Character Reading: Abby Finlay

This reading is for Kelly Jamieson‘s heroine, Abby Finlay. Abby’s story is a contemporary erotic romance from. 2 Hot 2 Handle is the story of one woman and the two men who heat things up for her.

Author Kelly Jamieson not only speaks the language of love–she has a degree in two languages! Add to that her love of shoes and cooking and Kelly may be the quintessential writer’s writer.

Join me as I do a reading for her heroine, Abby Finlay.

1. How do you see the people around you?

Interesting. You seem to see the others as victors in a race you can never seem to win. All around you others are cheering them on but you wish you were one of the winners.

This feels a bit like “always a bridesmaid” to me, Abby. I think you are very supportive of the people around you and they probably never see your envy of their happiness.

What is it that is missing from your world? I think you need to see yourself in a better light. It is a very typical Taurean response to be hard on yourself and easy on others.

Abby’s Response:

Oh, wow. This is scary true. Your comment about “always a bridesmaid” kind of hits home – it was “always the third in a threesome”. And I didn’t even realize that I actually envied those couples, deep down inside. I never thought I was worthy of being in a committed relationship – so I never wanted to try.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

Oh my dear. This is the card of depression and loss. Also it is crying over spilled milk. Are you wasting time worrying over one that got away?

Or perhaps it is deeper than that and is true grief over losing someone you deeply loved. Your friends and family also know you are more innocent than you let on. There is no harm in that, Abby.

Focus on what you still have rather than what is gone. I think this is the message others around you are trying to get you to see/hear.

Abby’s Response:

I guess it scares me to think that people know I’m not as tough as I try to be. Jett and Eric knew it right from the start. I thought I hated my mom for things she did, but Eric and Jett made me see that I really missed having that nurturing, maternal relationship. Now hearing this, and now I have so much in my life, maybe I should try to talk to her about it.

3. What is your most important goal?

The Sage(King) of Pentacles(Coins) shows a deep desire for security. You want to know that you are safe in all things—emotions, spirit, body and home. You desire abundance as well. I suspect you had a past where many basic things were lacking. Or maybe you had them but didn’t have the feeling of knowing you deserved that success.

Now you want to rule your world and be a success in not only their eyes, but also in yours. I get a sense of the lowly seamstress who works so hard on other people’s designs while she wants to show her own work off.

Your goal is to show something of yours off. To be able to stand up and say, “Yes, I did that.”

Abby’s Response:

I never realized what a deep desire for security I had. I never wanted to get close to anyone because I was so afraid – of getting hurt, and of hurting someone else. I didn’t think I had it in me to commit to someone, when that’s what I really wanted all along.

4. Where do you get your strength from?

The 3 of Swords is an odd strength because it is the card of heartbreak, betrayal and treachery. Normally this is one of those unhappy cards. However, I think you may have taken some hurt and turned it into your focal point.

By declaring “Never Again” you have been able to armor yourself against others who might also betray you and steal your work. You may even think that trusting is a weakness. I also think you will learn a huge lesson around this thought.

Abby’s Response:

Trusting people and relying on them just leads to hurt when they let you down. So if you don’t trust, you won’t get hurt. That’s how I lived my life. I’m still working on that.

5. Why do you want to be remembered?

The Wheel of Fortune for you, Abby, is a need to be remembered as someone who made a real difference in the world. You want to be seen as that bootstrap kid who made it up out of obscurity into success.

And you want to be remembered as doing it your own way. There is an innate sense of stubbornness that I get here. I think you will butt heads with many in your steely-eyed determination to win the success you see others achieving. You know it is your turn. Now it is time to get it for yourself.

Abby’s Response:

Thank you! I’m not looking for fame and fortune or anything like that, but I definitely want to do things my way. I know I’ve chosen an unconventional life and that it will be hard sometimes, but yeah, I can be stubborn and tough and we’re going to do this, me and my guys.

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