Want A Free Reading?

This was 2013’s word. 😀

Want a free reading?

I’m doing it again. What am I doing again? The Leonie Dawson workbooks. You buy a workbook from this link. You email me. I do a one question reading for you via email. You can grab a physical workbook or a digital one. It’s up to you.

I really really believe in this workbook. It’s helped me reach goals. It’s not rocket science, right? And it worked because I worked. So I don’t want to blow sunshine up your skirt. You have to do the work.

However, if you do the work, I truly believe you will get amazing results.

What do you have to do?

All the planner goodness
All the planner goodness

Buy this workbook. The downloadable one. The physical one. I do not care which one. 😀 Both have advantages.

When you purchase this amazing workbook+planner that has galvanized me so much, I will cheer for you. AND I will read for you as well.

Here’s how this will work.

1. Buy any version of the 2017 Create Your Incredible Year workbook+planner (business, personal or combo edition. Physical or digital.) from Leonie Dawson by Monday 12:00 midnight PST 1/30/2017.
2. Email me and tell me what name you bought this under. Ask me your one question.
3. I will confirm the purchase and do your reading by no later than two weeks. You will get a confirmation email from me.

Why am I doing this? Three reasons, y’all.

  1. This workbook+planner has totally changed my world. I’m serious about this. It is deceptively simple yet I’ve made amazing changes in my world already as have other people who are working through this now.

  2. There’s a contest. I want to win. I was in the top 10 last year.

  3. I truly want y’all to have this tool that has so galvanized my life. In the first five days of 2013, I wrote down a goal–added steps and then did the steps {pssst! That’s the whole secret right there}. That goal? I achieved it. You can see it here. Second goal? I achieved it. You can see it here. Third goal? I blew it out of the water. I wanted to double my mailing list. I was at 96. After using the workbooks these years has shown me how to improve my offers. The results? A newsletter that is more than 10x that original number. And? I repeat? I didn’t even finish the planner. This thing works, y’all. You are in charge of setting goals, writing down steps and taking actions.

  4. (I know, four…I can’t count.) I’ve also increased my income every year due to the work I do with these books.

Here’s what Leonie says about this.

LeonieSuckies“The uber popular Create Your Shining Year planners + goal workbooks are back for the eighth year, readily anticipated by the 250,000+ people who use it each year to create their own amazing lives and businesses with HUGE results.
~~ Leonie Dawson

Oh! I forgot to tell you that if you get the workbook by 1/30, you also get a free set of ginsu knives.

Okay, not really. But really, could I sound more like an infomercial evangelist? It’s hard to bring it down a notch when I am soooo revved up about them.


1. When will I get the workbook+planner?

A. Depends on what version you get. Immediately if you get the download one! It’s a downloadable document that you print (in color or black & white to color yourself.) Great right? No shipping costs and instant gratification. If it’s the physical one, then shipping…shipping…omg shipping.

2. Dang it, Arwen! I already got this. Can I still get a reading? 

A. Yes, absolutely! If you bought it via my link, I can verify it easily. email me.

OR….Just buy a friend one as a gift (you can do the single version as gift too.)

3. What if I need my reading right away?

A. Sorry, you will have to let me do them in the order that I receive them. I promise you that I will be doing readings as fast as I can.

4. It’s already the end of January.  Isn’t it too late?

A. It is never ever never too late to start your incredible year, darling! But it is too late to get a reading if it is after 1/30/17.

5. Can I get this reading by phone?

A. I love doing phone/Skype readings but am limiting this to email only because of volume.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Caveats: This offer is only good for purchases made by January 30, 2017. You must Email me to let me know you purchased one (because I only see your name and not your email, sillies.)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

P. to the S., this is an affiliate link. I want to be clear about that. I make money when you buy the planners via my link. 😀

The Arwen Remodeling Project (2/12/2008)

Some may blink at the date above. I am republishing this from 2/12/2008. I have edited it ONLY to remove two memes. The rest stands exactly as it was offered in 2008 when I was on LiveJournal. It has passed the test of time. I still believe this. It’s a struggle to live this way. I fail. But when I succeed? Oh. Yeah. Baby. It’s like one of those mind-blowing orgasms where you know everything is perfect in your world.

————-From 2/12/2008————–

What is your truth? guaranteed to be not about BF! lol

Affirmations, Tangles & Curses

Zentangle Mandala
Zentangle Mandala by Arwen

#affirmation Today I celebrate who I am no matter where I am.

I did this Zentangle in 2012. It was part of a challenge on a blog (Bright Owl‘s if I remember correctly.) Today I decided I would use a picture I’d already used so I spent some time this morning looking through past pictures. Nearly made myself late for work, lol.

The thing that struck me about this picture this morning was that it looks like many heads all striking off in different directions. And I realized that no matter where I go, I will always be who I am.

That’s a gift and a curse, right? The curse is that I can’t change who I am fundamentally so I must accept all of me. The gift is that I can’t change who I am fundamentally so I must accept all of me.

I know, right?

The better me, my better life, my fulfilling my purpose? All of that is already inside of me. Been there all along. I just had to learn how to identify my seeds and eradicate my weeds–or repurpose my weeds.

[Tweet “Wherever I go, there I am. Someone said that already, I’m sure. But it’s a truth I wanted to share with you today.”]

Where you go, there you are. And I’ll be right there with you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Zentangle Mandala by Arwen Lynch (pattern by BrightOwl)

Here’s more about my passion for tangling.

Skipping From A-Z

News Flash! Arwen admits to being wrong.

Yellow flowerToday I go back in time. Not way, way back–but to just a little over two years ago. I was in Little Rock with my then beau. We were walking around the beautiful grounds at the Peabody Hotel. He took a picture of some tiny flowers.

In my head I thought, “Well that’s a delete…that camera can’t take good close-ups.”

As you can see from the picture, I was wrong. So it was a reminder that I need to wait for the outcome. I need to stop hurtling from A-Z without stopping for the experiences that come from start to finish.

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Today’s affirmation:

I experience life in each moment. I breathe in the here and the now of this moment. I feel my lungs fill up with breath and joy. I feel my lungs push out anticipation. I anticipate happiness. I embrace life. This moment of this day is perfect in every way. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all!

Yellow Flowers, Poe, 2012

Big Hearts + Long Necks

What if all we had to do was replace obligation with heart-driven desire?

Ancient Animal Wisdom 5 Giraffe
Ancient Animal Wisdom

#affirmation Before diving into today’s card, I wanted to check in with you. Is there a deck you would like to see me feature here? Do you have any questions about Tarot that you would like answered? Let me know.

Here is a card from US Games’ Ancient Animal Wisdom by Stacy James and Jada Fire. This oracle deck has thirty eight (38) cards along with quite a few spreads as well. The messages on each are New Age based with a loving emphasis on your own intuition.

Here we have Giraffe. I pulled this card at random. I was intrigued by the colors then the loving expression in the the two animals in the foreground pulled me in. The eyes are so powerful, aren’t they?

I immediately thought of the reach of the giraffe. How they stretch to get the leaves they want then stretch down to drink water. Stretch was the impression I got from this card.

Then I read the description in the book which talked about the large heart of this animal along with the long neck. The message I took away from the book was this is an encouragement to stretch for your heart’s desire.

[Tweet “What if all we had to do was replace obligation with heart-driven desire?”]

To quote the book, “replace obligations with heart-driven desire“.

Today’s affirmation is built from this:

I set aside meaningless obligations. I embrace my heart-driven desire. Like a giraffe, I use my large heart to drive myself forward. I stretch to reach what fulfills me. I extend my self into that liminal space. I bring back joy and bliss. I give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Seek joy, y’all.

Giraffe, Ancient Animal Wisdom, U.S. Games Systems Inc

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Empty Bowls

Who’s to say what each of us needs most. Who’s to make that call?

Fiesta Strawberry picture
Fiesta Strawberry

[Tweet “Which bowl is calls to you? Empty or full?”]

So one bowl is full but the other bowl is empty. Which calls to you? Do you need to focus on the full bowl? Or do you need to pay attention to the empty bowl? There are some reading this who feel a deep need to split what is in the full bowl with the empty bowl.

Consider this. What if each bowl is content as it is? What if nothing is wrong with either one? What if they are fulfilling their current purpose with joy?

Who’s to say what each of us needs most. Who’s to make that call?

Why each of us, of course. Honor the full as well as the empty. Allow each to be in its own beauty. Sometimes stepping back to just enjoy the view is critically important. Sometimes putting the paintbrush down to say, “Hey, that works just like that” is the key ingredient to a satisfactory life.

Today I honor the full and the empty. I see the light and the dark as companions rather than simply opposites. I bring my hands together to create sound. I let them fall to my side to create silence. Today I am allowing beauty to be. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Strawberry Fiesta, photo by Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Moaning Hags

How do you react to your detractors?

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Ancient Feminine Wisdom Amphitre
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
#affirmation Today’s card is from an oracle deck. Ancient Feminine Wisdom is a pretty deck that uses some lesser-known deities. I like that. Way back in the day, I was pretty well-versed in Greco-Roman mythology–even won a statewide contest for my high school Latin club.

Here is Amphitrite. She has several backstories one of which is the wife of Poseidon and the sea itself. She is also referred to as “moaning” Amphitrite which isn’t something I would want to be called. Still, I suppose it has more to do with the sound of the sea than her being a morose, weepy hag.

Hag is a word I find powerful these days. Used to be one I loathed. But if I am called a hag by those who dislike me, I count it as a win.

Do I have those that dislike me? Of course I do. Just like everyone else in this big old world, I have folks who don’t think I’m their cuppa tea. And that’s okay by me. There are those who aren’t my cuppa, y’know?

Amphitrite’s card is called “depth of feeling.” To me, the worst thing I can feel for someone is nothing. Just a void of space when I think of them–if I think of them. I rarely speak of them, never to them and in general avoid their presence in person and in the electronic world.

Are there those that I hate, loathe, despise? Yes, but they tend to be parts of a whole. Abusers, bullies, and the like. But for the most part, those that are in that void of feeling space? They are the ones who have earned that honored “dead to me” spot in my life.

But it helps me stay on my joy-seeking path. I am pulled off course less frequently these days. My friends know that I don’t need to know that so-and-so has once again lashed out at me. Or that you-know-who is on an “I hate Arwen” rampage once more.

What about you? How do you handle the detractors in your life?

Today’s affirmation:

I listen to my own wisdom. I indulge in the depth of feeling my love for my chosen circle. I embrace those who embrace me. I walk the path of abundance and authentic living. I heal past hurts by placing them in the void. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Amphitrite, Ancient Feminine Wisdom, U.S. Games

How Many Bananas Per Monkey?

How Many Bananas Per Monkey? My own monkeys need those bananas.

Quotangle by Arwen Monkeys
Quotangle by Arwen (click for larger size)

[Tweet “My own monkeys need those bananas. What about yours?”]
#affirmation There’s a saying floating around on the internet. I’ve heard that it definitely comes from one place. I’ve heard that it definitely does not come from that place. For me, where it comes from is less interesting than the message itself.

“Not my circus, not my monkeys”

Said to be from a Polish saying, “Nie mój cyrk, nie moje ma?py”, it is said to be invoking the message of “I’ll mind my business.”

It speaks to me. And, like the “not Chinese” and “not ancient” curse “may you live in interesting times”, it works–shady roots and all.

I use it for when other people’s crazy starts bleeding over into my life. I wish I knew how to say it in Polish. Then I could say it in meetings but no one would know what I was saying.

I hear a lot of crazy. That’s okay. My friends hear a lot of my own crazy. It’s one of the things friends do. I just have to remember to sympathize and listen. I don’t need to offer bananas to fix their monkeys.

My own monkeys need those bananas.

So what about you? What do you use to help yourself stay out of other people’s crazy? Or do you allow yourself to be dragged into it? Sometimes it’s easier to critique other people’s monkey training rather than work on your own.

Gotta go…the chimpanzees just let the orangutans out.

Today’s affirmation:

I am a strong, capable human. I own my own crazy. I have all the tools I need to create a beautiful life. I walk an amazing path filled with what I need.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Quotangle by Stephanie Arwen Lynch, 9/5/2014, sharing is fine as long as you don’t alter the picture in any way.

Learn more about Zentangle here.


Am I Upside Down?

And isn’t that odd that I would think that. I mean I created it right?

[Tweet “And isn’t that odd that I would think that. I mean I created it right?”]
Zentangle#affirmation Here’s a Zentangle that I did. My question for you is this. Is it right side up? I ask because this is one of the ones I look back at thinking maybe it’s upside down.

And isn’t that odd that I would think that. I mean I created it right? Kind of silly to worry that it is upside down.

But I think we all do this. we look back on a situation–not to review it so much as to second guess ourselves. What is that tendency we have to judge our actions as wrong? Why not examine things with an attitude of “what did I do right?” “What could I have done better?”

In my day job we have a practice of “went well” and “could be better” that really works. It takes the focus off right and wrong. It helps frame a review as a training tool rather than a “let’s beat you up” meeting.

So why don’t we do that for ourselves? I say let’s start. To that end, here is today’s affirmation.

I acknowledge my past as a teacher. I learn from my experiences whether they are good or bad. I embrace this opportunity for improvement. I make wise decisions based on lessons learned. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all.

But really, is that tangle upside down?

Zentangle, Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe

Living A Wildling Life

I may be nuts. I may be grasping at straws. I may be trying to make order out of disorder.

[Tweet “I may be nuts. I may be grasping at straws. I may be trying to make order out of disorder.”]
#affirmation Do you see faces? Figures? Patterns within patterns? I do. I see the Green Man and the Lady everywhere. I see tiny fairy faces peering back at me. I find creatures in the randomization of nature.

I may be nuts. I may be grasping at straws. I may be trying to make order out of disorder.

Whatever it is, it gives me comfort and brings me joy to see the Wildlings looking back at me.

This picture is not a Wildling for I have never been able to capture a picture. This is a manipulated image (kaleidoscope) of some fabric. But a face shows up nonetheless. It amused me.

I amuse easily.

Today’s affirmation:

I see the wonder of the world. I open my eyes, my heart, my mind to the Others that exist. I embrace the wildness of my nature. I sing the songs that call the Wyrd. I am a Goddess. I am a human. Thus combined, I am combustible. I live freely and wildly. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.