SPREAD: Polyamourous Relationship (Adding A 3rd Partner)

One unique problem in a polyamourous relationship is the idea of adding someone to an established family. Whether that is a family of 2 or more, the addition of even one more will add to and take away from the dynamics of that group. I looked for a spread that might be used for this, but found none. Then someone asked a similar question on Aeclectic Tarot. So I dove in to design a spread to address this question of what do we need to do when we add someone.

You can see the results on my blog, Musings On The Tarot. And feel free to pass this announcement on to any poly folk who also might be interested.

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SPREAD: Polyamory Spread (Adding A Partner To An Existing Relationship)

Three Of Cups (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

I read for a wide variety of clientele. I have straight clients. I have queer clients. I have clients in traditional relationships. I have clients in non-traditional relationships. These can be Dominant/submissive relationships, polyamorous relationships, and more.

One unique problem in a poly relationship is Continue reading “SPREAD: Polyamory Spread (Adding A Partner To An Existing Relationship)”

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Spread: Mirror, Mirror (The Fairy Tale Series)

I have launched a project for myself that I am calling the Fairy Tale Spreads. I have long had a fascination and appreciation for fairy tales.

First as a child, I dreamt of unicorns and dragons and witches and princesses thanks to these tales my mother read me. As I grew older, I revisited them from a feminist perspective and found them to be lacking. But now that I am older, I find myself back at the doorstep of the old storyteller again. And this time, Continue reading “Spread: Mirror, Mirror (The Fairy Tale Series)”

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