Can Spills Make You Happy?

I love this card. Each one has a symbol starting with the four elements on the bottom row. Water flows down to fill the top one. That fills up and spills out to fill up the next and so on with the last row spilling out to return to the source.

SevenfoldMystery_10CupsToday’s card reminds me of how fortunate I am to be able to draw breath. Even in the hard times, knowing I’m alive and breathing is a plus. I’m still a bit sad about D’s death on Friday, but the family attitude has been one of peace. That’s very helpful. I’ll see nearly all of them next week at the service. I am looking forward to that.

Here we have the Ten of Cups from Robert M. Place’s Sevenfold Mystery Tarot. This was a Kickstarter project that I supported. I do love having the finished product in my hand. Can’t wait to see the Stolen Child Tarot. Have you reserved your copy? It’s only $24 and if we don’t get enough folks, it just won’t happen. Don’t make the Arwen sad. Go pledge today! Only 11 days left so we need to push this.

Speaking of pledges, I pledged to have my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook out before my birthday. I’ve done it! It’s here. It’s available. Read this month’s newsletter to find out how to order your copy. It’s an ebook/pdf file. You can print it if you prefer paper in hand. 😀

Pssst, I also announced who won the 1 hour reading with me on that link.

I love this card. Each one has a symbol starting with the four elements on the bottom row. Water flows down to fill the top one. That fills up and spills out to fill up the next and so on with the last row spilling out to return to the source.

This card, for me (without having looked at the meanings at all) says that we are all connected to the Source. That we have the ability to not only be filled up but to fill others up. That connection is important.

Do you know that you fill me with joy? That every comment, every sharing, every one of you brings me such amazing joy? Thank you. The joy you bring me allows me to fill up and spill over back to you. We are connected. That connection sustains me.

For your 180 seconds today, think about who makes you happy and you make happy. Don’t dwell on those who don’t get it. They will. Today’s three minutes is simply for who you make happy and who makes you happy.

I do hope you will consider buying a copy of my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook, darlings. Did I mention it’s 30 pages and it’s illustrated by Lisa Hunt?

If you got the book during my promotion for getting the workbook(AFF), remind me via email. I’ll get you your copy of the illustrated version.

10 of Cups, Sevenfold Mystery Tarot, Robert M. Place

Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on.

Can You Do This Today?

I know. That can be hard to accept sometimes. I have a hard time when someone (including myself) tells me things like this.

StolenChild_Loversnocopyright004Today’s card reminds me to cherish. Cherish is a word that I use to describe you…and me (sorry to muck up that lovely song.) It’s one of those words that I enjoy saying. Not sure why but cherish feels good in my mouth.

And it feels even better in my heart. Did you know I cherish my relationships–near and far? Do you recognize that means you, by reading this, are now cherished by me?

How often do I remember to tell you that I love you for taking the time to read, to comment, to share? How often do I remind you how important you are to me?

  • Not as income sources.
  • Not as marketing targets.
  • Not as book buyers.

Just as that rare gift you are–human with a capacity for joy beyond belief.

I know. That can be hard to accept sometimes. I have a hard time when someone (including myself) tells me things like this. But one of the key steps to being a professional joy seeker is learning to stay open to the gifts of the universe.

One of those gifts is being able to connect deeply.

Did you know I often get teary-eyed when I read your comments?

Do you know that I often cry with you during our Tarot conversations?

I’m so honored by the sharing. I mean that.

This card from the Monica L. Knighton Stolen Child Tarot represents this concept of cherishing one another. And I love how the young bat wrapped in its parents wings licks its lips. The two children are sound asleep knowing they are protected. They are cherished.

Hibiscus flowers are also important to me. I have two hibiscus trees growing together on my back porch. Yellow and red together because it brings me joy when they bloom.

So for your 180 second challenge today, can you tell someone you cherish them? Can you look them in the eye and simply say,

“I cherish you.”

You can expand, but can you do at least that tiny bit?


And here’s the hard part.

Then can you do that to the beautiful person in the mirror?

Want help finding your own joy? Want help finishing the damned book? Let’s talk.

Lovers, Stolen Child Tarot, Monica L. Knighton, self-published

Want the full 78 card deck? Here’s your chance to pre-purchase this gorgeous deck. Don’t delay! The drive is almost over.

Seek Joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Magic, Opportunity + Stars

StolenChild_StarToday’s card reminds me that magic happens. That sometimes things just fall into your lap. All you have to do is stay open to the possibility. And that, my darling dears, that can be so freaking hard when you are locked into a negative mode of thinking.

I was eagerly awaiting a Kickstarter project from a Tarot artist. I had already seen enough cards to know I wanted, no, needed the deck. The subject, the colors, the style–all of it sang to me. It sang to me the way my Gaian Tarot sings to me.

The name was a bit off-putting for some who weren’t familiar with the poem by the same name. The Stolen Child by Yeats is about a child who is taken away by faeries. The last line is heart breaking.

“For the world’s more full of weeping than he can understand.”

This deck captures that wish for, that trust in, the innocence of the world. It gives lyrical voice to the magic that so many of us seek and sometimes see. It is a joyful deck. I rarely buy Majors Only decks. I don’t see much use in them frankly (although Tarot enthusiasts like Paul Nagy and Mary K. Greer recently helped me see that a bit differently.)

Now this deck is seeking to find it’s way into the world as a full 78 card deck. Creatrix and fellow Austinite, Monica L. Knighton has launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign. She’s staying open to the possibility that the Universe (and the rest of us) will support her by pre-buying decks.

For those not familiar with Kickstarter, there are two types of projects. One is a flexible funding in which the money you pledge immediately goes into the project. The other is fixed. That is what Monica has chosen.

This means if the project isn’t fully funded, it won’t happen. Yes, those are tears you see in my eyes at the thought of not holding this deck.

The last time I looked she was nearly 9% funded. That’s a good showing but she just started. Several things must happen for this to be a success. The first is that if you agree with me that this deck sees publication, then you go here and choose your level of support. I’ll tell you what that means in a moment.

The second thing is very important. You tell your friends at least twice a week. Seriously. We all think, “Oh I want to do that” but then get sidetracked. The interwebz are full of “oooh shiny.”

So pledge once and share twice a week. 😀

Pledging means you are going to get something for your money. Even the smallest donation of $5 gets a thank you from Monica. As you move up, you get more including artwork, jewelry and, of course, the deck itself.

You have to create a Kickstarter account (you can link it to your Facebook if you like.) If you have an Amazon account, you can link it to that. That’s what I do. Then I make a note in my calendar that X amount will be coming out on that day so I’m not surprised.

I’ve funded a lot of Kickstarter campaigns. Only one that fully funded has ever been a disappointment due to lack of communication from the artist (Dancer’s Tarot.) Or that was on Indiegogo but they are the same thing.

I have met Monica in person as well as chatted with her online about other projects. She is not the flake-out type. She creates and delivers.

You can pre-buy this deck for only $24 dollars which includes domestic shipping (there’s a $12 fee if you are outside of the US.) That’s the lowest amount where you get the deck. Levels go up from there.

You can get three for $64 which means if you and two friends go into together, you get your decks for less than the $24!

  • No, I don’t make a single dime off this.
  • No, I’m not sleeping with Monica.
  • No, she’s not blackmailing me.
  • No, I won’t unfriend you if you don’t support this deck.

I just think this deck needs to be in our hands. The colors, the art, the whole concept bring such joy to our world. I want you to be a part of this.

  • No, I won’t ask you individually if you did this.
  • Yes, I will be mentioning it again.

Oh, remember that opportunity thing? I had the opportunity to buy original art work from the Majors-Only project. When I saw the Star, I cried. It had my octopus, my nautilus and my otter all in one picture. Magic, I tell you. Magic.

I was able to buy that because I asked and was given the opportunity. I stayed open and it fell into my lap.

For your 180 seconds today, can you commit to staying open to the possibility of magical opportunity falling into your lap? Let me know by commenting.

Oh, the winner of the reading? Wendy Woodwife Green! Congratulations. Contact me and we will set that up.

Here’s the link to the Stolen Child Tarot project again:

Star, The Stolen Child Tarot (Major-Only edition). Monica L. Knighton (No Borders Studio, Austin, TX)

Seek Joy,Y’all. Pass it on.