REVIEW: Sun And Moon Tarot

This is a powerful deck in terms of the imagery. I must tell you that my first response was “DO NOT WANT”. Very visceral. Very childish. Very LOLCats. Part of it was, I think, that it triggered the Thoth deck without me realizing it. I had a similar initial reaction to the Thoth deck which was my very first deck actually. A dear friend gave me a copy of that deck. I did not mesh well with it. In fact, it’s a wonder that I ever read another Tarot card in my life–but I digress.

Sun and Moon Tarot
Vanessa Decort
US Games, Inc
ISBN: 1572816597

Young. Fresh. Childlike. Not words you might apply to a reinterpretation of the (in)famous Thoth Tarot Deck deck. The first thing I noticed was the color palette. Muted yellows, soft blues, burnt oranges, dark greens permeate this deck. If you look closely at the cards, you can see the canvas striations. At times it makes the cards looks as if they’ve been scratched.

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