TarotCopes for December 14-20, 2014

Tarotscopes for December 14-20, 2014 It’s the end of 2014. Many of us are already plotting and planning for 2015. If you want to get your new year off to a joy-filled start, I’m ready to take that journey with you.

Welcome to this week’s TarotCopes. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week but the overall message is capsulized in the Card of the Week message…balance all your hard work with some me-time, darlings!

Wild Unknown Tarot

It’s the end of 2014. Many of us are already plotting and planning for 2015. If you want to get your new year off to a joy-filled start, I’m ready to take that journey with you.

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Choices. You’ve always got choices.

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CARD OF THE WEEK: TWO OF PENTACLES Inner beauty is hard work. Balance all your soul-searching visionary good with some me-time this week.

AQUARIUS THE WORLD Expect openings. Seize opportunities. Don’t say no to the new. Someone is going to make a hole for you. Walk through!

PISCES DAUGHTER OF PENTACLES Channels for income must be sought. Look for small trickles to increase. Your focus is key. Ignore it at your own peril.

ARIES SIX OF CUPS Roots are important. They show us where we’ve been. Roots also sometimes need pruning so we can continue to grow. Cut bait.

TAURUS TEN OF WANDS Untangle yourself by saying no more. Multitasking only works when you aren’t trying to do everything for everyone.Say no.

GEMINI FATHER OF WANDS Energy pulses hot this week. Strike quickly to gain the most from this surge. Plug into it. Use it to create big things.

CANCER NINE OF PENTACLES Feathering your nest is advised for this week. Circle your wagons to enjoy what you have worked so hard for. Celebrate that.

LEO SON OF CUPS Pushing forward is recommended. Don’t let emotional fears hold you back. We all fly with wounded hearts. Heal yours by soaring.

VIRGO FOOL Sometimes you have to take that risk. You have to be bold when you are told to hold back. Go for it, darling. Just go for it.

LIBRA TEMPERANCE Balancing between energies can be wearing but you’ve got this. Moderate responses will work best. Don’t over do, please.

SCORPIO FATHER OF SWORDS Sometimes you simply have to make a fast, final decision. Wisdom will show you the way. Leave your heart out of this.

SAGITTARIUS EIGHT OF SWORDS Feeling picked on? Make sure it isn’t your own thoughts bullying you. Kindness to self translates better. Be nice to you.

CAPRICORN STRENGTH Compassion over force gets you further. Leading with your heart will teach you what true strength is. You can’t make them.

Today’s deck? The Wild Unknown Tarot is an unusual Tarot that has been making quite the splash in the Tarot world for a while now.

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TarotsCopes for August 24-30, 2014

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This has been a big week for me. From loved ones in the hospital to major upheavals at one of my jobs to the release of yet another book by my alter-ego, Marilu Mann.

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Let’s check out this week’s TarotsCopes, shall we? Yes, I think I will stick with Tarot Copes as a new name.

First, here’s a round-up of this past week’s post in case you missed them.

CARD OF THE WEEK: Five of Swords What squirms in your mind? What needs to be cut away? Releasing self-doubt is the key. Work on focus.

AQUARIUS EIGHT OF SWORDS Challenging? Yes, this week will be, but you have done the work. Unfold, blossom, spread your wings. You’ll be fine.

PISCES STRENGTH Remember the key to true success is to control your reactions. Thinking first is best. Breathing is better. Act don’t react.

ARIES FIVE OF WANDS Competition can improve you as long as you are competing against yourself first. The others are fun, but you are your biggest challenge.

TAURUS SON OF PENTACLES Money moves forward. Maybe slowly, but it is forward. Look where you were 6 months ago. Celebrate the steady measured growth.

GEMINI FOUR OF WANDS Stick close to home. Tackle that to-do list around the house. Time to celebrate in small ways so invite friends over.

CANCER HIEROPHANT Honey, if you are breaking your own rules, who’s really to blame? Rewrite what’s not working. Stick with what is working.WildUnknown_3cards

LEO FIVE OF PENTACLES Time to dehead fading roses. Let go of those who are sucking you dry. Focus on those who give back. Hard times pass.

VIRGO DAUGHTER OF WANDS Growth. Look to your personal passions for ways to bring meaning to your life. Get fired up and get started now.

LIBRA DEVIL Many temptations to do the wrong thing. Stay strong. Stay on track. Don’t let your base needs overrule your head. Just say no.

SCORPIO SON OF WANDS Rise up to meet the challenges. Face your fears head on to win. Movement and action are your key words. Get going.

SAGITTARIUS THREE OF SWORDS Thoughts of past hurts can take you down. Understand that it is over. It’s done. Betrayal hurts. Don’t wallow.

CAPRICORN SIX OF COINS Memories serve you well. Reflect on happiest time. Recreate them in the here and now? Sure you can. Family is the key.

Today’s deck? Wild Unknown Tarot is bringing me joy. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Magnets + Serial Monogamy

I’ve heard one person say they can’t read with it because the people are too familiar.

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Gaian Tarot Ace of Water
Gaian Tarot

Today’s challenge was about Tarot. I’m choosing to talk about one of my favorite Tarot decks. I don’t have one deck to rule them all as it were. That would have to be one damned riveting deck since I have close to three hundred decks.

I tell people I’m into serial monogamy when it comes to Tarot. Some past fave decks have been the Herbal Tarot, the World Spirit Tarot, the Fradella Adventure Tarot and the Tarot Of The Old Path.

Currently holding the lead position (which means it is my primary reading deck when I work with my clients) is the Gaian Tarot

This deck incorporates very real people and scenes. It translates the Rider Waite Smith icons into ones that many people can identify with. Joanna Powell Colbert’s deck infuses her passion for the Pacific Northwest with her unique vision and spirituality.

3-gardenerMake no mistake–this is a Goddess-influenced deck. I think it is a deck anyone can read but some are put off by the people. I’ve heard one person say they can’t read with it because the people are too familiar. I get that. But this deck works for me.

I personally own three mass market copies plus two of the limited edition. When I find a deck I love, I do that. I need to get back-up copies.

Now I am more than willing to read for a client with any deck they like. I did that this morning in fact. My client specifically asked me to read with the Wild Unknown. She has the deck so wanted to see it in use by a professional.

Gaian Tarot Sun
Gaian Tarot

What about you? Do you have one deck? More decks? What do you look for in a deck? What draws you to a Tarot or oracle deck?

Today’s affirmation:

What I need finds me. I am a magnet. I attract the right people at the right time. I embellish my world simply by smiling. I am filled with joy. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn

Tarotscopes 2-for-1: August Podcast & 8/4-8/10/2013 Weekly

It’s a two-for-one day!

Monthly Podcast!

WildUnknown_5HierophantSo July blew past me. No monthly newsletter (working on August today). Late on the podcast. Wowza! 😀 How was your July? This month has a lot of court cards taking a bow. I’m using the Wild Unknown Tarot for this month. Love this deck a lot.

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Hierophant, The Wild Unknown Tarot, all rights reserved

Weekly Tarotscopes!

Gaian Nine of Earth

  • AQUARIUS Devil(Bindweed) What truly ties you down is your acceptance of bad habits. Cut away those ties that bind. Give up those addictions.
  • PISCES KNIGHT OF CUPS(Explorer of Water Sometimes you just gotta let go.Surf emotional waves. You are a pro at this. Hang ten, baby. Set your heart forward. Follow.
  • ARIES SIX OF CUPS Time to call friends. Time to renew bonds. Time to remember connections. They support you. They love you. Reach out for help.
  • TAURUS EIGHT OF WANDS Ideas exchanged grow. Council meetings necessary. Open up to new ideas/ways. Listen more than talk. Others show true self.
  • GEMINI SIX OF WANDS Success comes. Keep moving. Don’t stop. Busy week but victory is just ahead. Listen to your own passion. Follow that drum.
  • CANCER NINE OF PENTACLES Great week for counting blessings. Small ones pile into larger ones. Understand how much you’ve accomplished if you would do more.
  • LEO THREE OF CUPS Seek joy indeed. Celebrate life. Reach out to those who need more joy. You are joy’s messenger this week. Carry on, darlings!
  • VIRGO TWO OF CUPS Strong partnerships & proposals of commitment possible. Say yes, honey. Embrace the deep,strong, solid emotional bond.
  • LIBRA FIVE OF WANDS Careful what you say. Temper needs to be checked at the door. Passion can overwhelm you if you let it. Control is necessary.
  • SCORPIO ACE OF WANDS Something breaks free in you. Passion urges you forward. Follow your spirit, honey. Go for it with everything you have. GRAB IT.
  • SAGITTARIUS FIVE OF SWORDS Little competition isn’t bad but don’t let it be your be-all/end-all. Focus on flying higher. Leave petty politics to others.
  • CAPRICORN FIVE OF CUPS Emotional reflections not showing you what you like? Fill yourself up then. Stop making that someone else’s job. Be your own support.

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Nine of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Those Steps Are Too Hard!

WildUnknown_9Wands001Today’s card reminds me that everything is about perspective. Here we see what looks like a daunting climb up nine wands in the Wild Unknown Tarot. The moon sits all golden and waiting but wow…that’s a long-assed climb up some really pointy sticks.

Or is it? Pull back a bit. Stop focusing on all the stairs. There are so many, aren’t there?

No. There are not. If you are too close, all you see is all the tangles, the problems, the sticking points if you will pardon that pun.

When you pull back a bit, you see it’s a staircase. I will admit that the staircase still seems a bit hard, but you can see clear spaces where you can step. And then look to the next one. Another open spot.

If I focus on each step individually, I can find a way all the way to the top where I can touch that shining, waiting, glorious golden moon.

All I had to do was change my perspective.

What do you have in your life that could use some distance to give you a bit of perspective?

The Wild Unknown Tarot is on sale this month for pre-orders. Might want to jump on this one. It’s a deck that really lives up to the hype it’s been getting in the Tarot world.

Seek perspective, y’all. Don’t let seemingly tangled, hard steps stop you from getting what you want.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

9 of Wands, Wild Unknown Tarot, self-published.

Should You Break Some Rules?

WildUnknown_5HierophantToday’s card is a reminder to me about something I don’t like to do. Rules. I don’t follow them unless they make sense to me. It’s how I cook too. If I think a little more of this and a little less of that works better for me, that’s what I’m doing.

Sometimes that’s gotten me into trouble. Like the time the road sign cautioned the hairpin turn needed me to slow down. Baby, I almost went into a ditch. Slammed my brakes so hard parts of me are still shaking and that was last year.

That’s not the first time I’ve thought I knew better and got schooled.

And it won’t be the last either.

Here the Hierophant from the Wild Unknown Tarot shows a raven holding a metal key. A bolt of lightning streaks down ala Benjamin Franklin. The raven holds the knowledge but that electricity is what is going to light him up.

Question is…is he following his rules? Because of what this card represents (Saturn), I’m willing to bet he makes and breaks his own rules regularly. The key here (get it? the key? nudge nudge) is that they are his rules so he can break them.

I’ll bet he calls it remaking them or revisiting.

We can think of some of these rules as the old tapes in our heads. Those are the rules we follow because “Mama said so” or “I’ve always done it this way.” Maybe we need some personal lightning strikes in our lives to help us remake those rules.

Do you have any rules in your life that need breaking?

If you do, what would it take to get you to break them now rather than waiting for the bolt of sizzling electricity to zap you?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Hierophant, Wild Unknown Tarot

Tarotscopes 3/24-3/20/2013


Welcome! How was last week for you? Are you ready to get this party started this week? Here are your weekly tarotscopes. Remember you can follow me on Twitter if you want to get these every Sunday morning.

    • AQUARIUS Four of Swords Delicate negotiations. Take downtime when offered. Create restful spaces. Time out negativity by seeking quiet. Meditate.
    • PISCES Temperance Blend things for best outcome. Balance. Moderation. Turn tears into passion. Passion into sweat. Transform your life.
    • ARIES Wheel of Fortune What goes around, comes around so make sure you are putting out what you want back. Focus on best outcomes for all concerned.

Feeling lost? Don’t know which way your bliss went? Need a hand seeking some joy? I can help. Contact me today to set up your conversation with me. We will explore your life using Tarot as the vehicle.

    • TAURUS Death Permanent changes this wk. Navigate as best you can. Sometimes all you can do is inch forward but things will be released.
    • GEMINI Justice Sometimes things really are that clear cut. Don’t waver. Make the right decision (not always the best.) Legal issues.
    • CANCER Seven of Wands you can stand out. You can defend your position. Looks uphill but you can win this battle. Focus on your passion. Don’t burn up.

Love fairy tales? Have a tarot deck? Grab my Fairy Tales Tarot Spreads e-book illustrated by Lisa Hunt. Dive into ten original spreads designed to help you gain insight for yourself and others.

    • LEO Three of Wands Piece it together. Bring disparate things into harmony. Weird combos really work for you this wk. Don’t count anyone out.
    • VIRGO Chariot Follow your intuition. Move forward fast. You need to be in the driver’s seat. GET THERE. Don’t hold back. T-1 to GO GO GO.
    • LIBRA Daughter (Page) of Swords Clear information needs to be delivered. Don’t sugarcoat it. Not mean. Just very direct. Your insights can change the plan.

Did you know that I believe everyone can read the Tarot intuitively? Get my lessons in this free book.

  • SCORPIO Emperor Building an empire takes time, focus & will. Be a guardian to those things in your life that are precious. Stay fierce.
  • SAGITTARIUS Fool Fledglings never KNOW they can fly. They simply believe enough not to hit the ground. You’ll fly too. Trust your heart.
  • CAPRICORN Eight of Swords Joy may feel far. Spread your wings anyway. Protect your fragile self from others’ harmful thoughts. Don’t own their ugly.

ll now you can! Just head to Podbean from your iPhone or iPad. Click the “add to home screen” link at the bottom. Hey Presto! You now have an icon that will give you instant access to my in-depth, free Tarotscopes.

The deck I used this week is the Wild Unknown Tarot. It’s a self-published deck. I really am enjoying working with this one. I think you might too.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Threads, Lies + Failures

Many colors of ribbon chase across, under and around the brambles or branches. What happens if you grab one? Can you follow it to the end? Will it lead you back where you started?

WildUnknown_10Wheel001Today’s card reminds me of a quote my mother had me memorize when she was my Girl Scout leader.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

That’s by Bacon, not Shakespeare. (EDIT: That’s actually not Bacon either. It’s Sir Walter Scott.) Of course, my smart-assed 15 year old self wondered if it meant that we should get really good at lying first. 😀

This tangled up Wheel of Fortune is from the Wild Unknown. The heart-shaped face of a barn how gazes out from under a waning moon. Or is it waxing?

Many colors of ribbon chase across, under and around the brambles or branches. What happens if you grab one? Can you follow it to the end? Will it lead you back where you started?

How often do we begin a journey only to find ourselves back where we began?

Is that failure?
Is it success?

I would offer that it is success if you learned something along the way. It is success if you changed for the better in following that ribbon. It is success if you discovered how to weave that path into your world.

It is failure if you allow it to be.

So yes, this is about how to find joy even in loss. Even in seemingly failing to move ahead.

For you did move ahead. You did change position. You just forgot to change your view.

Pick up a thread today. Follow it where it where it leads. Learn as you go. Bring back one new idea to your starting position.

Realize that by bringing back a new idea, you’ve forever changed your starting position.

Success and failure may be only an attitude change apart.

Wheel of Fortune, Wild Unknown Tarot, 2011

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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