Let Slip The Dogs Of War!???

FantasticalCreatures_7Wands003Today’s card forces me to ask a hard question. It’s not one I like to answer at all, but it is one I should probably lead with on most everything I do.

The Seven of Wands from Lisa Hunt‘s gorgeous Fantastical Creatures (U.S. Games 2007) shows a Valkyrie swooping down to a battle field. Her job was to fetch dying warriors who had proven themselves to be heroes. They would then enjoy Valhalla as their reward.

Great idea, right?

But what if those warriors had chosen the wrong battle or the wrong side? What if they had sided with the ice giants instead of Odin?

The hard question is this. “Is this battle mine or someone else’s?”

If I could bottle all the energy I’ve thrown into other people’s wars, I’d be still going just like the Energizer Bunny. If I had channeled that passion into creativity, I might have 800 books published and not eight.

Now, when I hear of this injustice or that, I have to ask myself how mad can I get? How passionate can I be? I’ve learned to pick my battles.

Sadly, grin, I haven’t learned to only back the winners. Too often I am on the losing side simply because we can’t outfight the money. Do I quit?

Nope. I’m either too stubborn or too optimistic to quit. I truly believe that in some cases (GMO/Monsanto for instance) that all we need to do is to keep educating. Eventually folks will understand the damage we are doing to our bodies and our world.


I wonder if the Valkyries will come for me.

Your journal prompt today is, “What battles am I fighting now that I should withdraw from?”

Seven of Wands, Fantastical Creatures, U.S. Games, 2007 [AFF]

Love, Attitude + Revolutions

One way to actually make this happen is easy but you have to be consistent. And it feels silly at first.

VictoriaRegina_7WandsToday’s card reminds me of a quote by Rob Brezny that I love. He says, “The revolution begins at home. If you overthrow yourself again and again, you might earn the right to help overthrow the rest of us.”

That’s an important thought when you combine it with this clever Seven of Wands from my cherished Victoria Regina tarot. Here a young woman of African descent wields her pen against others. She is outmatched but has the higher ground giving her an advantage.

That higher ground for me is my attitude. Yesterday I was very hurt by someone I love dearly. They asked me to stop saying “I love you” because it threatened their partner. I reacted badly I fear. I told them that I would rather unfriend them on Facebook (but not in real life) than have to police my words. I regret that very much. He understood but I felt crappy. To put it bluntly, the whole exchange made me cry.

Then I remembered this saying from Florence Scovel Shinn.

“Change your thoughts, and in the twinkling of an eye, all your conditions change. Sooner or later, you reap the fruits of your words and thoughts.”

It seems so simple to say, doesn’t it? That what you think becomes real? It actually is very true. So you need to make sure that what you are thinking is what you choose to have in your life.
One way to actually make this happen is easy but you have to be consistent. And it feels silly at first.

Every day, take three minutes to sit quietly. Focus on all the good in your life. Not just the big good, but the little good like a good cup of coffee or a smile from a neighbor you passed on the way to the car. Every good counts for this.

When you perceive that your world is good, it will be good. I call it being a positivity magnet. Your energy will attract those that are also looking at life for the good rather than the negative. The negative is going to happen, y’all. That’s just a part of life.

It is within your power (hula hoop time) to choose what you focus on. Do you choose to focus on (and attract) negative things and people or do you choose to focus on (and attract) positive things and people?

And when we change our perceptions, we change our reality! Choose to see it. Choose to live it!

What choice are you going to make today? Stay positive, people.

I chose to embrace my own loving heart. I chose to understand that my friend’s new love is growing emotionally. For whatever reason, my expression of love for my friend seems to threaten her. So, while I mourn not seeing him here on Facebook, it will cause him less drama if I don’t post there. I simply can’t not tell him, and you, that I love you.

It feels urgently important to me. As if I don’t have enough time left to say it to you all. Silly, right?

But there it is. My love revolution is starting at home. I will take the higher ground and hold my position. I will take three minutes today to focus on what brings me joy.

Will you?

Seven of Wands, Victoria Regina Tarot, Llewellyn, 2005, OOP

Seek Joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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