Big Hearts + Long Necks

What if all we had to do was replace obligation with heart-driven desire?

Ancient Animal Wisdom 5 Giraffe
Ancient Animal Wisdom 5 Giraffe
Ancient Animal Wisdom

#affirmation Before diving into today’s card, I wanted to check in with you. Is there a deck you would like to see me feature here? Do you have any questions about Tarot that you would like answered? Let me know.

Here is a card from US Games’ Ancient Animal Wisdom by Stacy James and Jada Fire. This oracle deck has thirty eight (38) cards along with quite a few spreads as well. The messages on each are New Age based with a loving emphasis on your own intuition.

Here we have Giraffe. I pulled this card at random. I was intrigued by the colors then the loving expression in the the two animals in the foreground pulled me in. The eyes are so powerful, aren’t they?

I immediately thought of the reach of the giraffe. How they stretch to get the leaves they want then stretch down to drink water. Stretch was the impression I got from this card.

Then I read the description in the book which talked about the large heart of this animal along with the long neck. The message I took away from the book was this is an encouragement to stretch for your heart’s desire.

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To quote the book, “replace obligations with heart-driven desire“.

Today’s affirmation is built from this:

I set aside meaningless obligations. I embrace my heart-driven desire. Like a giraffe, I use my large heart to drive myself forward. I stretch to reach what fulfills me. I extend my self into that liminal space. I bring back joy and bliss. I give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Seek joy, y’all.

Giraffe, Ancient Animal Wisdom, U.S. Games Systems Inc

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12 thoughts on “Big Hearts + Long Necks”

  1. Arwyn, That is a lovely card. To me, it looks like gentle love. Heart desires and letting go of those things that don’t feed me (i.e., meaningless obligations) is a good path for me. My life has been feeling like one big birthday cake!

  2. What a beautiful card. Giraffe holds a special place in my heart, and that loving moment between the two giraffes in the foreground makes it even more special. I don’t usually resonate with the interpretations of card decks, but with the colors, the art, the animals and people. This card especially so.

  3. Loved seeing your post about the Giraffe tarot card. Beautiful card and message. I have always loved giraffes… in elementary school I used to be nicknamed this because of my long legs and neck. lol 🙂

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