Regenerate Beauty

Under Sea Tarot Ace of Starfish (Coins)
Under Sea Tarot  Ace of Starfish (Coins)
Under Sea Tarot

Today’s card reminds me that regeneration happens. I saw a funny cartoon of a woman saying when routine bored her she sought out excitement and when excitement overwhelmed her, she wanted routine. How true is that, y’all?!

But the beauty is that we can regenerate what we want. Now we can’t grow another limb like the starfish can, but we can bring into our lives what we need.

Have you ever spent time complaining about what your life is missing? Of course you have. We all have. And then tried to fill it and had that filling fail?

What did you do then? Did you go back to grousing about how awful things were?

Or did you do something to regenerate what you wanted?

Notice I’m not saying generate. Generate, to me, implies creating for the first time. Regenerate means renewing, finding, recycling what you already have.

It’s human nature to cycle through things. We go up. We go down. Some of us forget to go up again. Sometimes I forget to go down. 😀

It’s when we get stuck that the problems occur. When I’m up up up too much, I begin to feel stretched out…too thin…too bright. Like I’m becoming brittle and may shatter at any moment. So I have to find some down time. For me that may be crying on the couch because it’s just all too much for me. I weep for those who refuse to find even the smallest bits of joy. Those people who do nothing but complain about how awful their lives are.

[Tweet “I get so sad, y’all. So very sad. How can anyone live like that?”]

And yet? I’m sure that my continual joy seeking makes those folks wonder the same thing. We balance one another out, I guess.

But in my heart? I really think we would do better if we were all seeking joy. How much more happiness we might have then. Sure, there would still be sorrow and pain, but we’d have all that joy. Piles and piles of joy to wallow in once we were through the pain.

Regenerate joy, y’all. Remember the joy you’ve already found. Look at pictures of what/who made you joyful. This season I had to remember the year anniversary of someone that I loved. I chose to read his texts on my phone (yes, I saved them) where he called me a food tease. It made me smile. It made me cry. Then it made me smile again.

Regenerate joy, y’all.

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. (No really! Share this. I would love to meet your friends. :D)

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2 thoughts on “Regenerate Beauty”

  1. I am thankful for cycles in my life. I need both the up and the down time. And although sometimes hard, I tend to search for happiness. This year I’ve made a summery of the most significant events of 2013. and guess what. They were mostly happy and joyful events and accomplishments to be proud of. It was so much fun making that list!

  2. Thank You for this Arwen. I am learning more about my own cyclic needs and (maybe not coincidentally my cyclic growth spurts), and how better to honor them and go with their flow. This next flow is feeling like a gusher. Wouldn’t you agree? And I feel more ready than ever. You too?

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