Fly, Fall & Bleed

Today’s card is painful to look at if you pay attention to it. Traditionally this is the card of the battle we go through that can lose us friends. But here it is a very different image.

Look at him hanging there. His hands are bleeding, for goodness sake. Doesn’t he know when to just let go? What is so important that he must cling so tenaciously?

Do you see the similarities to the Christ avatar here? Bleeding palms, head to the side. An almost peaceful look as though he knows what must come? Stevee Postman’s Cosmic Tribe Tarot has many cards that make me really dig in and think.

But why must that come? He’s not getting in, is he? He needs to let go of these thoughts that are hurting him. He must let go so he can heal.

What do we hold on to like this? What thought patterns are so embedded that, even though we know they are hurting more than helping, we still hold on to them?

Not a fun thought, is it? When I am real with myself, I realize that there are thoughts I hold on to that I must let go of. Some of them are “If I do that, I’ll fail” or “I can’t lose weight so I’ll just have another cookie” or “They’ll never choose me so I won’t try harder.”

Ick! Replace those sharp-edged thoughts with ones that don’t cut! Let’s try “If I do that, I’ll fly” and “I can lose weight because I make healthy choices” and “I get better every day because I’m an awesome person.”

Let go of the swords, darlings. You’re dripping on yourself. Need some physical reminders about better thoughts to hold on to? Check here. And let me know if you have anything else you would like to see there.

5 of Swords, Cosmic Tribe Tarot

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Dreams, Hurry & Fetal Positions

This is my card of the day from Facebook. Yes, I’m crossposting. Sue me.

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