Learning The Tarot: A Book List

Learning the Tarot is not difficult if you are willing to synthesize the information. You can’t read one book and expect to know all there is. I’ve been reading since 1980 and still learn something new every time I pick up the cards. One way to learn is to read a lot of books. Here are a few that would be good for beginners and those looking to expand their skills. Continue reading “Learning The Tarot: A Book List”

Interview: Teresa Michelsen

Teresaface2I am pleased to share an interview with the very talented Teresa Michelsen. Teresa is the owner/operator of a Tarot list I am on called Comparative Tarot. She inherited the list from Valerie Sims. It’s a great list if you like to really get into different aspects of the cards. Think of it as a large guided (albeit gently) study group.

Arwen: What was your first encounter with Tarot like?

Teresa: My Mom’s boyfriend, who lived with us, did tarot readings. When I was about 13, he did one for me that really impressed me and was very insightful. As it turned out, he was kind of like a reversed Continue reading “Interview: Teresa Michelsen”

Other Blogs: ShadowMeTeresa: the dark side of the moon

Tarot Moon Logo

ShadowMeTeresa is a charming mix of personal essays and teachings from Teresa Michelsen. One thing I adore about the blog is that I never know what I’m going to find. Posting is fairly sporadic but always entertaining. Some posts may be simply a listing of amusing bumperstickers Michelsen’s seen while others might be on lucid dreaming.

Her writing takes you Continue reading “Other Blogs: ShadowMeTeresa: the dark side of the moon”