Tarotscopes for 3/3-3/9/2013

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    • AQUARIUS Queen of Cups Nurture self. Love self. Do the same for others. Let them do it for you. Create a family of lovers. Extend yourself this week.
    • PISCES Page of Wands Practice what you believe. Don’t slack. You gain ground when you focus on the journey. You are your word so make it count.
    • ARIES Two of Pentacles Make careful choices. What you do this wk will affect your coming year greatly. Money for then starts now. Guard resources.
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    • TAURUS Nine of Pentacles Hard work rewarded. Watch for growth. Nurture it. Money comes from unexpected source. Enjoy the fruits of your labor more.
    • GEMINI Ace of Wands Your higher self invokes when you get still w/ yourself. Monkey mind won’t help. Energy needs to be harnessed/focused.
    • CANCER Six of Wands Success comes to the patient perseverer. You can win but you must maintain attitude of gratitude in all. Hard work.

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  • LEO Ace of Swords It’s amazing what comes to you when you daydream. Allow mind to wander. Doodle. Make up songs. Seed energy of creativity.
  • VIRGO Nine Of Cups Where can your dreams take you? Anywhere. Dreams may change over time, but check your “now”. How beautiful is that?
  • LIBRA Three of Swords Doing the right thing can be hard. Follow your heart anyway. Listen to Inner Guidance System. IGS knows the way. Follow it.

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  • SCORPIO Four of Pentacles Sharing is caring. Don’t focus on things more than on people. Open up to connections with others. Stuff isn’t that important.
  • SAGITTARIUS Strength Healing comes when you embrace all of you. Monkey mind. Raging beast. Calm sage. you are beautiful. Put it all together.
  • Capricorn Judgment To rise above, you must choose the right path, the right companions. Be clear in what you want. Give that to get that.

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Medicine Woman Tarot, US Games, 1987 used with permission. No further reproduction rights granted

Bowls, Bodies & Bridges

I created this spread for the Litha Tarot Blog Hop on the 21st of June, 2012. Today, I do the spread to show you how it works.

Arwen’s Bridge Spread

Pick something you loathe. Let’s say “I need to lose weight.” Replace it with a word or a phrase you like. Let’s say Continue reading “Bowls, Bodies & Bridges”

Secrets, Crossroads & Suspension

Well, I find myself at a bit of a crossroads in life. Lucky for me today is a great day for that. Happy Spring Equinox, y’all! It’s a day of balance and of new stuff. I love Easter as well. I’ve always been a great fan of dying eggs. A coven I was in did a very cool thing where we wrote messages on eggs with wax (clear) candles. You couldn’t see the message. Continue reading “Secrets, Crossroads & Suspension”

Poker, Gambling & Tarot

I’ve designed this spread to focus on a situation that requires you to take a gamble on. This can be a new relationship, a job you are considering applying for, a new city you might move to, etc.

If you

Computer Clipart Images

I am not a poker player but I have played this version online a bit. I thought it would make an interesting Tarot spread. I’ve designed this spread to focus on a situation that requires you to take a gamble on. This can be a new relationship, a job you are considering applying for, a new city you might move to, etc.

If you Continue reading “Poker, Gambling & Tarot”

March 2012 Podcast

Are you intrigued by what the month ahead holds for you? Check out my free monthly Tarotscopes podcast. I pull a card for each sign then offer my thoughts on it. Also you can now subscribe to this blog on your Kindle. Check out the podcast for an offer for those who become Kindle subscribers.

And please join me here where I will be pulling a card a day for you.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Carolyn Cushing’s Winter Into Spring Spread

Here is my second spread I have chosen from the very enlightening Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop. We are already gearing up for Ostara where I will be a participant while Donnaleigh delaRose takes on the organization. And I think we have our Beltaine organizer already.

As I said in this post, there was a plethora of spreads. Well, I may not have said that exactly, but there were. This one is from Carolyn Cushing who used the Continue reading “Carolyn Cushing’s Winter Into Spring Spread”

Gwenyth, Radio & George Takei

I’d like to take this opportunity to blame Mary Nale for everything I do or say wrong. I will forget an important name. I will stumble over some common word. I will mix some down-to-earth analogy up. It’s how I roll. Even though I know I’m perfect. HA!

I’m going to be live on the radio today from 3pm- 5pm CST which is 9pm-11pm UTC. I’m so proud of myself for my mad math skillz. 😀

Here is their blurb:
TarotTodayRadio.com …to Listen & Join us in the Chat Room! SHOW TIMES: 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern/ 9pm UK Want to get right on? Make a Donation to support the Show and let us know in chat – No Waiting! Click here www.Donate.TarotGuild.com then let the host know when you call in.

That number is (347) 637-3372

I’d like to take this opportunity to blame Continue reading “Gwenyth, Radio & George Takei”

December 2011 Tarotscopes

December has a lot of fire in it as well as five court cards. Lots of intentional choices going on as well.

It’s the first day of the last month of 2011. I’ve had an amazing journey this year and I am grateful to each of you who have listened to my monthly Tarotscopes. The fact that you share this with your friends and family touches me and brings me joy.

December has a lot of fire in it as well as five court cards. Lots of intentional choices going on as well. There are two monthly specials. The first is the Buy one get half off 6 Month Spread special and the second is the Buy one get half off Muse of Inspiration special. You can be in the running to win a free reading from me just by liking my Facebook page.

Happy holidays if you celebrate and happy life if you don’t.

Click here to listen. Seek joy, y’all!