interview I did. Author Nancy Gideon has an annual Haunted Open House blog that she does. She interviewed me for this. The results are up today…complete with a contest!

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I talk about how I use Tarot for writing.

I hope you will stop by to say hello.

Today’s affirmation is:

I understand my unique heart and mind. I follow my honest self joyfully. I imagine all people filled with joy. I seek fellow dreamers who hold their lives in joy-filled hands and hearts. I define myself by my own definitions remembering that others have their own paths. Today is about living, loving and being joy-filled. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Thanks so much for sharing this post! I’ll see you over at the Haunted Open House.

Empress, Chrysalis Tarot, U.S. Games Systems, INC

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Make Now Special Zentangle

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The October newsletter is on its way to all subscribers. Make sure you check to see if you won! You must claim your prize by 10/31/2014 so don’t delay.

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TarotsCopes for August 24-30, 2014

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This has been a big week for me. From loved ones in the hospital to major upheavals at one of my jobs to the release of yet another book by my alter-ego, Marilu Mann.

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Let’s check out this week’s TarotsCopes, shall we? Yes, I think I will stick with Tarot Copes as a new name.

First, here’s a round-up of this past week’s post in case you missed them.

CARD OF THE WEEK: Five of Swords What squirms in your mind? What needs to be cut away? Releasing self-doubt is the key. Work on focus.

AQUARIUS EIGHT OF SWORDS Challenging? Yes, this week will be, but you have done the work. Unfold, blossom, spread your wings. You’ll be fine.

PISCES STRENGTH Remember the key to true success is to control your reactions. Thinking first is best. Breathing is better. Act don’t react.

ARIES FIVE OF WANDS Competition can improve you as long as you are competing against yourself first. The others are fun, but you are your biggest challenge.

TAURUS SON OF PENTACLES Money moves forward. Maybe slowly, but it is forward. Look where you were 6 months ago. Celebrate the steady measured growth.

GEMINI FOUR OF WANDS Stick close to home. Tackle that to-do list around the house. Time to celebrate in small ways so invite friends over.

CANCER HIEROPHANT Honey, if you are breaking your own rules, who’s really to blame? Rewrite what’s not working. Stick with what is working.WildUnknown_3cards

LEO FIVE OF PENTACLES Time to dehead fading roses. Let go of those who are sucking you dry. Focus on those who give back. Hard times pass.

VIRGO DAUGHTER OF WANDS Growth. Look to your personal passions for ways to bring meaning to your life. Get fired up and get started now.

LIBRA DEVIL Many temptations to do the wrong thing. Stay strong. Stay on track. Don’t let your base needs overrule your head. Just say no.

SCORPIO SON OF WANDS Rise up to meet the challenges. Face your fears head on to win. Movement and action are your key words. Get going.

SAGITTARIUS THREE OF SWORDS Thoughts of past hurts can take you down. Understand that it is over. It’s done. Betrayal hurts. Don’t wallow.

CAPRICORN SIX OF COINS Memories serve you well. Reflect on happiest time. Recreate them in the here and now? Sure you can. Family is the key.

Today’s deck? Wild Unknown Tarot is bringing me joy. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Tarotscopes for April 13-April 19, 2014 + contest

Tarotscopes for April 13-April 19, 2014 + contest that runs from 4/13 through 4/14. You can win your choice of a reading or a class.

TOtOP_MasteryHey y’all, welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. I’m delighted that you’ve stopped by. I am running a contest 4/13 and 4/14. See details below if you would like to get in the drawing.

It’s been a busy week here in Austin and next week is already booked up too. How are you faring this April? I’m looking forward to the lunar eclipse of 4/15. Hoping I can stay up to watch AND hoping we have a clear night. My alter ego, Marilu Mann, is working on the second round of edits for the fourth book in the Lusting Wild series. This one has a really slimy villain who is giving me nightmares.

And if you love fairy tales, I hope you will check out my eBook Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads which features ten spreads based on the archetypes of fairy tales.

  • AQUARIUS ILLUSION Don’t let doubts eat at you. Look for what’s real. Trust your gut. Smiles may hide knives. Stick to friends you know.
  • PISCES KNIGHT OF PENTACLES Get the work done. Slow, steady=race won. Tend to the growth. Honor self by working with a present attitude.
  • ARIES THE STAR Hopes can be fulfilled this week if you set your course now. Don’t wander. Focus on that dream. Emphasize the power of desire.
  • TAURUS FOUR OF PENTACLES Worrying about money won’t fix things. Understanding what wealth really works better. People not things. Love not coin.
  • GEMINI KING OF SWORDS Decisions must be made. No wavering. Ideas work when you do the work. Time to focus on what MUST be done. Stay fierce.
  • CANCER TWO OF PENTACLES Don’t waste time. There’s a lot that you can get done but you must start now. Not a good week to ignore work OR play. Balance.
  • LEO KING OF RODS Country living calling you? Be a leader. Go where you want to be led. Stop following. Their path isn’t yours. Walk your walk.
  • VIRGO MASTERY Do not be surprised if more than one door opens. Don’t take on more than you can chew but don’t underestimate your bite.
  • LIBRA THREE OF SWORDS Some things can’t be unsaid. Anxieties feed fear. Mind your tongue. Hearts are fragile. Don’t believe everything you fear.
  • SCORPIO THE CLOSE Time to put away relationships that no longer serve. Clear out that heartspace for what’s coming. A healthy heart is needed.
  • SAGITTARIUS THE HIGH PRIEST Who must you learn from? History is important. Kindness moves the hardest heart in your way. Students teach too.
  • CAPRICORN PAGE OF SWORDS Cautionary tales begin with “seemed so nice” Less trust + more street smarts gets you further. Pretty faces sour hearts.

We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. ~Buddha

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Tarot of The Old Path, U.S. Games Systems Inc.

CONTEST: Genna Reilly + A SEAL’s Salvation

I am living my life my way, and I don’t care what my parents, the town, or even Brody Lane himself think about that!

ASS3-sidebar-coverToday I am delighted to be doing a reading for Genna Reilly which includes a contest. She’s agreed to let me share this with you. Maybe you can help her out? She’s got troubles that are more family than man, but the man in question is causing her a bit of grief as well.
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Of course, this is one of my character readings. Today I’m reading for USAToday bestseller Tawny Weber. She’s writing some spicy, spicy books these days, y’all! Let’s see what’s up with her heroine, Genna Reilly.

Arwen 1. How do you see the people around you? The Hanged Man is the card of sacrifice. You see people around you as sacrificing themselves. I get a sense that you may see relationships as means to ends rather than as something long-lasting.

This may make you view the world from a very cynical set of glasses but I think you may have once had rose-colored glasses, Genna.

The Hanged Kitty is a card that says you’ve had to drastically revamp how you see people around you. You’ve had to change your perspective rather suddenly perhaps?
Genna’s Response: So a girl finally gets up the nerve to go after the guy she’s crazy about and just because she’s under18, he ends up shipped off to the Navy.

Okay, fine, I accept that my actions caused Brody trouble. But it wasn’t my fault my brother chose that same night to steal cars and get thrown in jail, or my mother to go into crisis and end up hospitalized. I’ve spent the last ten years trying to make up for that to my parents, to be the perfect daughter, but even perfect isn’t enough. I’m tired of always giving up to please others.

Now that Brody’s back in town? Now I want to do whatever I can to please him… and myself.

Arwen 2. How are you seen by the people around you? Oh dear. The Seven of Swords is a card that puts you in a position of a being a rebel and a rabble-rouser. Or so people think. I think it’s more a reaction to their expectations though.

Basically, it’s a case of “Okay if you think I’m such a bad girl, then I’ll be a bad girl.” You may be seen as a troublemaker when you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or is this someone you are around that is making other people worry about you so much?

Genna’s Response: Oh, this is all about my father, the sheriff’s biased opinion of poor Brody. Just because he was a bad boy in his teens doesn’t mean he’s a bad influence. The guy is a bonafide hero, for crying out loud! A Navy SEAL, recognized by the President, even. How can he be a bad influence? Well, other than making me feel things I’ve only dreamed about, giving me the nerve to quit my job and encouraging me to finally chase my dreams.

That’s not bad, is it?

Arwen 3. What is your most important goal? Well for such a supposed rebel, the Queen of Cups is a pretty traditional card. This is the card of the woman who just wants to be loved and to love.

This Queen requires compassion in her life as well as strength. This says that you really want to learn how to be a strong, confident woman who can take care of as well as be taken care of.

The Queen of Cups is also very emotionally intuitive. You read feelings pretty darn well. Queen of Cups

Genna’s Response: Okay, this is so me. I just want my prince charming to sweep in and make our lives perfect together. I didn’t even realize that I was waiting for Brody until he came back to town. But now that he’s here, I’ll show him that he’s a true hero, and I’m strong enough to be his heroine.

Arwen 4. Where do you get your strength from? The Nine of Pentacles is the card of the person who knows how to be successful. This isn’t just about money. Genna, who is your hero (or is that heroine) who has carved out an amazing life? You (idolize isn’t the best word but it’s the only one I have) idolize them to the point of making them almost infallible.

But your strength is drawn from knowing if they can do it, you can too. You hold them up as your example of what happens when you just get everything right.

Genna’s Response: My strength comes from Brody Lane. Seeing him triumph like he has, knowing what he’s gone through and that is still so strong? That was a heck of a kick in the pants for me to start living my life, to quit worrying so much about others and to follow my dreams. Brody is my hero. He’s my inspiration, and my white knight.

Arwen 5. Why do you want to be remembered? The person who learned how to make things happen. The Eight of Pentacles is card that almost always points to someone who learns how to do something themselves.

You may be surrounded by strong confident people, but that doesn’t mean you like waiting for them to do for you. This is the card of the apprentice who makes journeyman and doesn’t stop until they are the master of that particular skill.

When you get your teeth on the bit, there really is no stopping you.

Genna’s Response:
Yes!!!! I am done letting others lead my life, and finished paying for mistakes I didn’t make. I am living my life my way, and I don’t care what my parents, the town, or even Brody Lane himself think about that!

Check out more about A Seal’s Salvation then leave a comment answering this question.

What have you done that you were warned not to do? Did you succeed or learn a lesson?

All answers will be included in the drawing for an autographed print copy of the book that Tawny is generously donated. And, I’ll toss in a half hour SKYPE or phone Tarot consultation too. You can buy your own copy right from the excerpt page above or, if you just want it right now, head to Amazon for instant gratification.

P. to the S. You can get additional entries into the contest by sharing this post on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest. Just post the link in a separate comment.

P.P. to the S. I’ll be chatting with Maggie Lukowski and Jean Maurie Pulhman today at 1pm EST about Tarot and writing. Come tune in!

Tarotscopes for 3/17-3/23/2013 + Free Readings Today

explorer-earthWelcome to your free weekly Tarotscopes. These are for the week of March 17 through March 23, 2013. Don’t miss how to get your free reading at the end!

    • AQUARIUS Guardian (Queen) of Fire Nurture the things that make you sing. Focus on feeding what builds you up. Burn out what reduces you. Guardianship of your heart.
    • PISCES SUN Great week to be you! Don’t burn out though as you dance yourself through this amazing energy. Spread your arms. Welcome the joy.
    • ARIES Elder (King) of Fire Passion rules you or do you rule it? Careful not to let it dictate your actions. Controlled passion is your best bet this week.

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    • Taurus Seeker/Fool Do horizons beckon you? Scared? Don’t be. Take that first step into your new world. Cross the threshold with your heart open.
    • GEMINI Six of Air Others must be included if you want to succeed. You must create partnerships. You have to work with committees. You will win if you do.
    • CANCER Six of Earth Healthy foods in. Unhealthy attitudes out. Balance giving with receiving to get the most out of life. Connect with community.

So I’m getting great feedback on my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads book. I think it’s because of the gorgeous artwork from Lisa Hunt. Others tell me that it’s because of the Tarot spreads I’ve created. You can learn more here and get your copy for only $4.99 as well.

    • LEO Judgment Rise up. Awakening to the next journey you must take. Seize this moment to make the most of it. Spirit transcends.
    • VIRGO Two of Fire Partnership emphasized. May have some fiery moments. Work through them. Heads butt for a reason. Do you need to control more?
    • LIBRA Explorer (Knight) of Earth Time to work. Nose to the grindstone. Teach by doing. Less talk more action for true forward movement. Take care of you.

Are you a writer? Are you stuck with a sagging middle? Got characters who have turned into talking heads? Need a hand negotiating a twisting, turning plot? I specialize in helping you focus in on your creative projects. I can help you finish the damned book.

    • SCORPIO Elder (King) of Earth You’ll know when the project is ready. Put your heart and soul into the work to be nourished. Dedication & loyalty pay off.
    • SAGITTARIUS Child (Page) of Earth Be more curious. Investigate new paths to prosperity. Open your mind to new sources of income. Examine any job offers intensely.
    • CAPRICORN Three of Water All work + no play? No way! Find time to relax. Carve out moments of joy. Work can be fun too. Focus on finding the fun.

I do these weekly tarotscopes along with my monthly podcast free because it brings me great joy to give back to the community. I also, like many of us, love to see others enjoy my work. So today until midnight, I’m going to pull a card for anyone who shares this post. Because I might miss your share, I have to ask that you leave a comment that includes your sharing link. So if you Tweet this, come back and leave a comment that shares your tweet link. (Click on the time and date on your tweet to get that link.) Same with Facebook and Pinterest. Just leave me a comment with your share.

And, yes, if you share more than one place, you can leave me all the links in one comment. I’ll pull a card for each share. These will be one card mini readings. If you want to have a longer Tarot conversation with me, contact me using the Contact Me button over there to the right.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Today’s deck is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. It’s my primary reading deck.

Tarotscopes for 3/3-3/9/2013

I’m going to be drawing a name from my newsletter list today for a free reading. Will it be you? Sign up now. The winner will be announced in the March newsletter (as soon as I get it out so don’t delay in signing up. LOL! )MedicineWoman_3Cards


    • AQUARIUS Queen of Cups Nurture self. Love self. Do the same for others. Let them do it for you. Create a family of lovers. Extend yourself this week.
    • PISCES Page of Wands Practice what you believe. Don’t slack. You gain ground when you focus on the journey. You are your word so make it count.
    • ARIES Two of Pentacles Make careful choices. What you do this wk will affect your coming year greatly. Money for then starts now. Guard resources.
    • Have you heard my free March podcast in-depth monthly tarotscopes. I hope you enjoy them.

    • TAURUS Nine of Pentacles Hard work rewarded. Watch for growth. Nurture it. Money comes from unexpected source. Enjoy the fruits of your labor more.
    • GEMINI Ace of Wands Your higher self invokes when you get still w/ yourself. Monkey mind won’t help. Energy needs to be harnessed/focused.
    • CANCER Six of Wands Success comes to the patient perseverer. You can win but you must maintain attitude of gratitude in all. Hard work.

Want to see who’s been changing my world? Want to see why GALVANIZE is my sacred word of the year? Here’s my secret weapon! I started nearly a year ago. Best Investment EVER!

  • LEO Ace of Swords It’s amazing what comes to you when you daydream. Allow mind to wander. Doodle. Make up songs. Seed energy of creativity.
  • VIRGO Nine Of Cups Where can your dreams take you? Anywhere. Dreams may change over time, but check your “now”. How beautiful is that?
  • LIBRA Three of Swords Doing the right thing can be hard. Follow your heart anyway. Listen to Inner Guidance System. IGS knows the way. Follow it.

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  • SCORPIO Four of Pentacles Sharing is caring. Don’t focus on things more than on people. Open up to connections with others. Stuff isn’t that important.
  • SAGITTARIUS Strength Healing comes when you embrace all of you. Monkey mind. Raging beast. Calm sage. you are beautiful. Put it all together.
  • Capricorn Judgment To rise above, you must choose the right path, the right companions. Be clear in what you want. Give that to get that.

Just so you know, I am an affiliate of what I tout as my secret weapon. I am not an affiliate of my best friend’s stuff but she’s really succeeding with this program so I wanted to share it with you. Capisce`?

Ready to get serious about finding your joy and hanging on to your bliss? Want to get honest with yourself about what you need? Contact me to set up your conversation. I’ll help you seek joy, y’all.

Medicine Woman Tarot, US Games, 1987 used with permission. No further reproduction rights granted

March 2013 Tarotscopes

In this month’s newsletter (slightly delayed), I’m announcing who got the free reading for March.

TarotofTrees_3Cards002Today is all about the podcast.

It’s free.

It’s fun.

It’s right this way. Clicky!

In this month’s newsletter (slightly delayed), I’m announcing who got the free reading for March.

What? You didn’t know about the contest only for newsletter subscribers? Well you do now. Yes, you can still be in the drawing if you subscribe in time. Hurry up though. I’m working on the newsletter this weekend. I’m aiming to post it by Sunday.

Well, if you don’t want a free reading, I totally understand. 😀 But that’s the only place I’m going to be doing this particular contest. I might do it every month. Not sure yet. We shall see.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Image is from Dana Driscoll’s charming Tarot of Trees.

And join me over at the Amazing Biz + Life Academy. I’m an affiliate because I have truly gotten so much out of this place. Tons of support and awesome classes too.