Tarotscopes for 2/3-29/2013

Arwen Lynch, professional joy seeker, shares this week’s horoscopes as seen through tarot cards.

5-teacherHere are this week’s Tarotscopes. Enjoy! Feel free to share them with your friends and family.

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  • AQ ExAir How high will U have to climb? How thin will the branches be? Don’t worry. Explore to yr heart’s content this wk. Wander!
  • PIC HPS Mysteries reveal themselves when U ask the right questions. Go w/i to find lost personal meaning. Seek the truth of yr heart.
  • ARI Justice Stand for what is right. Protect those that need protecting. Don’t waste energy on those who can take care of themselves.
  • TAU Lightning Hold on tight. Inspiration striking soon. May shake U to foundation. Have plan B ready. Leave the drama for yr mama.
  • GEM 1Air Opening up in sweet surrender is the key to flying free. Escape yr self-imposed limits. Permission to fly not needed.
  • CAN 10Air Yearning? Searching? Find others of a like mind to travel w. All travel is not physical. Spiritual self needs nurturing.
  • LEO Teacher Learn to laugh at yrslf. Trick yrslf into having more fun this wk. Establish yr boundaries to include fun, please.
  • VIR 10Wtr Returning to yr source necessary to fill emotional well. Not failure if U understand how things cycle. It’s all a circle.
  • LIB Temperance Moderation in all things–including moderation? Changing yr energy/mindset necessary if U want to transform yr life.
  • SCO 9Wtr Open up. Fill up. Joy available. Heart’s desire here. What will U welcome into yr life this wk? Make it big, darlings.
  • SAG 1Fire Tango? Peaches? Sacred Sexuality? All means to a juicy, joy-filled life. Pick two and celebrate breathing this wk.
  • CAP 5Air Competition isn’t necessary. U are already above that fracas. Let go of those who live by bickering. They drag U down.

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May 2011 Tarotscopes

Three of Fire Gaian TarotI’m talking about love, passion, tarot books and bumping the uglies this month.

Wow! We got a preponderance of fire this month. In this month’s podcast I talk a lot about joy and passion and who you need to walk away from. Plus don’t you want to know who got the Wheel of Fortune this month and who might be going on a trip?

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February 2011 Tarotscopes

Elder of Air Gaian Tarot

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Welcome to February 2011’s Tarotscopes podcast. We had a ton of Air and Earth this month–five each to be exact. Only two Major Arcana showed up. What did your sign get? Which Air court card failed to make an appearance? Come have a listen. Leave a comment if you want to chat about this month’s Tarotscopes. My new intro uses music by Slainte. Continue reading “February 2011 Tarotscopes”

January 2011 Tarotscopes

Finally! January 2011 Tarotscopes are done.

A contest for blog readers only! I will draw one name from all comments for the month of January on ANY January post. That person will win a 7 Card Universe reading from me redeemable in the month of February.

As of 3:50pm CST 1/3/2011, there are only three HJ readings left.

January 2010 Tarotscopes

Welcome to a shiny New Year. I hope you found lots of joy last year. This year’s theme will be to continue to seek joy but we are going to layer in the idea of forgiveness.

For everyone who takes advantage of this month’s reading special, I will be putting your name in a hat to win another reading of your choice! So listen to this podcast to find out the details on this month’s reading special.

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July 2009 Tarotscopes

Well it is already July. The year is officially half-way done. I hope you have had a good first six months. Thanks for listening to my podcast!

In this month’s podcast, I announce the winner of June’s contest. And we also hear who has to bring in others to solve their on-going problem as well as who got the Death card for this month! (cue spooky music). You know that’s about change, right?

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Here are the cards for each sign. For the interpretations, Continue reading “July 2009 Tarotscopes”