SPREAD: Wind Of Change

It’s a’comin’. And you can’t get out of the way. More importantly, you can’t control the change. You can only control yourself. I could go off on a riff about how you can’t change anything but yourself including the humans around you, but I’ll resist that urge.

When the wind of change is blowing, some people build walls, the others windmills. ~Chinese Proverb

I saw this Chinese proverb in a book I am reading for review purposes. It really struck me.

Two of Earth Gaian TarotChange is something we all face–day in, day out. Someone is changing something somewhere. A hard and fast rule is being turned upside down. A policy at your place of work is being rewritten by someone at least two pay grades above you who has no clue how to do what you do. A road that you use in your daily commute is being closed for the next week so the municipality can redo the curbs. Your partner has decided they would be happier raising chickens instead of being an investment banker.

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