Books, Cards + Tattoos

Books, Cards + Tattoos…

Tattoo_BirthCardsSo today’s card is a book. I know, right? That’s kind of cheating, isn’t it? Well not really since I never promised you a card garden.


Yes, yes. I am in a silly mood. Part of that is because I taught a class today (Sunday) which always revs me up. I love teaching.

We were working with Bonnie Cehovet’s Tarot, Birth Cards and You. It’s an excellent discussion of the concept of Birth Cards.

I asked Bonnie for some ideas on what to offer in this Meetup class. She was, as always, completely generous with her time and knowledge. I took her ideas and added a few of my own.

I encourage you to work with Bonnie’s book if you are interested in this concept.

For our class we determined our own birthcards (mine are pictured in the tattoo you see on this post–art work and tattoo by Dirk Mellot of Epiphany Tattoo, Aurora, Colorado). Then we did a brief guided meditation followed by activities that included writing an affirmation and doing a reading.

The spread we used was designed by me. I wanted to share it with you as well. Based on Bonnie’s book, I wanted to explore the concept of the theme as represented by the Birth Cards.


Shuffle entire deck. Draw three cards.

1. How can I manifest the energy of this theme in my life?

2. What stands in my way?

3. What strengthens me on this journey?

We paired off and read for each other. So person A put their birth cards out and person B used their own deck to shuffle and draw and read for person A. It went very well. Our Meetup has folks who’ve read for 30 years and those who haven’t even bought their first Tarot deck. I love this mix of energy.

So for today’s journal prompt, even if you don’t know your own birth cards, let’s use this.

“How can I manifest my life’s theme?”

If you do use this spread, I’d love to know the results. If you want me to do this reading with you (including finding your birth cards and life’s them), book a half hour reading with me. I’d love to have a Tarot conversation with you.

Tattoo, picture by J. Mellott, all rights reserved

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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SPREAD: Chloe’s Heart’s Desire

She also created a spread based on the fairy tale. I had to try it! Beauty and the Beast is not one of the fairy tales that made it into my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads e-book.

Yesterday’s blog hop was, as per usual, chock-full of useful spreads and amazing posts. One of my favorite Tarot bloggers offered up the myth of Beauty and the Beast.

She also created a spread based on the fairy tale. I had to try it! Beauty and the Beast is not one of the fairy tales that made it into my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads e-book.

Chloe’s Heart’s Desire

1) What is my heart’s desire for this turn of the Wheel/at this time?
2) What price will I have to pay for it?
3) What lesson will I learn in the process?

Using Zaheroux’s stark Animalis Os Fortunas deck, here is my reading.

AnimalisOsFortuna_3cards0011) What is my heart’s desire for this turn of the Wheel/at this time?

Moon: I want to dive into my fantasy more. My fantasy being the ability to write fantasy. 😀 My writing partner and I have recently started producing again. We had a 2 year dry spell with some writing but nothing that drove towards finish. It’s an illusionary task, the business of writing.

I have to let the moon guide me which can be dark and scary at times because the path isn’t clearly lit.

2) What price will I have to pay for it?

Ace of Pentacles: I may have to give up other business opportunities. There may be growth that I have to avoid in order to focus on the writing.

Sorry. I have to say that this feels like a positive answer. I see it more as income helping me not have to pay for it. I will have opportunity for growth that will support. It may be that my price to pay will be my disbelief that I can ever be a truly successful writer.

Yep, I think I’m standing in my own way again.

3) What lesson will I learn in the process?

Emperor: That I am in charge of my own creativity. that I can take care of business by writing and producing. That the proof really is in the pudding, chickens.

This card is the one who takes care of his/her domain. He rules with a firm hand. I will learn how to keep myself on track. I will learn that small steps every day towards my goal will win the day.

Thanks to Chloe for this insightful spread!

What about you? What is your heart’s desire?

How about this spread as your own journal prompt?

Don’t have a tarot deck? Take advantage of my last week of 15 minute readings for $25 and we can do this one together. Remember that prices are going up 10/1.

Animalis Os Fortuna, Megan Weber aka Zarheroux, self-published

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Will You Join The Fairy Dance?

Another part of the Tarot Blog Hops that is a huge love of mine are all the spreads that turn up. This one was light on spreads but the ones that were there? Spectacular. Inner Whispers is Chloe McCracken’s blog. I adore her blog. She does a card a day from various decks every week. She’s the author behind the upcoming Celtic Lenormand that is being illustrated by Wil Worthington. Can. Not. Wait. And I’m not a Lennie fan. 😀

Anyway, here is her excellent spread. Unnamed, Chloe! (inside joke). So I’m naming it!

Fairy Dance Spread by Chloe McCracken

1) What dance will I be lead on over the time from now until First Harvest?
2) Where will it take me?
3) What offer would I do best to refuse?
4) What will I return with?

Read the full blog here to see how Chloe answered this spread.

Here are my answers using the Wild Unknown Tarot (pretty awesome pre-sale going on this deck right now too.)

WildUnknown_4Swords1) What dance will I be lead on over the time from now until First Harvest? Four of Swords

I have to admit that this card triggers an ear worm for me. That’s a song I learned in Girl Scouts.

“On a wagon bound for market
There’s a calf with a mournful eye.”

It is, I believe, a Jewish folk song about being taken away from your homeland and not fighting for what you want. And, on doing a bit of research, I learned that it was written for a Yiddish play. The song was recorded by Joan Baez, Donovan and Patty Duke. Here are the words:

Translation by Kevess & Schwartz

On a wagon bound for market
There’s a calf with a mournful eye.
High above him there’s a swallow
Winging swiftly through the sky.

How the winds are laughing
They laugh with all their might
Laugh and laugh the whole day through
And half the summer’s night.

Dona, dona, dona, dona,
Dona, dona, dona, do,
Dona, dona, dona, dona,
Dona, dona, dona, do.

“Stop complaining,” said the farmer,
“Who told you a calf to be?
Why don’t you have wings to fly with
Like the swallow so proud and free?”

How the winds are laughing …

Calves are easily bound and slaughtered
Never knowing the reason why.
But whoever treasures freedom,
Like the swallow has learned to fly.WildUnknown_9Cups

So what does that mean t me? I think this Four of Swords is a reminder that resting is good but I may not have as much down time as I might like from now til Lammas (First Harvest). And I need to make sure I am doing what I want to do. If I bitch and moan about what is happening, then I must remember that I can be the calf or the swallow. (and yes, I sat here and sang the whole song. 😀 )

2) Where will it take me? Nine of Cups

Well that’s a nice place. 😀 That’s the card of heart’s desire for me. If I make sure I lead in the dance rather than follow (life’s a dance..sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow), then I may find myself in a dream come true.




3) What offer would I do best to refuse? The Magician

If a thing seems to be too good to be true, it is. That comes leaping to mind sans musical accompaniement. I know you’re thrilled about that. 😀 But I see this Magician as offering power with strings firmly attached. I’ll watch for that offer and definitely refuse it. Y’all help me remember that. 😀




4) What will I return with? Three of Cups


Well what a lovely outlook, yes? Heart’s Desire and the card of Seek Joy, y’all. I can live with that. So I need to mind my herd mind and watch for offers with strings. Otherwise I’m good to go.

How about you? Why don’t you give this spread a try! And stop by Chloe’s place. Tell her Arwen sent you.

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Processing The Hard Stuff: A Reading for T

aceofwaterToday’s card is not a card. It’s a reading. I shared this spread about a week or so ago. I asked folks to let me know if they wanted to be in the drawing. Then I drew a name. Even though she said I could use her full name, I’m going to keep it to T. She can reveal in the comments if she likes.

Processing The Hard Stuff, a reading for T.

1. What is this stuff really about?

The 7 of Air comes up. This card shows a person studying a map. They are VERY concerned with how to get where they think they should be. The trick here is—if they would put the map down, they would see they are much closer than they thought.

The hard stuff T is going through right now is simply the process of understanding it is where she’s meant to be. No studying of the map could have helped her miss this hard stuff because she has to go through it to see where she is.

That sounds convoluted. I will tell you all a secret. T happens to be a dear friend who just went through a truly hellish year (and a half?) full of loss. I think this card is simply telling her to stop trying to figure out why and just move through it as gracefully as possible.

2. What makes it so hard?

How intriguing! Another seven comes up. This time it’s the 7 of Fire which is a woman at a forge. She is hammering out a piece of steel. This card always makes me think of the Goddess Brighid who was something of a multi-tasker.

This card makes me think T is trying to do too much at once. I think she needs to take it one hard piece at a time. You know that old saw about how you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

3. What am I doing that is making it harder?

In retrospection, I find that I don’t like this question because it seems to blame the querent. I don’t like that, do you? But the card I get is one that makes sense.

It’s the card of listening to old tapes and not getting rid of old emotional responses. It is the 8 of Water in which a woman is swimming away.

The key for T here is that she can’t swim fully away as long as she keeps holding on to those things that are serving her. And that can be her own feelings of how she SHOULD feel compared to how she does feel. Honor your feelings, my darling. Honor them and not what others say you should or shouldn’t be feeling.

4. What can I do to make it easier?

Oh lovely. The Guardian of Fire shows up to remind T that she must feed her own passion but that she can lean on others around her. She has to remember that fires need to be fed or they will go out. So you can see this in two ways.

One, she needs to stop feeding the wrong fire.
Two, she needs to rekindle her own passion for life.

I would ask her what personal light has gone out that she needs to turn back on.

5.  How can I best support myself while I process this?

*THUD* The card that turns up here is Death. Knowing what I know of her hellish year I wanted to throw this one back to the bottom of the pile. I resisted–barely.

Change is what this card is about but it is also about Death. Understanding Death and what the loss of a loved one means is something my beautiful T has had far too much of. But I think the support here is from actual support groups for those dealing with the loss of a loved one. T, honey, have you reached out to any grief groups? That’s the first thing I thought when I saw this card.

6. Who can I turn to for support while I’m processing this?

The Four of COins is that person who helps you budget yourself in terms of not just money but how much you give of yourself to others. They are your rock, your foundation and your kick in the a** when you try to do too much. They watch over you like a squirrel guards its nuts. Their primary role right now is to make sure that you take care of yourself while you process all of this hard stuff.

7. What will be the benefits of processing it?

What a joyful answer you get, T. It’s the Ace of Water. This shows a salmon fingerling who has yet to leave the safety of where she hatched. In order to grow, she’s going to have to swim out but it’s so scary. The good news is that you are in the middle of your scary stuff right now. Processing all that has happened (good and bad, darling) has given you the knowledge that you really can survive anything. Good things come to those who swim out into the deep water of their own emotions. Growth, baby, growth.


Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ace of Water, Gaian Tarot

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SPREAD: Processing The Hard Stuff

ten-earthSometimes we get hit with hard stuff that we have to process. This can be the unexpected loss of a job, our home, our committed relationship. It can be the death of someone we love or a beloved animal companion. We tell ourselves that we are bright, loving spirits and that nothing bad can happen because we are balanced. We are in the center. We are secure in knowing we have Universal approval. We are stunned when we get the 2×4 that says, “Yes darling, I love you but shit still happens. And, this round is on you. Love you. Mean it. Process it. See you when you get back.”

When that happens, even the most spiritually enlightened can be staggered by the hard stuff. It’s called hard stuff for a reason. And it’s a burden that we are given–most often without our permission or our choosing.

And, no, I don’t think we call the hard stuff into our lives. Change happens. It is as unavoidable as the sun setting and the moon rising. Like breathing in and breathing out, we walk into hard stuff all the time. It’s what happens when we choose to live a connected, loving life. It’s not a punishment–even though it often feels like one.

Being enlightened, as Buddha would remind us, still means we have to chop wood and carry water. Sometimes the buckets and loads of wood are heavier than we expect. This spread is my answer to my own questions about processing the hard stuff.

Processing The Hard Stuff Spread

  1. What is this stuff really about?
  2. What makes it so hard?
  3. What am I doing that is making it harder?
  4. What can I do to make it easier?
  5. How can I best support myself while I process this?
  6. Who can I turn to for support while I’m processing this?
  7. What will be the benefits of processing it?

Rather than share my own cards here, I’d love to do this reading for someone. If you are going through some hard stuff now, contact me using the contact button on the right. I’ll put your name into the hat and pull one name. I’ll do a reading for that person (free) and share it here (making sure any identifiers are pulled out so it is completely anonymous.)

If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy my ten spreads that I share in my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads ebook. It’s illustrated by Lisa Hunt.

10 of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn Publishing (going out of print! Get yours now)

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Who’s The CEO of Your Life?

8-airToday’s card reminds me of a post from Tia Johnson. She runs The Violet Sanctuary Spa, LLC. Tia is an attuned Reiki practitioner, Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, certified by Denise Linn, Certified Crystal Healer, by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Plus she’s just got this amazing glow about her.

We are in Leonie’s Amazing Biz + Life Academy together. Tia shared a post titled You Are The C.E.O. Of Your Life that really resonated with me. In this article she asked seven questions. Me being me–I grabbed my beloved Gaian Tarot to answer them.

And the reason this reminds me of the Eight of Air is because of these people sitting in council with one another. They are doing more here than just listening. They are offering advice when asked. They are supporting the speaker on their journey. They are the board members.

The Violet Sanctuary Spa’s C.E.O. Of Your Own Life Spread

1. Who are the board members in your life? That is the people you go to before you make your final decisions, explain your goals to and so forth. Make sure they are trust worthy people who want to see you thrive and be happy in what you choose to pursue and/or change in your life.

Nine of Earth–What a lovely card. This is the card of the accomplished human relaxing and taking stock of their surroundings. This is perfect because the people I go to for advice (and they may not even realize it) are those who seem secure in their own life. They post positive, uplifting things. They write about the good in their life as opposed to the bad. They are my compasses in a way because I point myself in the same direction.

On a personal, I-know-them, basis I turn to my best friend, my lover and my sister. Each of them fulfills a different type of role but all of them want to see me thrive and be happy. I trust that they will not tear me down or heap negativity into my world.

2. What are the ‘departments’ you have in your life? In other words, you have different friends for different things. With whom do you dine, go to art exhibits, party, shop? It’s best to know what roles people play in your life so that you’re not expecting more from them than what they can offer.

Temperance–This card made me smile. It’s the card of balance and moderation. I am blessed with a variety of humans in my world. I can express my creative, playful self by calling on artistic types. My writer self is nourished by other writers. I’m not much of a shopper (more of a GGG “get in, get it and get out” type.

The departments would be Creative Arts with mini-groups for Written and Visual, Social Management which is spearheaded by my friends who love to gather to play games at their house (we aren’t much of a go out crew), and the Food Department which is most definitely led by my beloved Day Off Husband (that’s a joke we have because he’s my go-to guy for a lunch date on my day off.)

3. What executive decisions must you make? Are there people in your life that you need to release? Give them the pink slip! Is there something about yourself that needs to change? What planning and restructuring needs to be done?

Death–Whoa. The Gaian Tarot isn’t one to mess around. Guess I need to identify these folks fast. I’ve been doing that a bit but now I must focus more. I need to eliminate those who dwell in the negative.

I’m certainly not saying that there is no negativity in my life. What I am saying is that I won’t give it time. I won’t feed it. I won’t use my energy to nourish that. That includes dissing others who don’t fit my world view. I will simply disengage quietly and go on about my business.

Death. Really, Gaian Tarot? Really? Still laughing!

4. What is the purpose of your organization aka life? This one may be a tough question to answer because you may be unsure of your purpose. No worries. You can start with thinking about the things you love to do or how you have helped people. For example, are you good at and love giving advice? There’s a talent just waiting to be discovered!

Fool–Or, in this deck, the Seeker. Um, again with the literal, Gaian? If you’ve read my blog a bit, you are probably nodding your head as well. I just revisited the question that started me on this journey.

What if your life’s purpose were simply to seek joy? How hard would that be?”

That is why I say, “Seek Joy, Y’all.” And it’s why I added “Pass it on.” I want you to say that every day. I want you to write it on receipts when you pay your bills. I want you to make it the way you say good-bye. It will be international. I’m determined.
5. What are your daily functions? At my job, it’s communication and execution. I would suggest communicating with yourself, Spirit, and others each day in regards to how you feel, your needs, wants, and so forth. You don’t have to go into great detail with Spirit and other each day. Keep it simple! You can just say to someone, ‘I would love it if the weather was warmer.’ Just be expressive and get that throat chakra going! By executing, you are living, you are doing! Don’t remain day dreaming to long! Come back to the physical world and direct your energy towards something good by doing something as simple as holding the door or complimenting someone!

Seven of Fire–Another literal pull from this great deck, this is the card of the quintessential multi-tasker. I see this blacksmith as one side of the Celtic deity Brighid. She is a healer, a smith and a poet. I like to joke that she can make the sword that will bring you back to her to be healed and then write an epic poem about the battle. Lord have mercy, does this nail my daily functions. So Spirit, I’d love it if I had a better way to manage my tasks.

6. What are your goals? Make short and long term goals and work towards building a road map so that you will remain on track!

Explorer of Air–See how high he climbs? Each branch is a step towards his end goal of reaching the sky. He is the communicator of the Explorers (knights) in this deck.


  • Publish something new in fiction as Marilu MannCai and I are working on this now. 🙂
  • Publish How A Fool Does Wander First draft is finished. Have to wrote proposals.
  • Write letter asking those two people on my BIG SCARY DREAMS list to say “Seek Joy, Y’all.” Have upped list to three. Must write letters. 😀

Those are just a few. Thanks to the workbook I’m using, one of my big dreams for 2013 is already under way. No lie! You can do it too. It’s not too late. It’s never too late, y’all.

7. Who are the stakeholders in your life? Meaning, who has invested in you? Your parents? Your friends? Your co-workers? Strangers who believe in you? By stakeholder, I don’t mean those who provided you with financial support only, but also their time and other resources. Who were the people who believed in you from the very beginning and remained by your side? Those who believed in you just as you were about to give up. Or, those who helped you get back on track.

Child of Fire–Now this one surprised me a bit. Here is our curious young heart who is ready to feel the passion. S/he has such joy on their face, right? It’s not just the warmth that is creating that pure happiness. It’s the beauty of the fire. See it in your own mind. The red, the yellow, the blues, the white as they dance safely across the log. Know that this beauty is reflected in your own soul. You are the stakeholders in my life. You who have been here. You who have just joined me. You who gently remind me that I know so much more than I give myself credit for. My friends, my family, my spiritual brothers and sisters–thank you for being a part of this journey

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

8 of Air, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert, 2010

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Is This The Answer?

So the other day, Jodi Chapman’s blog turned two. She shared a video in which she asked three questions. So I turned those questions into a Tarot spread.

The Jodi Chapman Asks Spread

Click for larger
Click for larger

1. What does your soul want you to know?

This terrific Three of Cups tells me that my soul wants me to know that it is okay to trust and to love. It is more than okay. It is satisfying and fulfilling to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with others.

There’s a fear somewhere in the back of my heart still that I’m not enough. It’s one I fight every day. Do you? Some of the tricks I use are to face that fear squarely. I tell it out loud that I’m more than okay and that I’m more than good enough. I work on myself to stay positive.

It occurs to me that I don’t do that always. There’s a group of friends who like to trash talk one another–and I’m in the thick of it when it gets going. I have to decide if that is okay or if it is not working for me.

I love that the three characters here each have a different tool in front of them. Not your average three gals, are they?

2. What makes your soul sing?

Oh the Six of Swords and the fabulous flying machine! They are off on an adventure, aren’t they? I love this card of high-flying thoughts and focused forward movement.

It does make my soul sing when I look at my goals. When I review what dreams I’m working on bringing into fruition. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! The Create Your Incredible Year Workbook+Planner has galvanized my life, y’all.


I can see where I’m going and have steps on how to get there. Want to join me? You can. It’s never too late to start building, creating, getting those dreams.

3. What dream are you ready to leap into?

Now here’s an interesting response. Another Cup card (emotions rule the Cups) but one of the more morose ones, generally speaking. Yet I see this as truly one of my dreams.


Do you see his position? He’s relaxed. He’s settled back. True, his expression might be that of a pouty baby, but his feet are up. For me, I’ll forgo his facial whine and focus on his posture.

Those two books on the desk are very important as is the scroll to his far right. The books are the two I have in progress–both are non-fiction Tarot books. The scroll represents four letters I must write if I am to take the first step of one of my other Scary Big Dreams.

And see the fourth cup? Up on the shelf behind him? That one is so beautiful compared to the plain ones on the desk. I am ready to grab that cup and fill it up with even more joy. That’s the dream I’m ready to leap into.

To show you how to seek your own joy using Tarot as a tool.

Do you want to have a conversation with me about how to seek your joy? About how to find your bliss? Are you ready to get honest with yourself and do the work?

I’m here when you need me. Contact me and let’s set up a time to spread the cards to see where you need to correct your own course.

If you join my newsletter, you will be able to take advantage of the newsletter-only discounts I sometimes offer.

I really think Jodi asked some great questions, don’t you? Check out her Coming Back to Life eCourse here.

Now tell me what your dream are you ready to leap into?

Steampunk Tarot, Llewellyn Tarot, 2012

Seek Joy Y’all, Pass it on!

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Redo, Revisit + Free Reading

JdV_4EmperorToday’s card is a do-over. See it’s 11:40pm Thursday night and I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow. So that means I have to write your daily post tonight.

This post is my Joy Seeker’s Spread. I’m feeling so happy tonight that I want to give away a reading today.

So, one person who shares this post via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest will get a reading from me. Leave a comment telling me you shared it and you will be in the running. I’ll pick the winner and announce them on Saturday’s blog.

Points if you know why I chose the King of Pentacles Err, make that the Emperor, from the Joie de Vivre Tarot by US Games to use for this post.

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I Got Fired!

Arwen Lynch, professional joy seeker, shares what getting fired means to her.

In this year’s Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop there were a number of intriguing spreads presented. The one I kept coming back to was from Chloe of Inner Whispers Tarot. She’s a talented reader in the UK. Her original spread with her own reading using this deceptively simply spread is here.

I kept hearing a song by Emerald Rose called “Fire In The Head” which is a reference to a shamanic practice. The chorus runs like this:

Fire in the head…I’m a flame in motion
Fire in the head…I’m a sword that’s sharp
Fire in the head…I’m a drop in the ocean
A shield in battle and a string in a harp.
Fire in the head…I’m an eagle soaring
Fire in the head…I’m a spoken word
Fire in the head…I’m a torrent pouring
A grain of wheat and a cauldron stirred.
Fire in the head!
Found onBending Tradition,Emerald Rose,2000

A side note of excitement! Emerald Rose will be playing at the Oscars party for the Peter Jackson movie, The Hobbit, in just a few weeks. If you like kick-ass music with a Celtic flair, you need their music. Trust me on this one. NEED THEIR MUSIC. 😀

Now on to the spread for me. I got surprised by my cards (big surprise, NOT). The transitioning and absolutely literalness of how they move from one to the next is typical for me with this deck. It is my personal reading deck, the Gaian Tarot. It is not uncommon for this deck to be so literal as to be funny. And I’m not the only reader that finds this to be true of the lovely Gaian.

Fire In The Belly Spread by Chloe McCracken

    • What is the fire in my belly? Seven of Fire

      Click for full
      Click for full

I know you, Woman at the forge. I see you creating something stronger by hammering it out.

I also see her as the ultimate multi-tasker. Still here in this moment, I see her focused on what she is doing. The flame seems important in this reading. It i reaching up like a dancer. Do you see the arms reaching up there? That imitates a drawing I just did in a therapy group. A figure rising up glowing and growing. The blacksmith has intention in every blow, every strike of the hammer. None of them should go astray or it can meen more work. That’s important I think.

I have this sense of urgency about some things that I need to do. Creating a Professional Joy Seeker’s course is one of those. I want to do teleseminars where I gather with like-minded humans who simply want to seek joy. Who understand that negativity exists but we don’t have to feed it by focusing on it.

The fire in my belly is about what I am intentionally creating. Yes.

    • How can I stoke the fire? Elder of Earth

      Click for full
      Click for full

What a great card to follow the blacksmith. Now we move to the calm, confident King of Earth who is using what she has to make something new. I see her as the woman who helped the ewes at lambing, then sheared the wool, carded and cleaned the same wool and is now spinning it into yarn. The shawl she wears is wool she produced and even dyed before crocheting it into something to wear. She understand the value of seeing a project through from start to finish. Not a micromanager, but someone who is involved.

I must be involved. I must make sure my focus is on the project at hand and not rabbitting all over the place. I have a serious case of monkey mind at times. It’s one of the reasons I practice the art of Zentangle to quiet my mind.

But to create this Professional Joy Seeker’s course, I need to understand things from the ground up. I need to investigate the tools that will be necessary for this. I must step into the shoes of the confident and calm Elder of Earth.

    • What bright flame will spring from it? Explorer of Fire

      Click for full
      Click for full

Now how about them apples, y’all? From the hard-at-work, single-focus blacksmith to the productive spinner to the fire dancer. Now do you see what I mean about this spread being deceptively simple? So many three card spreads skim the surface, but this one? No, not this one.

The bright flame that will spring from the fire that I am stoking in my belly is me as a leader of joy seekers. I see me dancing forward just shimmering with energy. Magnetic, visible, follow-me, dance-with-me, joy all around.

But this also tells me that I need to make sure my energy is focused on the right things. I do have a tendency to go off course a bit there. I want to do it all.

But the blacksmith, the weaver and now the fire dancer all know one secret.

Focus on what you are doing. Keep your intentions clear. Don’t get spread out too far.

And look at this… Earth surrounded by fire. Earth warmed and protected by flames. I can certainly live with this.

This is a valuable lesson I learned from the eBusiness Goddess course I took last year. It really made me look at what I do and how I do in a completely different way. What I love about this course is that it doesn’t assume you work an 8-5 traditional business. I guess you could say it freed me of some long-term blocks I had about what “real” business is.

Thanks again to the brilliant Tarotist, Chloe, for this fabulous spread. It’s made a difference in my life today.

Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert, Limited Edition (less than 150 left)

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Seeds In My Belly: Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop 2013

Sometimes I tend to have too many seeds going. You know you have to choose which ones to focus on while you cull others to grow another time. It’s hard for me. I have an air rising sign and I tend to “monkey mind” a lot. So I designed a spread to help me with that.

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I’m so happy to welcome you to the second Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop. We began last year and had eight successful gatherings. We plan on repeating that this year. We do welcome all community-minded Tarot bloggers (or community-minded bloggers who will do a Tarot/Oracle based post for the hop). Contact me if you are interested in joining. I’ll get you the information. We are a Facebook-based group.

The topic last year was about candles. This year, Aisling is our wrangler. She posed this challenge to us all:

“What is “in your Belly”? What do you wish to give birth to, to nurture, during this new season? What is the Poet, the Healer, the Maker, within you longing to do, to Become? Use whatever divination tool(s) speak to you, and ask the cards/stones, whatever, “What is in my belly? What is in my Spring? What shall I Birth in this season?”seven-fire

I thought about this. I considered the Empress who is pregnant. I thought about Joanna Powell Colbert‘s gorgeous Seven of Fire representing Brighid. Then I remembered a ritual my coven did. It involved us sitting in the dark, under a black piece of fabric. We wrote notes about what we wanted to grow. Then our HPS (high priestess) covered us up. She shushed us as we giggled a bit. Then, as we grew quiet, she read to us about seeds. Seeds pushing up from the dark belly of the Mother. Seeds seeking the light. Seeds sending up green shoots questing for warmth, for the sun, for sustenance.

It remains one of my favorite memories of magickal working. Seeds and growth are what I think about when I think about “what is in my belly.” Sometimes I tend to have too many seeds going. You know you have to choose which ones to focus on while you cull others to grow another time. It’s hard for me. I have an air rising sign and I tend to “monkey mind” a lot. So I designed a spread to help me with that.

Four Seeds

Draw the four aces from your deck. Lay them at the compass points. I put Earth (coins, pentacles) in the North. Air (Swords, blades) is my Eastern quarter. Fire (wands, batons) glows in the South while Water (cups, bowls) dances in the West. This spread is focused on growing your dreams.

1. Earth – This card lies on the Ace of Earth. This is the seed of a business or money-making idea. It could be about your family or home as well since that is also ruled by this element. This is the project you need to focus on the most. If a card falls reversed here, this could indicate that your idea needs more time to grow. You may need to nurture it more. Or consider focusing your energy on something else this month.

2. Air — This card lies on the Ace of Air. This is the seed of an idea that will help you communicate about this project. If a card falls reversed here, this could indicate that it is not time to let this particular cat out of the bag.

3. Fire — This card lies on the Ace of Fire. This is the seed of your passion about this project. This can hint how you will fire yourself and others up about this opportunity. If a card falls reversed here, this could indicate that you are not as “in love” with this idea as you used to be. Consider what you need to do to light that spark again.

4 Water — This card lies on the Ace of Water. This is the seed of your emotional connection to this idea. How you feel about the project influences everything. If a card falls reversed here, this could indicate you need to check in on a heart level to make sure this is connecting your head and your heart.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this spread. I hope that you will try it. You can also tweak it. If your main project is a relationship, start on the Ace of Water and work your way around. More about an electronic project? Start on the Ace of Air then.

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My shout out this month goes to Dominee who has an amazing gift for you with her Self Love work.

Curious to know about the card I talked about in the beginning of the podcast? Find the original post here.

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!
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