Time For Danger Yoga?

SunAndMoonTarot_4SwordsToday’s card is an interesting interpretation of this card. Here we see a figure resting. But they are balancing on four swords. In this reinterpretation of the Thoth style Tarot, I see someone who is actively and even intently resting.

A bit of a dichotomy, yes?

But think about it. Sometimes what is restful to you isn’t restful to someone else. Like I don’t listen to music to relax. I listen to music to clean the house.

I read to relax. I listen to an audiobook for some down time.

This person apparently does danger yoga for their quiet time.

Your journal prompt for the day is, “What truly relaxes me? What makes me feel rested and refreshed.”

And when theme repeats itself like this, it may be time for me to take a break for a bit. If I do, I’ll let you know here.

Four of Swords, Sun And Moon Tarot, U.S. Games Systems 2010

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

What’s Been Left Unsaid?

SunMoonDeathToday’s card reminds me of a quote by Christopher Crowfield aka Harriet Beecher Stowe. It is inevitable that we must all face death. No matter who you are, you have suffered loss. Some of believe our loved ones will move on to another place or another life. But this isn’t about their dying or even our dying. It’s about missed chances.

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” Little Foxes, 1865

For me, the death of an animal companion can bite as sharply and as deeply as the death of a human companion. I know this is not so for others. There is no discernible difference for me when I grieve. What makes it harder or easier is my own feeling of “wrapping things up.” Have I had time to tell them what they mean to me? Have I had time to make sure they know that I love them. When I can say yes to those, then I can eventually find my own peace.

Last night, I happened to notice my voice memos from my iPhone had been synced to iTunes. Curious, I opened it and listened to them. One brought me tears, but they were happy, memory tears. It was a thirty second clip of my darling girl Carmen purring. She had a VERY distinctive purr. She also often slept with her nose close to my ear so I heard it a lot. Hearing her that way made me smile. When I helped Carmen cross the Rainbow Bridge, I chose to do it on a day two very dear friends married. I knew I would be at a celebration of life that day. As hard as it was to let Carmen go, I intentionally chose a day of joy to do that.

Did I grieve her? Yes, I did. And, truth be known, I still do. She was with me for over eighteen years. There were a lot of memories in her sable fur. But I knew it was time for her so I spent a lot of those last moments loving her and talking to her. That was healing for me.

So, your 180 second challenge is a hard one today. Is there anyone in your life that you would shed bitter tears over for leaving anything unsaid? How can you address that?

NOTE: Sometimes there are people we NEED to speak to but for whatever reason can’t/won’t. Write a letter instead. Then burn it to release that energy.

Seek joy, y’all!

Death, Sun And Moon Tarot, US Games Systems Inc.

REVIEW: Sun And Moon Tarot

This is a powerful deck in terms of the imagery. I must tell you that my first response was “DO NOT WANT”. Very visceral. Very childish. Very LOLCats. Part of it was, I think, that it triggered the Thoth deck without me realizing it. I had a similar initial reaction to the Thoth deck which was my very first deck actually. A dear friend gave me a copy of that deck. I did not mesh well with it. In fact, it’s a wonder that I ever read another Tarot card in my life–but I digress.

Sun and Moon Tarot
Vanessa Decort
US Games, Inc
ISBN: 1572816597

Young. Fresh. Childlike. Not words you might apply to a reinterpretation of the (in)famous Thoth Tarot Deck deck. The first thing I noticed was the color palette. Muted yellows, soft blues, burnt oranges, dark greens permeate this deck. If you look closely at the cards, you can see the canvas striations. At times it makes the cards looks as if they’ve been scratched.

Artist/Autor Decort unapologetically Continue reading “REVIEW: Sun And Moon Tarot”