July 5-11, 2015 Tarotscopes

Art Through The Starstream 39 Redwood Deva
Art Through The Starstream

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. My goal is to help you find your joy and hang on to it. You can transform your existence by bringing joy back in on a regular basis. I’m here to be your joy guide.

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Did you know I can help you find joy in fifteen minutes? I’m ready to help. Let’s get started.

Here’s a book that’s really been helping me be more mindful. I recommend it if you are looking for something that will give you bite-sized, practical steps on how to build a habit of mindfulness into your daily life.

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CARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]The Redwood Deva brings us this week’s overarching message of learning [/inlinetweet]to see the obvious. This is our invitation to “enter the silence and listen”. Such an odd concept, yes? Move into silence and listen, but to what? We tend to lead such noisy, busy lives that we miss the messages available when we sit in the quiet. So this week, carve out some time to sit in silence. I know, it may be hard to find that stillness, but even in a non-stop, gogogo world, we can find it if we look hard enough. Find the silence. Listen to the quiet. REDWOOD DEVA

AQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]If you knew you could, what would you do? Your question comes to us from [/inlinetweet]the heart surfer, the Explorer of Water. Cowabunga, dude. When you follow your heart fearlessly, amazing things will surface. This can also be about time on the water so it’s a good thing if you can get out to enjoy your local bodies of water. Remember to throw your heart over the fence, then let the rest of you follow it. Good things coming your way. EXPLORER OF WATER

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Where are you going? Are you able to just take off to explore your own [/inlinetweet]inner landscape? The Seven of Air challenges your thinking in a good way. You are being asked to look at the world through a clear marble. See how else you can achieve the goals you have. You may have over-planned your journey. If you don’t leave room for error and for change, you may miss the entire reason for the trip. Ease up on that critical self-thinking, sweetheart. SEVEN OF AIR

Gaian Tarot Guardian of Water
Gaian Tarot

ARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is ready to harvest? What projects do you need to give more time? Once you [/inlinetweet] can answer those two questions, you can eliminate some of the dithering going on. It’s good to be compassionate, but overwatering is just as bad as underwatering. You must determine where in your life you are being too cautious in the name of caring. It may be time for tough love. Only when you yank the weeds, can the other plants grow. Don’t kill everything in your garden because you are afraid to boot some weeds to the curb. GUARDIAN OF EARTH

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Are you ready to win? Ready to celebrate that victory? Good news, this week may [/inlinetweet]be the time. When you put your self into your work, you will win. Stop worry about what others are doing or not doing. You can’t control them. They are not in your hula hoop. So stop being so crazy about them. You waste your time and energy on worthless people and causes. Focus on what you know, what you do, what you control. Get back in your own hula hoop, bulls. This week will bring you the victory you hope for if you can just let go of the need to control others. SIX OF FIRE

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]If you could buy one thing for yourself, what would it be? This is a good week to be [/inlinetweet]a little self-indulgent, Gemini. Don’t get caught up in the “if I do this for you, what will you do for me” cycle, though. That ties strings from you to them and back again that are not healthy. This isn’t quid pro quo time. It’s quid pro YOU time. It doesn’t have to be a Lexus, but maybe that book you’ve been wanting? I’m just saying that you might want to give into that desire so you don’t binge out. You know…a little goes a long way. SIX OF EARTH

CANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What friends are you missing right now? How about being the one who reaches out to [/inlinetweet]reconnect. Some ties can stretch across oceans but you still need to hold your hand out to them. Just make those connections know how much they mean to you. Nostalgic talks over coffee or the phone are going to be your bread and butter this week. Good times with good friends are a done deal as long as you reach out to let them know how much they still mean to you. SIX OF WATER

Gaian Tarot Bindweed
Gaian Tarot

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #horoscope”]Who’s the party animal now? Time for you to show off your socializing skills. Make those [/inlinetweet]naysayers shut up by showing them how to throw a real shindig. The three otters in this card show you going to parties, throwing parties, heck, just being the party wherever you are. There are those in your world who think you might do better being quiet, being small, but that’s not your forte`, is it? You are the leader of the pack this week so get out there and shake your tail feathers. Show them what it means to be a Leo. THREE OF WATER

VIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is holding you back? Or more accurately, who? This week’s card tells me the culprit is [/inlinetweet]you. You are allowing things to tie you in place. You have a need, an itch, a desire to do something, but all the little birds in your life who are telling you do this, do that are making it hard for you to hear your own wisdom. Review the card of the week to learn your lesson about silence. And stop making your life about acquiring things. Remember to connct with the people in your life or they may feel you don’t want to connect with them. BINDWEED

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]Are you skimming your own emotional surface? How scary is it to just [/inlinetweet]dive in? To submerge yourself in the emotional connections that bind you to others? You are being challenged, Libra. Challenged to dive into to meet your compassionate self. To hug your inner wise one. This is a week where you will do best when you forge deeper connections with those already in your life. Time to tell them a few secrets. They may have a few of their own. If you can show them how to live compassionately, you will be giving them the best gift of all. GUARDIAN OF WATER

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What is your heart’s desire? If you could just open your arms, sing your dream, what would [/inlinetweet]that look like? Take a minute. Get quiet with yourself. Ask your Higher Power what dream can come true. Then make it happen. Do whatever it takes to create that reality for yourself. Heart’s desire is a big, big thing so make sure you are open to the inevitability of getting what you want this week. You lead a charmed life for the next seven days. Make the most of it, Scorpions. Don’t waste this energy NINE OF WATER

SAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #horoscope”]What must you accomplish this week? I’ll bet your to-do list is longer than [/inlinetweet]a well-fed anaconda. Just remember that you are an excellent multitasker and a terrific delegator. Your delegation skills will help you more than you think when you bring others of a like mind in on one of your bigger schemes. You just have to show them where the fire is and hand them the hammers. Together you will forge something that will last. This is about you leading others towards a single purpose. Use that fire. SEVEN OF FIRE

CAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #horoscope”]How will you find your sacred space? Are you prepared to throw down [/inlinetweet]the boundaries this week? You need to focus on home and hearth because there may be someone knocking at your doors who doesn’t understand no. Plant your self. Let them understand where your lines are. Don’t allow them to cross those lines without full knowledge of what you need and want. Your space is sacred. Don’t let just any damn fool in, please. And celebrate your family this week. They are where you are safest. FOUR OF FIRE

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on! I want to hear from you if you are ready to kick the negativity habit in the tender bits. Let’s get started today to create a plan for you that takes you from feeling alone to feeling alive. Check out what others have to say about working with me.

Regardless of the topic, everything that she covered was a confirmation of the direction that I was already being led, even in areas that I have never discussed with anyone, including Arwen. For those who may think itโ€™s easy to make up an answer to a question asked, please know that I did not verbally ask my questions to Arwen. I held them in my mind, and each time the insight was on point.

CARD OF THE WEEK: Art Through The Starstream, Cheryl Yambrach Rose, USGames 2014
TAROTSCOPES: Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Big Hearts + Long Necks

What if all we had to do was replace obligation with heart-driven desire?

Ancient Animal Wisdom 5 Giraffe
Ancient Animal Wisdom

#affirmation Before diving into today’s card, I wanted to check in with you. Is there a deck you would like to see me feature here? Do you have any questions about Tarot that you would like answered? Let me know.

Here is a card from US Games’ Ancient Animal Wisdom by Stacy James and Jada Fire. This oracle deck has thirty eight (38) cards along with quite a few spreads as well. The messages on each are New Age based with a loving emphasis on your own intuition.

Here we have Giraffe. I pulled this card at random. I was intrigued by the colors then the loving expression in the the two animals in the foreground pulled me in. The eyes are so powerful, aren’t they?

I immediately thought of the reach of the giraffe. How they stretch to get the leaves they want then stretch down to drink water. Stretch was the impression I got from this card.

Then I read the description in the book which talked about the large heart of this animal along with the long neck. The message I took away from the book was this is an encouragement to stretch for your heart’s desire.

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To quote the book, “replace obligations with heart-driven desire“.

Today’s affirmation is built from this:

I set aside meaningless obligations. I embrace my heart-driven desire. Like a giraffe, I use my large heart to drive myself forward. I stretch to reach what fulfills me. I extend my self into that liminal space. I bring back joy and bliss. I give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Seek joy, y’all.

Giraffe, Ancient Animal Wisdom, U.S. Games Systems Inc

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Moaning Hags

How do you react to your detractors?

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Ancient Feminine Wisdom Amphitre
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
#affirmation Today’s card is from an oracle deck. Ancient Feminine Wisdom is a pretty deck that uses some lesser-known deities. I like that. Way back in the day, I was pretty well-versed in Greco-Roman mythology–even won a statewide contest for my high school Latin club.

Here is Amphitrite. She has several backstories one of which is the wife of Poseidon and the sea itself. She is also referred to as “moaning” Amphitrite which isn’t something I would want to be called. Still, I suppose it has more to do with the sound of the sea than her being a morose, weepy hag.

Hag is a word I find powerful these days. Used to be one I loathed. But if I am called a hag by those who dislike me, I count it as a win.

Do I have those that dislike me? Of course I do. Just like everyone else in this big old world, I have folks who don’t think I’m their cuppa tea. And that’s okay by me. There are those who aren’t my cuppa, y’know?

Amphitrite’s card is called “depth of feeling.” To me, the worst thing I can feel for someone is nothing. Just a void of space when I think of them–if I think of them. I rarely speak of them, never to them and in general avoid their presence in person and in the electronic world.

Are there those that I hate, loathe, despise? Yes, but they tend to be parts of a whole. Abusers, bullies, and the like. But for the most part, those that are in that void of feeling space? They are the ones who have earned that honored “dead to me” spot in my life.

But it helps me stay on my joy-seeking path. I am pulled off course less frequently these days. My friends know that I don’t need to know that so-and-so has once again lashed out at me. Or that you-know-who is on an “I hate Arwen” rampage once more.

What about you? How do you handle the detractors in your life?

Today’s affirmation:

I listen to my own wisdom. I indulge in the depth of feeling my love for my chosen circle. I embrace those who embrace me. I walk the path of abundance and authentic living. I heal past hurts by placing them in the void. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Amphitrite, Ancient Feminine Wisdom, U.S. Games

Reflections and Salmon

SacredWorld_19Salmon001Today’s card is from a brand new deck by Kris Waldherr. It’s sumptuous. It’s lush. It’s layered nuance on layered nuance. It’s like finding a cake that has everything you ever wanted. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit much, but still…this is a lovely deck.

I sat with it shuffling it after opening it. I didn’t look at the cards (normally I do). I just asked it what I would learn from it. This is something I haphazardly do with new decks. ๐Ÿ˜€

So a card fell out. I, being practical as well as arcane, took that as a “pick me, pick me” and picked it up.

I was a bit startled to see my birth sign staring back at me. Salmon swim head to tail on the nineteenth card in Kris Waldherr’s Sacred World Oracle. Now mind you, 19 is also my birth card number which is how I am a Sun, Wheel, Magician trio.

Okay. So then I picked up the LWB (Little White Book) to see what it said. Hmmm. Keywords: Magic, Intuition, Wisdom.

Gotcha, deck. You are an oracle. MMMkkay! ๐Ÿ˜€ It goes on to share some salmon mythology and reminds you that when this card shows up, you are being invited to develop your innate magic and wisdom.

Huh! If I didn’t know better, I’d say this deck was trying to curry my favor. Or, maybe, just maybe, the Universe is reminding me that magic and wisdom don’t just happen.

Any witch worth his or her salt knows that you must keep your hand in. You must continue to study, to grow, to practice what you know. This is why a witch keeps two journals. Her grimoire is one, but did you know the other? The mate to the well-known Book of Shadows is the Book of Mirrors.

I’ll let you chew on that a bit with this journal prompt.

“If I had a book of mirrors, what would I see reflected back at me?”

Salmon (19), The Sacred World Oracle, US Games Systems Inc 2013

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Hey Y’all! Watch This!

GoddessontheGo_DancingToday’s card is from a charming Goddess on the Go Oracle deck.. I love the dancing woman but really love the shadow figure dancing behind and above. I see it as a part of her. If you have read my words here, you will know that I’m pretty insistent about the fact that shadow self is not bad per se. It simple is. It’s bits and pieces of pysche that we would rather not deal with OR that are being used to protect our “tender bits” as Po Panda might say

You’ve probably heard the “dance like no one’s looking” phrase, but have you seen the whole thing? Or know who said it?

โ€œYou’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.โ€

? William W. Purkey also attributed to an Irish proverb also attributed to anonymous

That first line gets the most air time, but look at the second one. Raise your hand if that makes you want to puke or run or laugh hysterically or some combination of the three.

Mmm hmm…that’s what I thought.

Me too some days.

Other days I would rather love out loud (yes, love, that’s not a typo) then live in fear of pain. That’s my goal real…to love out loud.

So hold on to the image in the card today. When things get you down…when someone just sucks the joy right out of your life…when you get cut off in traffic AGAIN… see this woman and become her. Allow your shadow self some time to dance as well.

Because even shadows need love, y’all.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on!

I am dancing my own dance, Goddess on the Go, U.S. Games Systems, 2007 [aff]

Reading: Maori Oracle Three Baskets

Click for larger

I’ve mentioned the Maori Oracle (Schiffer Books) by P.A. Minnell before. I did this video review last week or so. In that review, I laughed about a card that leapt out of the group I’d chosen to talk about. I said she didn’t want to be seen.

Well, I’ve been pulled to this oracle a lot but haven’t done anything with it. I finally took some time to be quiet. The way to do the reading is really very sacred. I shuffled. I cut. I let each stack tell me which basket it was.

When I turned the third basket up, I knew what card was there. Not guessed. Not supposed. Knew in that deep, bone-tingling way. KNEW.

Then when I thought about how I would share this post, I got told in no uncertain terms that this card did not want to be shown. So you will see one card face down. I’ve learned to respect those feelings. The subsequent 2×4 when I ignore them is very unpleasant.

For the first basket, the physical world, I drew Ko. It makes me want to go dig things up. I feel like it is asking me to connect with my physical body in a more conscious way. I look at the book and am told that Ko is a digging stick. “Nothing happened in the gardens without the turning of the soil with Ko.” Shiver.

The second basket, (and I’m condensing this a lot) is emotional self. Well it’s more. It’s what we should be doing to stay on the right path. I drew Papaka. This card makes me think I should be focused on my home and surroundings. I am drawing that from the astrological meaning of Cancer. I also get a sense of protection. I look to the book to learn that Papaka represents a renewal, a new beginning. I take that as me renewing my joy seeking. Sometimes it seems I’ve strayed from that because of the back issue.

The third basket represents concealed knowledge. I am laughing as I write this because the card that won’t be seen can be thought of as concealed knowledge in this sense.

The reading spoke to me in a very concrete way. This deck, y’all? This deck stirs something in me that I can’t quite pinpoint. It’s almost familiar to me when it shouldn’t be. I am very moved by the way this deck feels in my hands.

Yeah, weird. Me. ๐Ÿ˜€ I own it. I rock weird in fact.

So how about you tell me about a time when you had knowledge of something you couldn’t possibly have known. Deja vu? Premonitions? Let’s talk psychic woo-woo, baby.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Maori Oracle, P.A. Minnell, Schiffer Books, 2013 [aff]

Who Would You Protect?

Ogham_HawthornToday’s card comes from a deck I don’t own. It’s Ogham, the Celtic Oracle by Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott. With only twenty one cards, it’s small but I so want it! I’m fascinated by the Oghams.

Here we have Hawthorn. I don’t have the book so I can’t tell you all the symbols, but I imagine that might be Boudica in the lower right while on the left sits the Morrighan’s Raven. The bowl in the middle might be the Dagda’s never-emptying pot. That silver cloak pin is fashioned in the guise of the cover for the well at Glastonbury. And there sits on that high tor in the background what might be Glastonbury itself.

As a student of Wicca, I was taught various spells that use hawthorn. Most of them were protective in nature. I love the two trees on either side as well. They seem to be standing guard, don’t they?

Much of this card makes me think of those things I value enough to protect. My son (I didn’t give birth to him but don’t you dare hurt him). My animals (I would pick up a gun to defend them I think.) My friends (most of them can take care of themselves, but I get really cranky when folks talk badly about them.)

So what about you? If you were going to make and pass out hawthorn twig protections, who would you give them to and why? Take 180 seconds to think about that.

Oh, and when you are done? Take another 180 to tell me why you didn’t think of making one for yourself.

I didn’t. ๐Ÿ˜€

Why is that, I wonder. I’ll have to chew on that a bit. Do you have any ideas?

Hawthorn, Ogham: The Celtic Oracleby Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott, USGames, 2005

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