2010 October Tarotscopes

Here are the cards for the month of October. I am using the Gaian Tarot. You can see images at that link. As a reminder, I am giving a month-long workshop to coincide with the NaNoWriMo frenzy. Early bird special for those who sign up before October 15th. I’m also doing a month-long reading special to help raise funds for a rescue dog. If you email me about a reading and mention my Rescue Me Readings or my rescue dog, I will take another $15 off your reading.

    The cards this month:

  • Libra Lightning
  • Scorpio ElderAir
  • Sag 6 of Air
  • Cap Fool
  • Aq 10 of Air
  • Pic 4 of Water
  • Ari Elder Fire
  • Tau Eight of Air
  • Gem 6 Fire
  • Can Child Fire
  • Leo 5 Water
  • Vir Awakening

Click here for this month’s Tarotscopes.

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