Your 90 Day Roadtrip To Joy


Have you been reading nothing but negativity lately? World got you so down you can’t find up?

Time to kick ugly in the butt, y’all.

Let’s get your Joy Journey started with a 90 Day Joy Road Trip. This adventure will give you that road trip to joy that your soul craves. You will have three hour readings for three months plus weekly affirmations to help keep you on the road to joy.

Book now to get three full hour readings with Arwen. Hurry! Openings are limited to insure quality over quantity.


Month One will identify where joy’s gone missing and highlight how you will find your bliss. Together you and Arwen will map out the next three months with a one hour Tarot conversation. You will also have a 30 minute call that will revisit this reading to keep you on course.


In the second month you and Arwen will come back together to fine tune your road trip plus refuel your Joymobile with your second one hour Tarot conversation. There will be a second 30 minute check in call as well.


When the third month rolls in, your hour reading will take a quick look in the rear view mirror to see how far you’ve come, then look ahead where you are going next. Your third 30 minute check-in call wraps up your 90 road trip.

Every roadtrip needs an itinerary. Yours includes:

  • Three (3) one hour Tarot conversations
  • Three (3) half hour rest stop (check-in) calls
  • Email follow-ups

So what’s the cost? $450
Take a joy llama along

Don’t miss out on your joy! Let the joy llama show you the way. Time to do something for yourself, right?

Ready to get your Joy Road Trip started? Who do you know who needs to get their own joy motors revved up? Tell them about this so you can take a trip together. If you are going to Thelma-and-Louise it, take another $50 off the early bird pricing.

Payment plans are available.

For more information, contact Arwen.

Joy Road Trip

3 Month Plan

4 Month Plan

Five Month Plan