Keep Rising Up

Do you hang out with crows? Do you have a continual stream of negativity from others? Do you condone it by staying? Do you encourage it by commenting on it?

Shadowscapes Tarot Six of Swords
Shadowscapes Tarot

Today’s card reminds me to rise above. There will always be those who demean others to make themselves feel better. Sadly, this seems to be part of the current human nature. And it truly makes me sad because it is just as easy to praise others as to condemn them.

This Six of Swords is from the gorgeous Shadowscapes Tarot. She rises above the five crows. She’s chosen to take the swan’s flight up and over the naysayers.

Choices. It’s all about choices. She could have chosen to stay there with the crows. Even with her beautiful swan companion, she still would have been surrounded by crows. Instead of staying there, she took herself away.

Sometimes, it seems safe to stay with the crows. At least then you know you aren’t the target of their attack. At least then you feel protected from the incessant peck peck peck of their negativity, right?

It wears a soul down. Rubs it thin. Like cloth that is constantly abraded by wind, it becomes tattered on the edges. We can mend the holes, mind the frayed threads, but eventually we are worn down. Eventually we either become shadows of ourselves or, worse, crows ourselves.

(Please note that I happen to like crows but in this card the symbol of the crow is a negative one.)

Crows gather in flocks. We call them murders.

Do you hang out with crows? Do you have a continual stream of negativity from others? Do you condone it by staying? Do you encourage it by commenting on it?

I have requirements. I require that seek joy. I require that I acknowledge the pissed off moments, the sad moments, the moments of sheer heinous what-the-fuckery. I have them. We all have them. But my requirements are that I let them pass on through. I don’t hold on to them. I have to let them go.

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I won’t stay with crows. I won’t allow my negative feelings to drive my life. They happen. I move on.

Because my life has changed so much since I started actively seeking joy, I won’t stop. The day I first named myself a professional joy seeker truly galvanized (word of 2013, y’all) my world.

So don’t let life’s crows take over. Ride that swan up and out. Keep riding. Keep moving up and out. Don’t sweat the slumps, the slips, the slides. Keep moving up and out.

I’m right here with you doing the same thing.

Six of Swords, Shadowscapes Tarot, Llewellyn, 2010

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Crows, Swans & Carrion

Today’s card is a terrific expression of this minor Arcana. Traditionally it shows someone being ferried away from somewhere. You are left to believe it’s a Bad Place ™. But in today’s drawing, we see someone rising above it all.

Carried away by a helpful swan, the elfin redhead looks back at what she leaves behind. I see the six swords here as representative of the sorrows of her life. But the crows? The crows are her naysayers. They are the ones who held her back out of fear. They refused to let her rise above her troubles.

Who in your life doesn’t lift you up? Who in your world is a naysayer to every dream you have? I’m not talking about the voices of reason who yank ugly shirts out of our hands when we are shopping. I’m talking about those who mock or laugh at us when we tell those secret hopes and wishes.

Sure! Maybe they have a snowflake’s chance in hell of coming to fruition, but we all need dreams. We all need hope.

So today, I want you to count your crows. Identify which ones are the useful kind who help you see reality. Then identify the ones who are the carrion eating type who are just waiting for you to fall so they can squawk, “I told you so.”

Those? Those that are waiting to squawk? Stop feeding them. You know what I mean. They are in your life because you allow it. Tell them you need supportive friends. Tell them your energy is reserved for those who want to see you succeed.

Tell them.

Shoo them off your sorrows. Quit letting them feed from that old dead part of you. Cut it out of you. And maybe, just maybe, one or three of them will reveal that they really are swans who forgot how to be swans.

No crows, darlings! And really, don’t be one either.

Seek joy,y’all. Pass it on.

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6 of Swords, Shadowscapes Tarot, Llewellyn, 2010