World Tarot Day 2010 Contest

So today is World Tarot Day. I like World Tarot Day. It promotes the idea of accessibility and camaraderie in my mind.

Last year I wrote a post on this event. I even created a spread around the idea of the Star card.

I have to admit that I’m not Continue reading “World Tarot Day 2010 Contest”

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World Tarot Day

See here for the 2010 World Tarot Day post!

World Tarot Day is today. This was started by DenElder in order to “promote the use of the Tarot tool across all human made borders, be they political boundaries, misunderstandings of the mind, or ignorance of the tool itself, for the benefit and growth of the Spiritual Self.” I first participated in 2006 I think but I’ve been wrong before.

fradella_starThe motto of this day is “The Light you seek can be found in your own lantern.”© To me that is an awful lot like a saying I learned many moons ago: Continue reading “World Tarot Day”

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