Dear Body Day 7

On there’s a thread where you can write anonymous dear letters. Some of them aren’t so anonymous. Here’s one I wrote just now to myself.

Dear Body,

WAY TO GO! You managed to get in 32 minutes today. So far you are averaging 44 minutes a day which pretty much rocks. You tried to put it off today but you did it anyway. I’m really really proud of you.

Try not to let the other stuff get to you. You will find a job. You will. This Mercury retrograde is a doozy.

Speaking of that, don’t take the crap too personally ok? Missing emails are not your fault. Misunderstandings are not your fault if you try to explain them and still don’t get listened to.

And don’t worry so much about da boy. He’s 19 but he’s got a really good head on his shoulders. He calls you when he’s frustrated and needs a sounding board. You are blessed with his presence in your life and it is nothing less than a gift. You said you wanted kids…well, this one stuck around even after all that. He loves you and you love him. Hang on to that. He’s going to make mistakes. It’s okay. Gods know you made enough, right?

Stop being so sad about not being where you want to be this weekend. The trade off is worth it right? You are out of that town that wasn’t feeding your soul. You are in a good place now. Let that carry you through.

And don’t take shit so personal all the time. Everyone is a cranky mofo right now including you so breathe! If you get too wound up, go do some rhythm boxing with the Wii Fit. You will get two benefits…release of tension and exercise.

Like I said, you are doing awesome with the exercise. Yeah, it hurts to get up but they promise me it will get better if we just keep it up. Think of it! We might be able to go for a long walk like we used to and not have all those nasty tingles up and down our legs and feet.

Love you muchly!
She Who Turns That Darn Wii Game On Every Day

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