Empty Bowls

Who’s to say what each of us needs most. Who’s to make that call?

Fiesta Strawberry picture

Fiesta Strawberry picture
Fiesta Strawberry

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So one bowl is full but the other bowl is empty. Which calls to you? Do you need to focus on the full bowl? Or do you need to pay attention to the empty bowl? There are some reading this who feel a deep need to split what is in the full bowl with the empty bowl.

Consider this. What if each bowl is content as it is? What if nothing is wrong with either one? What if they are fulfilling their current purpose with joy?

Who’s to say what each of us needs most. Who’s to make that call?

Why each of us, of course. Honor the full as well as the empty. Allow each to be in its own beauty. Sometimes stepping back to just enjoy the view is critically important. Sometimes putting the paintbrush down to say, “Hey, that works just like that” is the key ingredient to a satisfactory life.

Today I honor the full and the empty. I see the light and the dark as companions rather than simply opposites. I bring my hands together to create sound. I let them fall to my side to create silence. Today I am allowing beauty to be. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Strawberry Fiesta, photo by Stephanie Arwen Lynch

6 thoughts on “Empty Bowls”

  1. Love this reminder Arwen. And this is sort of how I feel about the energies of the new and full moon – each different, each perfect. Whole in themselves and yet creating greater wholeness when understood together. BTW – wonderful bowls!

  2. You raise an interesting question. I honestly cannot imagine the bowls without each other. They honor one another in such a complimentary way. However if I HAVE to choose, I vote for the full bowl. It sings more to me, if that makes sense. Your post calls to mind the Japanese adage “less is more.” I’m smiling as I am choosing the full bowl, the more bowl. Interesting.

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