Tarotscopes 9/29-10/5/2013

Some of you got pretty direct ‘scopes this week. Let me know how you do? Oh, and a word of warning?

So this week, I am using a brand new deck. Yes, I’m a serial monogamist when it comes to decks. But this one is truly something else. My hands (left specifically) itched while working with them.

Like energy flowing out
Spirit needing to touch
Like connection flowing in
Deity needing to speak

Yeah. Like that.

Some of you got pretty direct ‘scopes this week. Let me know how you do? Oh, and a word of warning?

DO NOT PISS OFF ANY TAURUSES THIS WEEK. They are locked and loaded, darlings. Pet the bull. Be nice to the bull. And as the song goes, “Stay away from the bull. He can get real mean.” A favorite song of mine. 😀

Please join me tomorrow for my chat with Kim Wilborn. I’m the next to last card in the Spiritual Path to Tarot Telesummit. It’s taped but I am really looking forward to hearing your comments!

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AQUARIUS SIREN OF WATER Beauty, step out of the dark. Let them see your light. Shower them with love. Your path is love’s path this week. Express.
PISCES THREE OF WATER Express yourself. Shake it like you mean it. Embrace joy. Hang on to your happy. No one can stop you from smiling now.
ARIES SEVEN OF AIR Use your brain, precious. Stealth may win over a frontal assault. Be subtle. Be a cobra not an elephant. Make it happen.
TAURUS STRENGTH Ain’t nobody messin’ wit’ you this week. Warn them? Hell, they’ve been warned. Time to show them why you’re a bull. Enough is enough.
GEMINI FIVE OF WATER Grief over loss could fill oceans. Don’t drown in it. Let it go. Flow is good. Release your bitter Betty inner bitch.
CANCER DEATH Stay strong. Changes must be made. Focus on healthy choices–emotionally + spiritually. Don’t hold on to bones. Bury them.please.
LEO SOVEREIGNTY Protect who matters most. Stand as guardian, sentinel, watcher for those you love. Time to offer your protection. Rule.
LIBRA HAG OF FIRE Don’t let fires go out. Sacrifices must be made to honor your past. Focus on how much you can get done. Force of nature, baby.
VIRGO WITCH OF EARTH Rule what you rule. Focus on what is your domain. Set boundaries. Enforce them. Join forces with like minds. Create your space.
SCORPIO MOON Embrace change. Ups, downs, in-betweens. You cycle naturally. Honor that. Let dark times be quiet reflections. Shhhh.
SAGITTARIUS MAGICIAN What can’t you make happen? 🙂 You are on a roll. Need it? You can get it. Strip yourself bear. You still have all the tools you need.
CAPRICORN WORLD In the palm of your hands lies the doorway to everything you need. Ask to receive. Understand how blessed you are.

Siren = Knight
Witch = Queen
Hag = King

Dark Goddess Tarot, Ellen Lorenzi-Price, 2013, Images used with permission. All right reserved. No further reproduction rights granted.

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