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This is a bit off the beaten Tarot blog path. She’s a very well known name within the Tarot world and is an amazing resource. Let’s go visit the premier Tarot podcaster on the Internet today, shall we?

Leisa ReFalo.  You don’t have to be on the internet googling Tarot for long to run across her name. She interviews top names and not-so-top names for her podcast which is why you can find my name up there along side Tarot lumiaries like James Wanless and Teresa Michelsen! And you will hear other familiar voices from the Tarot community like Ginny Hunt of 78 Notes or Bonnie Cehovet who is a standard for Tarot knowledge. I can tell you that Leisa makes being a guest so very easy. She gives good interview.

Each show is accompanied by extensive show notes. You can find Dena De Castro talking about Tarot and astrology or Roger Tobin sharing some of his spreads. The rich diversity of Leisa’s guests make this a podcast I avidly wait for. The quality is always amazing and she makes sure her music matches the show.

Recent shows have included:

The recent BATS conference, Incense, Astrology, Tarot of the Crone and the list goes on!

And don’t miss the fabulous store Leisa runs. I got my limited edition of Kat Black’s Touchstone tarot there along with the most amazing tarot journal. Leisa offers so much to the tarot community.

If you aren’t listening to the Tarot Connection, you really are missing out on such a fabulous resource. Join me today over at <a href=”http://tarotconnection.net”>Leisa’s place</a>. Take a listen to her most recent podcast and do tell her Arwen sent you.

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